POSITIONING is an art. And while your position in the marketplace is an external reality, it's what happens on the inside that will determine your business success.  That means, that in order to position you as the expert you are in your business (and life) - you need to have the clarity and confidence inside yourself first.  So, if you want to succeed in this challenge and create success in your business, you're going to need to read all of the emails, read and watch the challenges here, and then share your answers in the post provided in the group.

In order to achieve the results you want, you MUST actively participate and COMMIT to achieving your highest success. If you choose to skip any of the steps - the lessons and also sharing your success in the group, you will NOT get the intended results, NOT be able to position yourself as the expert you are, and NOT achieve the confidence and clarity you want.

With your commitment to your success, this challenge will help you create internal system necessary to move yourself from self judgement and inaction, to CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and in the end, position you as the expert you are.

How do  I know that? Because I've see it. Your human mind is made up of 95% of unconscious thought and 80% of those thoughts are negative. So "trying" to create change and do things differently than you have been doing is HARD. Actually it's IMPOSSIBLE to do alone for most people.

So take charge of your success. Trust me, you are worth it.


  • Understand the 5 essential elements to help position you as the expert you are
  • Develop your internal positioning which will seed in a rock solid confidence
  • Create your own accountability system so you can master your clartity and productivity
  • Develop a system to position you as the genius you are while optimizing your time
  • Discover what your ideal client needs to see you as their ONE answer and have them seeking you out
  • How to set you apart from your competition and stand out as a brand authority
  • The ONE thing you need to do to position you as the expert you are and have your clients hanging onto your every word


During this challenge, you will learn the 6 essential elements of positioning. There are actually four things you MUST do in order to position you as the expert you are, and make you the ONE answer for your ideal clients.

We will cover each of these areas during the next 7 days. These 6 elements are

1 & 2 -Positioning yourself (2 parts)
3. Positioning what you do/what you sell
4. Positioning your ideal client
5. Positioning your marketing
6. BONUS - TO BE REVEALED at the end!

WAIT! I know that is only SIX things and this is a SEVEN day challenge - and that is because positioning yourself has TWO steps all it's own, AND we are starting today's challenge with Positioning your MIND. (After all, you didn't get THE BRAIN GUIDE for nothing!)



Today is about developing a rock solid YOU. This means developing FOCUS and establishing your ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION.

With social media, texts, an inbox full of distracting emails, other people - it's so easy to lose yourself, your focus, and your attention on your individual purpose - especially if you haven't even claimed it yet. Having focus and having a way to consistently remind yourself of who you are at the core, is how you create the solid foundation of you.

This means ROCK SOLID. Unshakable. Able to take criticism, failures, setbacks, and pulling yourself out of ruts, and most importantly, to POSITION yourself in your business as a client attraction magnet.

This first challenge is about TWO things - FOCUS and MEANING.


Today you are going to have to take your head out of the business box it is in. This is about doing things a different way so you can see things a different way.

Don't roll your eyes yet. Successful giants like Tony Robbins actually do this ONE thing. And don't worry, tomorrow we will dive into creating your positioning, but this is about UNCOVERING your INTERNAL positioning.

Today, we are going to start MOVING. Yes we are going to start out of the gates a little ballsy. If you already workout in the morning - and it's about physical movement, heavy breathing - you're good. But if you don't, you're going to have to move.


Research shows that exercise can increase your mental sharpness for 4 to 10 hours after your workout (hello genius)!  Research shows you sleep better (no more yawning and foggy brain).

It raises your self confidence by ensuring you start your day feeling great (endorphins) and you eat less.  Healthier people earn more money - FACT! Healthier people have a higher self esteem, better focus, and are then better equipped to do the things necessary to earn more and charge more.

Did you know Tony Robbins doesn't meditate? Yes, he doesn't meditate. How does someone so balanced and successful NOT do the one thing everyone is talking about? He does what I call Active Focus Meditation™. That means during your 10 minutes of physical movement, you are going to focus on your success goals.

So you are going to commit to at least 10-20 minutes of physical exercise AND do some active meditation. Choose your favorite theme song - something that motivates you, makes you cry, or makes you want to get up and get fired up. (many of my clients choose Rachel Platton's "Fight Song" - but you choose whatever motivates you).

