A Strategic Approach to Goal Accomplishment for Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs

by Shana Lynn Yao
CEO | Your Marketing Mastermind®
Total Genius™

Marketing. It's the engine that drives a successful business= but is the one thing that holds most entrepreneurs back. You end up trying to learn it all, DO it all, and ultimately, drowning in random information, a lack of clients, and complete lack of clarity. But is there a logical blueprint that can actually guarantee success?

More than 90% of new businesses fail in the first year. That's an alarming number, but the reality is, it's preventable. It's a lack of understanding of what strategic marketing is, that keeps most people stuck. 

Marketing and Marketing strategy are two very different things. Just like the the difference between a granule of sugar and an actual recipe that makes a delicious chocolate cake with that granule of sugar.   

STOP THE MADNESS. You’re intelligent, want to do good in the world and make money. And today, you are going to make a decision to turn it all around. To GET LASER FOCUSED, CLAIM the success you deserve, and GET IT DONE.  It takes 5 minutes. 5 minutes a day, laser focus on your individual goals, and knowing how YOU best can accomplish them.

5 minutes a day. Are you ready? (download the free 5 Minute Marketing Journal at the bottom of this article).


As it turns out, there is a reason you may be struggling. And it's something you may not think is related to your lack of clarity, self confidence, and business building challenges. In actuality, it's based on ACTUAL SCIENCE - and because you are a purpose-driven and intelligent person, this is important for you to understand.

Author and Scientist Charles Koch wrote "The Science of Success". He found that there are 5 dimensions of success, the first being VISION. He describes vision as understanding what and how the business can create the greatest long-term value for it's customers.

I know, I know - you know your purpose - but you want to make money!  And therein lies the problem for purpose driven, intelligent entrepreneurs. 

Unfortunately, as the expert you are - with high expectations of yourself - possibly a bit of a perfectionist - learning and DOING all of the things people are teaching to create your success, sometimes leaves you feeling less than fulfilled. Confused. Unfulfilled, and kind of sleazy.

The good news is, you are not alone! Have you ever "beat yourself up" or find yourself launching forward full speed then recoil and start judging yourself? Overthinking? 

This is because what you are doing is UNNATURAL to the purpose driven, intelligent entrepreneur. Unlike those that just are ok with focusing on money, deep inside you actually want to add VALUE to people's lives. You have high expectations of yourself and others, and want to DO valuable things so your intelligent mind is engaged. Doing things like "list building" and proving your value on Facebook is a bit boring and tedious - and leaves you falling into comparing yourself to others. Which leaves you judging yourself, not standing in your value, and therefore not being seen as the leader you are.

The problem is not that you are not smart enough... it's actually that you are too smart to get caught up in the online hype. You've lost your sense of what is valuable (including yourself) and are trying to "fit in" when you might be a bit of a natural rebel. 

The good news is, now you understand why it seems like you are struggling in your entrepreneurial business, now you can fix it. It's a simple as changing the lens in which you see your success. Instead of focusing on the low value TACTICS, we are going to turn that UPSIDE DOWN, and focus on the HIGH VALUE that you are.


The 5 Minute Marketing Journal is for people who are ready to burn the boats. Take no prisoners, shut out the noise, and finally see progress. This is for impatient, high achievers who are tired of settling for ordinary.

The reality is, as a high achiever, every time you “settle” for less than you know you are capable of, you beat yourself up. It’s a cycle that keeps most people stuck in the endless loop of mediocrity.  And mediocre, you are not.

Why 5 minutes a day? Because most goals are set at as a To Do list - made up of things that seem to be demanding your attention - social media, emails, Facebook even... and as you may have experienced, those things lead to distraction, procrastination, and leave the meaningful and deep work undone.  5 minute a day, with 90 day sprints and end goal focus will lead to the results you want - everyday.

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This is a journal based on your daily marketing strategy with action based planning in only 5 minutes a day. The first 3 pages should be done every 90 days.

Download the book and go to your nearest print shop or use your own printer, to make sure you have enough for the first 90 days.



