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You're a passion-filled, independent thinker.
You have a lifetime of experience, a heart of gold,
and want to share your work with the world...
AND make the money doing what you love.



Why can't you do what you love? People do it everyday - and get paid for who they are.

No, it's not just a dream - but it will require work.


Master Your Money Code

This is what it takes:

Showing up as THE BEST VERSION of yourself.

from the time you wake up

to the time you go to bed


online in your business or in your job

offline to your friends and family

And most of all, to the person you see staring back at you in the mirror.

Out of 7 billion people in the world, only one of them is you

You were born perfect. It’s just a matter of seeing yourself through a new lens. 

Uncovering the story that lives inside of you - your personal style, your beliefs, and your wisdom.

Live up to the true potential inside of you. 
I'm your Best Life Strategist.
And I’ve got your back.



SLY - Shana Lynn Yao, personal brand stylist

Hi, I'm Shana. I'm a Business Owner, a dog lover, and a business owner on a mission. I've spent my life helping people just like you, start doing what you love and getting paid for being who you are.

It's about discovering the genius inside of you. That magic you have - your j'nais sais quo, your personal brand. It's found in your own life story, your expertise and your talent, and even your life challenges.

All of that, when spelled out and written into your own personal blueprint creates the solid foundation that your business is born out of.  And when you develop a simplified, strategic and personalized marketing process you can attract the clients you want (not just the ones you need but the ones who you love too!).

In my past corporate life, I worked as Marketing Director for 25 years for international brands and high end regional shopping centers and districts, including Rodeo Drive. And now in my business, I find that the biggest problem with most business owners who have a lot of experience but are still struggling, is that you think you have a problem!

Building a business that works is SIMPLE, it's just not necessarily EASY. You have to clarify WHAT you are focused on, SIMPLIFY the core essentials of your marketing, and then HAVE FUN BEING YOU OUT LOUD.


That's what marketing is. Communication that produces RESULTS. And if it's not producing results, it's NOT effective marketing.


Marketing plan, marketing strategy, positioning, creative onsulting
The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself.
— Peter F. Drucker


Marketing (in short) is communication that produces results.

This is about you, the entrepreneur, understanding your product or service, your customers, your business, and most importantly, yourself.  If you don’t understand your own and other people’s motivations, and you don’t have the strategies to effectively market your business, you’ll miss out on the key opportunities to maximize your resources and maximize your results. This makes understanding what to sell and marketing your business frustrating, unsuccessful, and overwhelming.

Marketing STRATEGY is what gives your business the depth it needs to sell itself. It’s asking “What is the total experience I want every customer to have?” instead of just selling what you have.  Marketing strategy is about focusing your efforts so you work SMARTER, not harder.  It's about creating a brand that highlights your greatest strengths, talents and life experience so that it is customized and timeless.



Perspective — This is getting an overview of your business, zooming in to the center (you), then zooming out to uncover the key connections, opportunities, and integral pieces. By the end of the process, we’ll leave no stone unturned and you will have a manageable, sustainable business so your marketing efforts work.

Context — Understanding the integral pieces of your business, and how they flow and connect to you and your customers, so you understand how to effectively market to them.


Results — Inevitable success is about setting up the conditions at the beginning and then creating the systems to ensure they happen consistently. It’s managing your mindset so you do the things to create the results you want.


❝ Marketing is defined in Wikipedia as “the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling the product or service.” The Merriam-Webster definition of a Mastermind is “A person who supplies the directing or creative intelligence for a project”.

You, in fact, can become a Marketing Mastermind. That means your goal is to master your own internal communication so you are more effective in everything you do and are so in tune with you emotional state, and the emotional state of others. After all, if you don’t understand what your customers need, what they value, and how to communicate to them, they aren’t going to buy from you.

This is what effective marketing is — communication that produces results.

If you aren’t getting the results you need or want, you aren’t communicating effectively. You can blog, tweet, and post on Facebook all you want, but until you master the art of communication through the understanding of yourself and others, you will not be successful.

Marketing is not rocket science. It’s an art. It’s the development of your ability to understand yourself and others. To have the CLARITY to know what to focus on, the COURAGE to understand human psychology and your own personal motivations, and the STRATEGIES to master the art of business.


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What does my brand say about me?
How am I appearing to others?
Am I headed on the right path?

How can I stand out in the crowded marketplace?



What does it really take to have a successful business so aligned with your true interests and talents so that you're doing what you love, AND making the money you want?

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