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We connect brands with ideas and people who matter most to them.


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Clarity of your brand. If you don't have it, no one can find you. 

You're an expert, an emerging or established brand, but your online presence isn't showing it. How do you translate your message into a brand that connects and sells?  To create significance and influence?

Big ideas and spectacular people aren't discovered by accident. When you're passionate and confident in your real life but not able to translate that online, to establish your brand presence, either something new has to come into your life or something new has to come out of you.

You're here for a reason.

It's kismet that we met. Because Total Genius was created with love for people and brands that were meant to be discovered.

Your limits are only those that you perceive to as such. It's about busting through the blocks holding you back, having the strategies that set you apart, and then turning your vision into a real plan of action.

It's time to stop settling for less than you deserve.

You have a vision of what you want to create. You're filled with passion, are good at what you do, and now you just need to get it in front of the right eyes. You've worked hard and have overcome so many challenges - THIS is your passion.

We help undiscovered talent create an abundance of value with a brand that builds influence and profits, with a marketing strategy that connects and sells.

We specialize in helping you close the gap between your vision and getting paid doing it. It starts with transforming your story of your amazing knowledge, skills, talents, and truths, into a brand story that connects, inspires, and sells.

In 32 years in the business world, I have NEVER met anyone who is so gifted. Shana just gets it and makes it seem effortless. Her brilliance is the result of a lifetime of learning, her deep expertise in her subject and her huge heart. Her understanding of her clients and their issues, and her instinct for what to do are superlative. If you havenโ€™t worked with Shana, do it. Your business and life deserve her magic - her genius.
— Sarah Blick, Fulfilling Life Strategist

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You seriously you up-leveled the perception to who I really am. Your hard work solved the problem of how to put all of my work together that took over a decade to create!!! Thank you!!!
— Dr. Meg Haworth, Holistic Psychologist & Nutritional Strategist