Yes, you need to go OLD SCHOOL to accomplish your 90 day goal. Unless you are an organized tech junkie, WRITING (when was the last time you used a pen?) uses different neurological pathways in your brain. It engages your creative and logical mind, and according to Lifehacker, the RAS (reticular activating system) acts as a filter for everything your brain needs to process, giving more importance to the stuff that you're actively focusing on that moment — something that the physical act of writing brings to the forefront." 

One study from 2010 found that the brain areas associated with learning "lit up" much more when students wrote. And surprisingly, this is because it develops “cognitive automaticity - the ability to think as fast as possible, freed as much as can be from the strictures of whichever technology we must use to record our thoughts,” cites Anne Trubek, associate professor of rhetoric and composition at Oberlin College in Ohio.


The Science of Success Formula is dependent on your ability to stay focused on your own success. This means commitment to the achievement of your success goals. By taking part in this, you need to create the habit of success - literally setting up your daily schedule to accomplish what I call Incremental Laundry, the rituals and habits you need in order to make your goals inevitable. 

NOT doing this will leave you unfocused and distracted, and you will NOT achieve your 90 day goal. You literally need to become the successful person you imagine yourself to be when you have the goal you are going for.

Important rules to remember:

#totalgenius http://totalgenius.net/genius-library
  • The F*CK IT RULE: when you get caught up in self judgement, perfectionism, and overthinking, you need to apply the "f*ck it rule - this is the "just do it" anti-procrastination method for people who want results

  • NATO - No Attachment to the Outcome: Success comes from the act of DOING - you take on the "everything is a test" belief so you can avoid self judgement

  • FOMO - Fear of Missing Out - the only thing you should fear missing out on, is your own success

  • Incremental Laundry - Scheduling your important and tedious tasks into daily HABITS

Tools like the F*CK IT RULE, NATO (No Attachment to the Outcome) and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and Incremental Laundry (turning your tedious tasks into daily habits) will make or break your fate.


Before you can start, you need to know where you are going. Not where you are going in 90 days - more like 9000 days. 

Yes, you need to know your LIFE GOAL - your highest purpose. I call that your “Genius”.   Your Genius is your end of your life goal - your reason for being and for having a business. It’s the combination of your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience combined into your “mission” or “message”. 

Knowing your purpose is essential for high achieving, intelligent, purposeful entrepreneurs. Whether you know it or not, this is actually one of the reasons people get stuck in self doubt and distraction. 

As stated above, Charles Koch said vision is one of the 5 dimensions of success - it's about understanding what and how the business can create the greatest long-term value for it's customers.

It is a fact that we, as humans, do more for others than we will ourselves. While many people are able to earn money as an entrepreneur without knowing their purpose, intelligent entrepreneurs who want to create change and make a difference in the world, often get stuck in self doubt and perfectionism. Because you know your potential and are concerned about others, you tend to be more judgmental of yourself. 

In fact, your Genius solves an urgent problem for someone else. And if we, as humans do more for others than ourselves, when you discover your genius and use it in  your business, it becomes your driving force that empowers your actions, focus, and accomplishments. 

Money is the result of producing value for others. And since money is FLAT and has no value aside from the piece of paper it is printed on, purpose driven entrepreneurs that are focused only on money lose site of the value they want and need to create, hence not producing value, not changing lives, and not making money.



One of the reasons many intelligent people get lost in procrastination and turning to distraction to ease your overtaxed mind is not the lack of ideas - it's the FLOOD of your genius! Because you are so smart and have such a great vision for your life, you have TOO many ideas that are flooding your mind. And when you see the low level, ordinary conversations online, your mind can't comprehend. You've already achieved your success (in your mind), and people are talking about list building and funnels. 

This CLOGS YOUR BRAIN with random, seemingly unimportant information. You are ready to change the world and now you have to worry about your list?

Let's unclog your genius. Below your Genius Purpose, write the up to 10 things you will be doing in your business when you are at your most successful  this could be 

  • Writing a book

  • Hosting retreats

  • Working with X people a month

  • Hosting a podcast

What will your business look like when you are living your Genius Purpose?