Listen to that while you do your heart pumping exercise, and focus your success goals, on your Success Identity™ - that's who you are at your highest potential. Focus on what you are going to do today to be better than you were yesterday. Focus on your truth, your purpose, and on the true identity you see yourself as when you are at your best.

What this does is create new neuropathways in your brain associated with your success goals. It builds your internal confidence and literally trains your subconscious mind towards your success. 

I know, a little "woo woo" but it's scientifically proven (can't argue with science!) :)


#1 Do your 10 (or more) minutes of movement - possibly a speed walk and focus on your WHY.  

#2 When you're done, COMMENT in the group on the experience you had with it, then go to the group to introduce yourself if you haven't yet, and tell me who you are, what you do in your business, and WHY you want to create your success and your theme song.

Now remember, this is a 7 day challenge. That means SEVEN days of exercising at least 10 minutes a day. So walk, run, and/or jump up and down. As I said in the beginning, this is NOT your standard challenge. Remember, this week is about making you bulletproof. :)

Are you in?  




Positioning you as the expert you are, means that you understand who you are at the core. What drives your success? What are the standards you have established in your life that now become the standards in your business?  Are those standards building your success or are they unconsciously stealing from it?

At the root of positioning your genius is understanding who you are at the core. Today we are going to establish your guiding principles. Your personal value. Your higher meaning.

Guiding principles are the "rules" you live by in your life. As humans, we all have weak areas (I know, I'm human too!) For this reason, we have to set the "laws" we live by. Our guiding principles are what keep us keeping our high standards, pushing past the struggles, and always being solid in our commitment to ourselves.

Your guiding principles take the emotion out of the action. This isn't about "no I don't want to do that now." Success is made one habit after another. That means what needs to be done, gets done. Successful people let their commitment drive their actions, not their emotion.


How do your guiding principles affect how you are positioned in your business?

In fact, your internal guidance system is not only what establishes the rules in your life, but those rules become your thoughts and actions, and in the end, what connects you to your BBF Legacy clients at the core level you need to connect with them. 

While life rules seem unrelated, in fact, if 95% of human thought is unconscious, that means those conscious or unconscious guidelines are making you behave or not behave in certain ways that are either creating your success or stealing from it. 

Things like desperation, lack of certainty, insecurity are perceivable by others... even online. In the words that you speak to the actions you take, desperation and insecurity will cause another person to lean in to listen to you or actually RUN from you. (remember The Brain Guide!)



Decide what your 1-3 guiding principles are for your business and life.  The 1-3 rules that create your rock solid mindset. Mental toughness.  This is not about not being emotional or not letting yourself feel, this is about BEING emotional - being emotionally charged to live the life you are CAPABLE of, not just the one that comes at you.  Your guiding principles remind you of the legacy you want to create. The WHY in "why you exist". WHY you are doing what you do in your business.

Your guiding principles hold you accountable to yourself.

So decide your guiding principles.  Here are some of mine:  

  1. Be HUMAN - do good for others without expectations
  2. Be excellent in the presence of myself and others - I hold myself to a higher standard because I believe in myself. Be excellent because it feels good to stand up straight, to respect myself, my faults, and my failures. Be excellent because it helps others rise their excellence.
  3. Life happens for me - it happens FOR everyone. If a miracle isn't happening, something has gone wrong.
  4. Do or Do Not, there is no try (it turns out Yoda was really smart!)

Those mantras/guiding principles have allowed me the ability to not skip one day of working out in over 20 years. And despite a pretty devastating health condition, I manage to live a fairly normal life and is almost healthier than most of my friends the same age. Those principles enable me to market my business, sell without fear, and stand in my value in my business. And those principles enable me to work at a high level of productivity, despite any challenges I have in my life.


Define your GUIDING PRINCIPLES. These represent your personal values - your moral code that create the high standards you live your life and how you conduct yourself in your business.

When you have conviction in what you value and the principles that guide your life, you will be less likely to fall victim to distraction, people that don’t respect you or your time, and your own doubt.

1. Decide your guiding principles

2. Write them in your phone and on your wall. Read them several times a day.

3. Report your guiding principles in the comments below.

I can't wait to hear what yours are! Join the conversation in the group, and if you need help, feel free to let me know - guarantee - being surrounded by other inspiring entrepreneurs is the best medication to getting your creative juices flowing.

So that's it for Day 2.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!




Have you defined yourself yet?

