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It’s simple to have a business that reflects your big vision. To feel confident in your mission. And to own your uniqueness and self worth. To get PAID for being who you are.


But it’s not easy - you’ll have to make a decision. To not settle for less. To get out of your comfort zone. And to push yourself to grow.

Yes, you can have it all. It's found already inside of you.


Master Your Money Code


  • How to break through the beliefs holding you back so you are able to do what you need with confidence
  • Proven methods for attracting clients who need you and want to pay you 
  • How to avoid the common "No Client" trap that most businesses fall into and always have a steady flow
  • How to unlock all of the genius ideas in your head and position them into your powerful brand that screams YOU, attracts your raving fans, and has you feeling confident 
  • What your purpose really is and how it is the key to your business success
  • How to feel free to create from your own expertise and life experience with very few rules
  • The changes you need to make in order for those things to happen

I am so excited to be creating something so unique to me that can help people. Shana helped me find the missing pieces for my business and it was right inside of me all along. It was so easy to talk to someone who understands me and “gets me at the core. - Brandy Baker, Guidance Goddess

Shana Yao, business Strategist Total Genius

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