When you have so much to say but don't have the words and branding to say it.

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You're so good at what you do - you have a lifetime of experience, natural talents, and a big heart.

You want to have a business that supports your life, to do what you love and love what you do. You want to contribute to others, to leave a legacy that changes lives, including your own.

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You've achieved success in your past, and deep inside you know you were meant to do something incredible. You can see it (admit it!) and know with enough effort, you can create something amazing.



"I don't know how to express what I really do.
I do so much and I don't know what to focus on. 
I'm trying to be visible but it's not turning into results. 

Frustrated that my years of experience is just leaving me overwhelmed, unhappy, and wondering what I'm doing..."


If this is sounds familiar, don't worry.  It's what I hear from creatives, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and purposeful business owners.

You have bills to pay, a family to support, and just because you see your destiny, doesn't mean you have the tools to create it.

I want to show you how to clarify and curate your expertise and life experience into a business you love.

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What is simple isn't necessarily easy. It's simple to have a vision, to build a website, and create something you think will change lives and provide an income and profit generating business you've seen so many others create.

But if it were easy, EVERYONE would be doing it, right? 

When I started my business - with 25 years of retail and shopping center marketing experience as a high level director, winning awards for innovation and working for exclusive properties including Rodeo Drive - I thought it would be a no brainer. I was sure I could put a great website up and get clients.

...but promises aren't always truth. And what is true and has worked for others, are not guaranteed to work for you.

Promises like "The money is in your list" "Marketing on social media is free and easy!" - they are only half truths and don't matter at all, when the bills keep coming, you find yourself exhausted and suffering in doubt and confusion.

The truth is you have to have a business that not only pays your bills, but makes you feel happy and confident, inspired, AND profitable.

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Having a successful business is NOT about trying to learn all of the ins and outs of social media, learning the next new marketing tactic, and NOT making a monthly income that supports your life.

I want to help you create a profitable and fulfilling business that gives you the freedom to BE YOU OUT LOUD. To care about your health and have time and focus for your family and life.

By working together, you will be able to:

  • Stop doing what everybody else is doing which is causing you to become distracted, over learning, doubting yourself, and not making money

  • You will feel empowered and inspired by your own wisdom and heart because you'll know what you do, have clarity and purpose in your marketing, and know exactly who needs you and how you can help them

You have to be willing to claim your independence and do the inner and outer work.

This is your one stop solution to build your successful, visionary brand. No matter where you are in your business journey, when you find yourself struggling to attract the clients you are meant to serve, not making money, and drowning in fear and doubt despite your depth of experience, it's time to discover the value of your work, and create an everlasting brand with a marketing system that:

  • Attracts clients you love who love you back
  • Feels fulfilling and purposeful
  • Gives you the freedom you want - while you are working and taking time off
  • Supports your highest value & greatest strengths
  • Makes you feel confident and fulfilled
  • and grows as you grow as a person 

Meg Haworth, Nutritionist, holistic health coach, celebrity chef
You seriously you up-leveled the perception to who I really am. Your hard work solved the problem of how to put all of my work together that took over a decade to create!!! Thank you!!!
— — Dr. Meg Haworth, Holistic Psychologist & Nutritional Strategist


A lifetime of stories, expertise, and overcome challenges have made you an inspired entrepreneur - with big dreams and a creative spirit. You want to  who make a living doing what you love. Sharing who you are, and selling what you do.

It’s about making money (of course!), but it's also about your dream, "your thing," and what you can be known for. 

I help my clients close the gap between your dream and your actual creative business vision.

Your vision is not just a someday dream. In fact, it’s why most people end up with a lot of “should haves” rather than “I did this and built a life I’m proud of.”

Your vision goes hand-in-hand with your brand. Creative business owners (you!) are made up of ideas and uncertainties, passions and distractions. Together with the Own Your Expertise program,  we will uncover your true purpose, put it into a clear vision, and then build it into a concrete brand platform.

Your amazing discoveries, expertise, and life story are what make the solid foundation of your masterpiece business, a work of art - one that empowers you with a brand that helps you become more of who you already are, with a systematic approach, so you own your expertise, get valued for your work, and step into your new role as the CEO you know yourself to be.

I believe in helping business owners discover only the best and proven strategies in the areas of:

  • Simple and effective business & Marketing strategies 
  • Discovering your E2 Personal Blueprint - your brand DNA that lives inside of your soul
  • Positioning to build business authority
  • Optimization of your mind for deep clarity
  • A savvy and effective team that fills in the gap
  • Truth from a trusted, and high integrity resource

All of the information is based on science, personal discoveries, wisdom only gained from years of experience, and genuine, authentic purpose.


I am so excited to be creating something so unique to me that can help people. Shana helped me find the missing pieces for my business and it was right inside of me all along. It was so easy to talk to someone who understands me and “gets me at the core. - Brandy Baker, Guidance Goddess

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Hi, I'm Shana! I'm so glad you're here. 

Whether you're new the game or have had your business a while, when your business isn't working, it leaves you looking for answers. Believe me. when I first started my business, I couldn't understand why people who didn't have as much experience as I did, who didn't seem to really want to help people - why they were making money and I wasn't. And it wasn't until I uncovered how my story fit into my profit generating business, that it all worked. 

Maybe you were successful in the past - but the online world is very different. And just like ANY successful business - we all start with ONE - one CEO (that would be YOU) that has to know WHO you are, WHAT your highest value is, and HOW to position it together so it solves an urgent problem for someone else. 

Otherwise, if you don't package it together correctly, you will end up not being seen or heard, not getting clients, and NOT feeling like the confident leader you are already.











Project-Based & Retainer Services

Total Genius is a strategic, personalized mastermind. I work 1:1 with each client to deliver you the solution that best fits your needs in your business. I offer a variety of services to build your business, including and not limited to:

  • Strategic marketing consulting
  • Branding - creative brand direction
  • Copywriting
  • Brand strategy
  • SEO & Internet strategy
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Mind empowerment
  • Collaboration and referrals to build a great team

As a collaborative, we utilize the best resources and partners to fit your style and personal needs. A successful business is based on a solid business foundation that utilizes your highest value and key strengths. We live and practice the belief that one size doesn’t fit all EVER and guarantee a project that fits.