Being an entrepreneur can be difficult. By definition, you are doing things in your business that you have never done before. In order to continue to grow, to move your business forward, to make more money, you need to be open to change, be able to move past fear, and be a curious explorer.

Many entrepreneurs actually fail in their first year of business because they get overwhelmed by suddenly having to do things they’ve never done and becoming their own boss. Additionally, selling yourself and your services can be daunting, as well as creating new programs, networking, and maintaining productivity and focus.

And the reality is, if you don't define yourself, other people will do it for you. If you don't position yourself as the expert you are in your own head, you will not be able to effectively promote yourself and attract your ideal clients who value you. If you don't value yourself first, you will fall victim to comparing yourself to others, in addition to always be lured by "shiny object syndrome" and distraction.

To combat this, you need to “become” your higher self. And don’t get scared – this higher self is actually who you are deep down. You just may not have given it a description yet.


The number one thing you MUST do to achieve success in business and life, is define who you are. This one thing will change the course of your life, set your expectations for success and give you the solid foundation that will create a path of success.

It is a fact that human beings have an ego, a self-image of who they are in the world. This is our personality. It is also a fact that we are programmed to act consistently with that self-image. That is human nature. All of our actions – what we say and how we act and therefore our life experiences occur because of that self image.

The people that have mastered success in their business and life have a clear understanding of what their self-image is. Highly successful people have solid foundations and build their businesses around that. Everything they do and their power of influence is because of this high self-image.

People that have a high self-image are successful because they structure their world around their strengths. And they surround themselves with people that support their growth and accomplishments. They consistently live up to the standards they set for themselves. No exceptions.

The problem with most of us is that our self-image is not based on who we actually are. It’s based on who we THINK we are. Influenced by the world around us, the people in our lives and our life experiences, our self-image has been shaped by external forces. If you grew up in a large family, you may think you’re shy. Or maybe you had a bad teacher that told you that you were dumb so you think, “I’m not very smart.”

You have the power to change that RIGHT NOW. Because we act consistently with who we think we are, you have the power to create a new self-image. That self-image should be based on who you aspire to be. When you reach higher and model your mentors and people that inspire you, you can set your life up for success.


Here’s the proof: everybody was born with something called a “Reticular Activating System” (RAS). This means our brains are wired to subconsciously seek out things that verify what we believe. For example, if you decided you were a healthy and vibrant person, you would suddenly start noticing organic produce at the market. You’d start to seek out healthy restaurants and see magazines about healthy living. If you believe you are smart, you will seek information that will make you smarter, and attract people who will support you and lead you to greater knowledge. Seek and you shall find.

According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, the human body sends 11 million bits per second to the brain for processing, yet the conscious mind seems to be able to process only 50 bits per second. That means that what your mind focuses on is what you are going to notice. And if you aren’t paying attention and consciously directing your focus, you’ll only notice random and possibly negative things that will end up impacting your life.

Who you attract is in direct correlation with who you think you are. Your self-image and knowing who you are and how you want to operate in the world is essential to attracting people that value you. Understanding who you are is a creative blend of who you believe you are (shaped by your past experiences, your upbringing and personal standards), and who you want to be.

It’s as easy as picking 3-5 words.


(The answers to the following questions can be the same 3-5 words. The different questions will help you define who you currently think you are and how you want to be. These words will become your standards of who you are and how you operate in the world from this day forward).

What 3-5 words describe the way you currently think of yourself?

What 3-5 words would you use to describe your ideal self.

What 3-5 words describe the way you would like others to think of you?

These words define your SUCCESS IDENTITY™. They are a reflection of your ideal self and business. Post these words everywhere you look at often – by your computer, on your refrigerator, in your bathroom, and on your phone. These are the guiding system of YOU. Your words can change as you and your business grows.

IMPORTANT: Several times a day, ask yourself if you are living these words. You need to prove to yourself that you, indeed, are those words NOW. Not when you make a million dollars, but NOW.



2. Make a list of the accomplishments in your past that prove to yourself and others that you ARE those words already (this is your expertise and accomplishments)

For example: Two of my words is insightful and innovative. In my past I used my insight and innovation to see an unmet need in the marketplace for the shopping center I was the marketing director of. I created a shopping for students money generating program that worked with the local school system and brought the shopping center $2.9 million dollars in sales the first year and a mailing list of over 10,000 active shoppers.