Woo hoo! Yes! I’m not crazy - while I just said to not focus on money, I meant not in reference to your purpose. Now we need to focus on the amount of money you need to be making at the end of 35 days.

Whoops! Let’s go back and read that - “the amount of money you NEED to be making…”

Yes, if your money goal was $100K in 35 days and you are making $1K barely now, we need to RESET THAT.

Trust me, if you are going for a goal that is outside of your comfort zone, NOT fathomable to your brain, you will literally avoid the actions necessary to make money. 

Research has shown that humans are ONLY able to accomplish things they can actually see themselves doing. So while you may be picturing yourself sitting on the beach with your laptop, if you are not seeing yourself doing the actions necessary to reach that goal, you will never achieve it.

Your 30 day money goal needs to be specific, measurable, tangible and real. Take the MINIMUM amount you need to make a month, add a slight cushion so it’s comfortable. THEN you can set your “dream” amount. To accomplish your goals, you need to focus on the minimum number - or what I call your “MAGIC NUMBER”.



You can't achieve something unless your brain actually believes you can achieve it and can SEE it. And in order to see it, you need to get in touch with how the goal FEELS.

What needs to be true for you for the solution to happen? What things will you see, hear, feel when you achieve your purpose drive money goal? What else will happen because of that?

Remember, this is NOT your "When I make $1 million dollars" vision. This is the vision of your 45 day goal achievement.

Write it down - what you will see, feel, and hear when you have reached your 30day money goal. (i.e. I have $X in the bank. I can smell fresh flowers that I just bought at the store to treat myself and my home is clean with fresh towels from the cleaning lady. I can hear my clients telling me how much they appreciate the work I do.") 


Who do you want to help? Who are your BBF's - Best Business Friends?

This is one of the most important things you need to know in order to have a successful business and accomplish your 45 day goal. Who is your BBF?

Most people make the mistake of trying to talk to EVERYONE. And this strategy works for NO ONE. While in your mind, you don't' want to eliminate opportunity, this is the exact opposite of what you need to do. No one can hear you if you are shouting in the air. Instead, you want to go DEEP.  Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? In fact 20% of people you speak to produce 80% of your results. So rather than casting a wide net, you need to decide who you are going to market to.

This is your BBF - not a "customer avatar". Who do you want to work with? I know for me, I only want to work with intelligent people who "get me" (if you've read this far, you GET ME!). My BBF Legacy Clients are FUN, intelligent, purpose driven, love dogs, and have a LIFE! They want a successful business AND a successful life. They are interested in results over likes. And they don't want to settle for less, are willing to do the work, and want to do so in style.

Who are your BBF Legacy Clients? Chances are, they are much like you.



The 10 Minute Marketing Journal is based on the the Strategy of Three. What 3 things, marketing tactics, daily tasks - everything you do - how can you narrow it down so that you can be an expert at those 3 things?

This is about Leverage Marketing. 

Marketing that accomplishes an END GOAL is created based on a strategyJust like a venn diagram, strategy (AKA leverage marketing) is 2 or more circles that overlap. Where they overlap creates the strategic focus that achieves the end result. 

A TACTIC - doing a webinar, Facebook ads, networking - is NOT a strategy. It's a tactic. Without a strategy of how it relates to the other parts of your business and fits into your overall marketing plan - is how you actually get people to pay you and attract your raving fans.

STRATEGY is combining the tactics so they work in conjunction with each other and lead people closer to you. 

An effective strategy needs to work to accomplish your goals, and it needs to work with you, your lifestyle, your working habits, and your FOCUS.

For example: 

  • CLIENTS: focus all of your efforts on your most profitable customers - your BBF Legacy Clients - who are they?

  • What have you ALREADY learned? What can you implement NOW using what you know NOW? What other things do you need to learn JUST AROUND YOUR GOAL

  • If you are trying to be seen, who are you attracting? What do you want them to buy? Do you have your solid foundation?

This requires some math on your part, but here are some guidelines

  • One goal should involve daily marketing (you need to promote what you do on a regular basis and get people into your "house" or email list). This marketing needs to teach your BBF's so it fulfills your highest purpose and their greatest needs. This marketing activity will promote your signature program so that you can reach your 90 day money goal).

