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Great brands that connect

A great brand is more than just the graphics on your website.

A great brand connects - it connects you to clients and customers who need you.
To an audience that understands you.
It speaks your language - with your words, your images, and your thoughts of what is possible.

And most of all, it leaves a lasting impression in the minds of others.

Your brand DNA is the solid foundation of your business based on who you are and what you love so that you can actually have a business that makes you rich - from the inside out.
This is about being a modern woman in the entrepreneurial world.

We are the next generation of curious creatives, business owners, who to exist to share our purpose and passions with the world.
Shana Yao

Hi! I'm Shana. I'm a Brand Strategist, a creative mind and a dog lover who believes in helping others do good in the world with your work. I'm all about helping clients uncover solutions to the blocks that hold you back in your business, to increase your abundance, and build a business and brand you are proud of

I created TOTAL GENIUS to help you uncover your brand DNA. It's the solid foundation of your business based on who you are and what you love so that you can actually have a business that makes you rich - from the inside out.

After years of studying neuroscience, human behavior, and psychology, in addition to my award winning 28 year career as a business and marketing strategist, I discovered the art and science behind building a purposeful and profitable business by empowering your strengths and life experience and building it into your brand story that connects and sells.

TOTAL GENIUS is a new way of doing and thinking about business - as one of heartfelt conviction, purposeful action, general love of your life.


“You helped me to speak my message, defining who I was and the urgent problems I solved for people. And of course, putting ME into my business. It’s the little things that make all the difference. They go to my website, get sucked in, and that’s that! Thank you Shana!”
— Angela Anderson, Reclaim Your Sexy, Powerful Self
I am so excited and I have SO much gratitude for Shana for being my coach! If any of you are considering her as your coach, snatch her up while you still can . . . She is the real deal! – Yup! I am about to be busier than EVER due to your genius coaching and my twenty years of healing experience. Thank you, Shana!” xoxoxoxoxo
— Meg Haworth, Holistic Food & Mind Psychologist & Nutritional Strategist
“I am now fully booked with clients. I don’t think I’ve ever said thank you for the amazing work you did with me. Your fantastic and I’m deeply grateful.”
— Anna - Freedom Food Specialist & Psychologist


Shana Yao is a Branding & Business Strategist and Founder of Total Genius®, where she helps entrepreneurs and small businesses Master Your Money Code and create breakthroughs in their business and build a brand that masters your money code.

Shana has a gift for transforming businesses and lives by creating understandable and actionable steps focused on people’s connection to purpose and self-fulfillment.  Using her experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses during her extensive career in marketing, along with her strong personal desire to see people win, Shana provides life-transforming solutions for time and soul-starved entrepreneurs. 

As a business and marketing strategist, Shana has worked with hundreds of businesses, national retailers, local business owners and entrepreneurs to develop results-driven marketing strategies that increase productivity, heighten visibility, and innovate new, sustainable programs that increase profit. With a natural gift understanding and empowering business owners through practical soul-connecting methods, Shana is one of the few female thought leaders that focus on psychology, spirit AND business.

With a deep understanding of consumer behavior, Shana has created success for many by developing category niches that have led to business innovation and progress.  By creating groundbreaking marketing programs that stood the test of time, Shana set new standards for the shopping center industry and beyond.

Shana is the winner of the International Shopping Center (ICSC) MAXI Award for Innovative Marketing Programs and was voted Volunteer of the Year for spcaLA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles) after raising $50,000 for them through creative business partnerships and unconventional marketing strategies.  In addition, Shana helped innovate and launch the first Pet Adoption Center for spcaLA, which later blossomed into 8 locations and set the precedent for adoption retail centers.