The purpose of this exercise is to give you key points to use when you demonstrate your expertise on a webinar, when you speak to your ideal clients, in a speech, and in all of your marketing. You indeed ARE an expert!

3. Write the words for your Success Identity™ in your phone and on your wall. Read them several times a day.

4. Report your Success Identity™ words in the group.

I can't wait to hear what your Success Identity is! And if you need help, let me know in the comments below - guarantee - being surrounded by other inspiring entrepreneurs is the best medication to getting your creative juices flowing.

Also, don't think we have forgotten about your 10 minutes of heart pumping Active Focus Meditation™! Did you do it? Tell me in the comments below.

So that's it for Day 3.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!



What do you do in your business? What is the transformation you provide for people?

Today we are going to position your business message. 

While you may think you know what you do, do you know what people really BUY?

Your genius is the sum of your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience, packaged into one incredible business message. Your genius is your unique purpose - using your life's lessons - your struggles and your victories and turning them into your inspired message, which is the fundamental base of your successful business.

This makes your business unique and purposeful, attracting your Legacy Circle of Influence and connecting to them at a deep, emotional level. Your business becomes not just a solution, but THE solution to your ideal clients.  

To have people looking for you, you need to be the someone’s solution and… NOT give just content. You need to give IDEAS - innovative ideas that change their LENS of which they see their problem.

You are selling the solution and no one cares about the solution until they know the difficulty of the problem (remember the story I just told you about the pain in my leg). Instead of selling the solution - sell the urgent problem and focus on the pain and urgency instead. 

I often hear people say “I don’t want to be negative and talk about their problems”.  But if you understand empathy, you will understand that your ideal client is SUFFERING. You talking about their pain isn’t negative in their world. It IS their world - they are looking for someone who relates.

Remember, no one cares about the solution until they can understand the difficulty of the problem. Selling the solution without stating the problem becomes NOISE. Not relatable. Not understood. 

If I have a bad skin problem and you are a nutritionist. You have a 7 day detox you are selling. Just telling someone that you have a 7 day detox and telling them “oh it helps with bad skin” and listing features and benefits may sell, but for most people, will fall on deaf ears. EVERYONE has a detox program. Why you? What makes you special?

Remember, our fear brains are there to protect or energy sucking thinking brains. So if no one is paying attention to you, all of those features and benefits are being heard by CRICKETS.

People are wired to listen and hear STORIES - real life stories, involving REAL people, in REAL life situations. Remember, we are WIRED TO CONNECT. That means that sharing your own personal journey is POWERFUL and will get attention.  Instead of just talking about the cure to bad skin, what if you were to describe the pain and embarrassment of your skin disorder that you cured, or the missed opportunities you backed out of because you didn’t like the way you looked - how much you struggled with the problem so much so that you went out of your way to discover a solution? Do you think their ears would perk up?

Telling an emotional story speaks to your potential clients EMOTIONAL brain - the middle brain. The one that judges STATUS. You don’t need a million people liking you to have status. You need this person you are talking to - the people who can relate to your problem to HEAR you. Your personal and relative story will help people hear you. To them, you will be the most important person in the room. You don’t need a big list to have a big heart.

When in your life have you encountered a personal pain? How did you overcome it? How is that relative to your ideal clients problems? How do you have a solution?

How is this DIFFERENT than your competition? Are you different? How can you highlight that different? Remember, blending in means being IGNORED. People want the EXPERIENCE - confidence sells. So if you can’t own it, can’t understand your value, you’ll never get your prospect’s attention. 


What is the transformation you provide your BBF Legacy Clients? What is the urgent problem you solve?

2. Go to the group and tell us what the urgent problem you solve is. It should be simple and easy to understand (1-2 sentences).

For example: I help people discover and position their expertise and life experience into a brand story that connects, inspires, and sells, so they position themselves as a confident authority and influence in their business that attracts clients.



Today we are going to DISCOVER YOUR LEGACY CLIENT - your BBF (Best Business Friend). 

I know, I know - you think you know it already but do you? Your Legacy Client is your Best Business Friend. This person is your perfect match. This is not an "avatar' or something as generic as an "ideal customer".  Your Legacy Client is your perfect match, your BBF in business (that's Business Bestie) :) - someone who is similar to you,  has similar personality traits, and who is you, just a few steps behind.