  • One goal should be another marketing goal (another marketing channel you are going to master). This could be a podcast, a YouTube channel, a book you are writing. At the end of 45 days this marketing channel needs to be up and running. This marketing channel will support the first marketing activity - for example, you could do Facebook Live and then a podcast. Or Facebook Live and a blog post that you will promote everyday. This marketing goal should promote your signature program so that you can meet your money goal.

  • One goal should be something from your list you created in step 4. Writing a book? You need to take daily actions to ensure it gets done.

For example, your goals could be
1. Daily IG Live videos
2. To have a podcast up and running in 90 days (marketing), and to sell an existing signature program
3. Develop a workshop or book.

The purpose of 3 instead of one, is to STOP FOMO. Yes, stop Fear of Missing Out on what others are doing by engaging your genius, fast thinking brain in 2 activities - both that will have a due date, both that accomplish your  genius purpose, and both that are on YOUR OWN SUCCESS. 

You will be actively marketing your money maker DAILY (getting out there to make money), and fulfilling your own purpose by creating and implement one of your success goals (fulfilling you), and working on a future purpose goal (engaging your genius mind).




Now we need to create an exhaustive list. No - not EXHAUSTING :) - an exhaustive and complete list of EVERYTHING you need to do to get your 90 day goals accomplished. 

If you want to start a podcast, that is not a “To Do’. Your exhaustive list could include:

  • Hire a designer to design cover for itunes

  • Learn how to record a podcast

  • Buy recording equipment if necessary

  • Scheduled days of recordings

  • Plan who will do show notes

If your goal was to create a 7 day challenge, your list could be:

  • Choose subject for challenge

  • Write 7 days of content

  • Write emails

  • Create marketing plan for challenge

  • Decide what the goal of the challenge

  • Know who you are targeting

  • What will happen after the challenge?

You see - having an end goal needs ACTION STEPS to make them happen. NOT in your head, on paper.



This is about making your goals INEVITABLE. As the successful CEO I know you are capable of being, you need to actually schedule the dates these things will happen. Writing  7 days of content may take you 2 weeks and if you don’t schedule it in, you may never get it done.




What are the daily actions you need to take to keep your business running while you focus on these tasks? Things like networking marketing your program and services (yes that means selling). 

Your incremental laundry should turn your marketing into a DAILY TASK. Remember, it is NOT “spammy” to promote your business. YOU HAVE A BUSINESS. Speak about it, link to it, and brag about it proudly.



You see? You just created an action oriented marketing plan! A 45 day action plan to get you going and jump start your success.

Why does this work?

As I explained earlier, you are an intelligent, purpose driven person. Perfectionism, making meaning, and doing good for others is part of your DNA. That means that when you focus on things like “building a list” and “selling”, “funneling” random people into your process - you are going against the natural human condition of wanting to connect. It is the human condition for people to want to connect. Back in the cave man days, if you were singled out as an outsider, you literally could die and be thrown to fend the tigers by yourself.

Today, things like feeling “liked” on Facebook, accepted by others, and doing things like “selling” which cause you to face perceived judgement of others, is no different.


You were born to succeed. Trust your DNA and a proven model for creating success. Watch the FREE CLASS to get you Positioned to Sell - to create the success you want and to finally, achieve your goals. Get instant access here:

I leave you with this - my favorite quote from Steve Jobs. He was just a regular person, just like you. He led a revolution. It’s time to lead your own. Do things differently. Believe in yourself.

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. STEVE JOBS

Shana Yao is CEO and Founder of TOTAL GENIUS™, where she works with business owners around the world to uncover the depth of your life experience and build it into a profit generating business so that you own your expertise, define your niche of loyal ideal clients, and strategically build into a monetizable business you love. She is an award-winning Business and Success Strategist with over 28 years of business and marketing experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive.

Shana helps her clients achieve discover and empower their genius within. Using her knowledge of neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming, positive psychology, emotional and positive intelligence, and high level business strategies, she works to develop her client’s unique vision by uncovering your mission based purpose. Join her on her favorite marketing tool, Instagram @total_genius.