Your Legacy Clients are essential to your business success. You see, most people think their clients are avatars - a description of a generic person made up in your head. The reason you may be struggling to connect to people is that you don't want to eliminate people. You're trying to speak to everyone, but instead, you are speaking to NO ONE.

Your Legacy Client has a deeper connection. They are struggling with similar issues you have had in the past. They are recognizable to you because, well, you were them just a few years ago.

Most people do this backwards - they try to pick their ideal clients - when in fact - not knowing the urgent problem  you uniquely solve for people, leaves you missing the emotion and powerful brand story that connects, inspires, and sells.

There is a marketing phrase "Sell them what they want, give them what they need." And when you can figure out what they need, that is how you know the common tie you have with your Legacy Client.

Here's an example - we'll use you and me.
I work with high achieving entrepreneurs - people like you who are multi-talented and super intelligent. I know you (yes I know you!) because I was once you and still have similar traits as you. I understand how sometimes you get in your own way; how you may not have figured out your business because you spend a lot of time in that incredible head of yours, and then that thing we call "FEAR" and "OVERWHELM" sometimes take over your smart, logical mind.  I know you because we know you're doing this challenge to help you step up - to learn higher standards and discover consistent strategies.  This challenge was created from my own internal need to establish these strategies in order for me to have a successful business.

If all you wanted was money, you would not be doing this challenge (I mean, not just anyone would put up with 10 minutes of Active Focus Meditation™ as part of a money challenge - but you're more intelligent than "other" people so I know you get it).

See? You are more than likely, my Business Bestie. My Legacy Client.

So now let's discover YOUR Legacy Client.


1. Today you are going to define your BBF Legacy Client. Remember, the value you deliver in your business is the emotional experience.  That means that your Legacy Client and you have an emotional tie.

You need to ask questions to yourself to understand how you help your BBF's get through their life's challenges. This is how you show them that you have their answer. People have an external problem but BUY an internal solution. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is the urgent problem you solve?
  • Where in your life have you undergone a similar problem?
  • What emotions did you have during that time? What were you struggling with because of that problem?
  • What other issues is your BBF struggling with? Distraction? Lack of time? Confidence? How can you help them?

Decisions - like the ones of whether to work with you, follow you, learn from you - are made in the EMOTIONAL BRAIN. That means, in order to SPEAK to your Legacy Clients so they HEAR you, you need to understand how they FEEL.


>>>Go to the group and share a description of who your Legacy Client is.  Your Business Bestie!<<<


Are you an Expert?

I sure hope your answer was "yes".

Despite what you've been told or your natural response to "get comfortable" first, UN-comfortable is the new black.

Yes, unfortunately, all of this "getting comfortable" has gotten you stuck. And what a shame.

What's NOT a shame is that all you need in order to claim your expert status is your own will. Yes, it's true. You ARE an expert even if you don't feel like one. In fact, in order for you to actually become an expert, you actually have to feel like one...first.


Yes, you actually have to "get over yourself" :) YOU - with all of your years of experience, YOU with your amazing life experience, your years of schooling, and your personal pain - yes YOU are an expert! But for whatever reason - trying to be humble, embarrassed to say you are an expert because no one has paid you for it yet - whatever the reason, now you have to overcome that internal positioning and CLAIM your expertise. 


First you need to understand what is involved with claiming your expert status - read this article >>>How to Claim Your Expert Status<<

Then there are TWO parts to actually turning that knowledge into the genius positioning necessary to be seen and heard by the right people:

  1. There is YOU, the business owner, that needs to claim it INSIDE of you. 
  2. There is YOU, the business owner, that needs to TEACH it so it is HEARD by the right people

Let's start with #1 - YOU the business owner claiming it inside of you.

This is about your marketing. Understanding how to launch into all of that clarity and confidence we have been working on all week. We're going to be speaking it, which is why I am going to make this your assignment for after you leave this challenge, to jump on Facebook Live.

I know, I know - you may already do Youtube videos, maybe you even do Periscope or Facebook Live. But I want to teach you some of the side benefits of Live Broadcast that you may not know yet. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Live broadcast is DIFFERENT than Youtube).

Have you ever heard of FLOW? Flow was discovered by researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow is a heightened state of consciousness, when your brain and body are fully engaged in the one thing you are doing, and you are at your highest, most optimal state of being. It's when your subconscious mind takes over so your thinking brain can't get in your way.

Surfers and athletes often experience Flow. It's a state where time seems to stand still because you're so into what you are doing. So if you've ever been so engrossed in what you are doing - writing, running, doing something with a single focus that makes you feel spectacular.

Well, as it turns out, speaking - that thing that most people would rather DIE than do in front of an audience - engages your subconscious brain and shuts down your thinking brain. It allows what you really know at your gut level to come out.

That is if you can get over  your fear of speaking in front of an audience.

And this is where our Periscope or Facebook Live assignment is going to come in. You see, those platforms are LIVE TV.  Yes, LIVE. That means that when you do it, you are at a heightened state of consciousness. Additionally, because of the way the app is, you have to look at yourself.  In fact, you have to become so focused on the screen to stay focused on what you are saying and also read any comments people may post - you have little ability to focus on anything else.

And this is where your expertise comes in. By speaking about things you know so well in your business, you will have no problem coming up with what to say. Additionally, looking at yourself while you are talking and listening to yourself is really powerful. In fact, it's kind of transformative.

As it turns out, Live Broadcast (either Periscope or Facebook Live) is a great confidence builder and a great way to show your expertise. Even if you don't have followers (that is a benefit if you haven't done live video - just pretend you are talking to yourself!), I guarantee you will get at least 1 person watching. And I don't want you to focus on that. I want you to focus on your content. I want you to listen to yourself speak - to understand how really smart you are.

In fact, one of the reasons you may not feel confident about claiming your expertise, is that you haven't fully admitted it to yourself. It's one thing to write it, say it on your website, or even to your family and friends. It's a whole OTHER thing to claim it in public and speak proudly about yourself - all while WATCHING YOURSELF SAY IT.

So decide the 7 things you will teach that make you an expert at what you do, and that you are COMMITTING to teaching on LIVE TV this week. Then also, decide a time of day everyday you will record. (try to make it the same time everyday).


1. Read >>this article<<< on tips you can use to claim your expert status.

2. Be sure to write out the 7 things you will teach your BBF's on LIVE TV (periscope or Facebook LIVE) 

3. Watch some >>>GENIUS ON AIR<<< broadcasts it will help you see how other people do it so you can establish your own style. You can see mine if you follow me @shanalynnyao

4.Continue with our Active Focus Meditation™ - Focus on your expert status and visualize how powerful you will be when you have mastered your ability to speak all of your knowledge.

5. Share your 7 things that make you an expert and that you are committing to teach this week in the group!



There's a new sales pitch in town... it's called "POSITIONING".

YES! The position you establish in the minds of your potential ideal clients can make or break your success (and determine your overall income). In fact, forget traditional "selling" - positioning is the New Sales Pitch.

When we are children, we are taught in school to BLEND IN. To follow the leader, and NOT make waves. We are taught to “get in line”, “do as you are told”, and conform so you meet society’s standards of a good child.

But now you have a business, and you need to STAND OUT.  The success of your business will be determined by your ability to stand out amongst the noise. 

No one is going to buy from you unless they know you exist. This means, instead of jumping into the random Facebook groups, hopping on “yes trains”, and consuming other people’s priorities, you need to rise up above the noise and stand out in a different way so that your ideal clients can find you.

In a sea of sameness, different is attractive. And when it’s the right message to the right people, you are seen and heard. Yesterday we established that you ARE AN EXPERT - now you need to demonstrate WHY and HOW.

The key to getting your business, your marketing, and your bank account to work, is to first develop your positioning - and how you do that is by establishing your personal brand. Your personal brand is what you are known for. Jeff Bezos, the CEO and Founder of Amazon says,

"Your Personal Brand is what people say about you when you leave the room."
It's the "buzz" you create by (drumroll please)... BEING YOU!!! 

Your personal brand is your promise to your client. It's your promise that you are, indeed, different than your competition and that you alone, can help them achieve their goals.  

Yes, all of that knowledge you know, your life, your internal guidance system - it creates your strong personal brand. In order to STAND OUT from your competition, you need to STAND OUT. It's about being self aware of what makes you tick, what your strengths, talents, and life experience is, and then infusing that into your business.

Your personal brand establishes your positioning which is essential to help you stand out from your competition, and it’s essential to getting the attention of and connecting to your ideal clients (and actually know who your ideal clients are).


There are many things you need to do to establish your positioning, but the first and most crucial is that you establish your brand story so it connects to the urgent problem your ideal clients are facing. You need to position yourself as the GUIDE that leads your ideal clients not to understand YOUR story, but to tell your story so they understand THEIR STORY.

I know, SHOCKER :o, but you are not the HERO of your own story. You are their guide. A well-positioned expert, a coach, a strategist, a CEO guides their clients through their own personal journey - down the path so it leads them to the end solution - hiring YOU.

A brand story that connects transforms you into the trusted authority that positions you as the category leader for your potential client.

Your brand story is actually created from the inside out. It starts with your own story but with the secrets I’m about to share with you, you are able to develop it into THEIR story. 

You become the solution to their problem by having a vision for people. Having insight into their problems so that you can state their solutions - your answers - better than they can. You become the most important person in their world. Because you have the answers to their problems.

This creates an upside down funnel system that positions you as the expert by gaining your prospective client’s trust. Expressing their hopes and fears and feeling their pain… and state it in a way that is better than anyone else. 

Your ideal clients are looking for a solution to an urgent problem. They are out there looking - but if you aren’t standing out and speaking the words they want and need to hear, in the order they need to hear it, they can’t see you even if you are standing in front of them.

This isn’t about SELLING. In fact, if you are trying to just sell to people, they will run from you.

You need to position yourself as their guide. The leader through their journey of their struggles. 

Humans are meaning making machines, and the message we hear from you, from themselves, and from the businesses your customers buy from - all tell a brand story.

It’s not the best product or service that gets clients - it’s the clearest branding - the clearest STORY that guides them from their current state and emotions to your solution. 

If you are not able to tell your brand story so it connects, to establish yourself as their answer, telling them how to think about you with your positioning, they are making up a story about you in their heads. 

You see, if you are just teaching and thinking you are delivering the high value they need to see you as experienced and you’re not actually teaching it in such a way that connects and sells, it’s actually driving them AWAY - or worse yet - you are teaching random information at isn’t in the way they need to hear it so they see you as the guide.  They are learning from  you - but because it doesn’t connect and sell - they don’t see you as their one answer - and someone who DOES have a brand that connects and sells - swoops in and gets the client

You did all of the teaching and you lose the client in the end.

This is about telling your brand story - in your message, in your marketing, and in your everyday conversations that gives people a language of how to think about you. Your brand story that connects is about helping them tell the story of their journey. Expressing their hopes, their dreams, their failures, and leading them finally to you as their solution, in fact, is not your own personal story - it’s the story of your ideal clients journey.

There are many steps to creating your story funnel - your offer to your client that will lead them to working with you. For the purposes of his challenge, we are going to just address the ROOT of your brand story that connects so that you can create your genius messaging that will position you as the expert. At the end of this challenge, you will find out how to create the rest of your brand story for free.


1. We are going to create the ROOT of your brand story. Your business sells an external solution to their problem, people are buying an INTERNAL solution. People who value you and want to buy from you have an URGENT PROBLEM. And that problem is not just external. 

What is the EMOTION your prospective clients are seeking a solution to?

Once you know the emotion, you have 90% of your marketing solutions! In fact, decisions are made in their emotional brain - so when you brand story understands their emotions and you speak it in your marketing, you reinforce your positioning. Because they now can hear you. You’re talking to the problem in their life which your product or service solves.

Hint: If you are having trouble understanding the emotion that will connect your ideal client to you, go back to day 2 and day 5 from your post in the group.  This will help you understand the journey they are on and the way your life helps them through their journey.

2.  What is the result your BBF client is looking for? What do you do in your business to get them that result?

3. What is your call to action? How will you get them to take action?

4 Now put it together -use this easy template that will help you understand the basic layout and then customize it for yourself:

"Hi, I'm _______________, I help ____________(describe their external problem), who are ________________(their internal problem), do _______________ (your solution they are buying) so that they can _______________(the result they want).  To ______________(the solution they are buying again) _______________ (call to action).

For example: 
Hi, I'm Shana Yao, I help high achievers use their expertise and life experience to create a brand story that connects, inspires and sells, so that they can have a profit-generating business that makes a difference while making money. If that's you,


*** Now this is VERY important - keep checking your emails because there is a BONUS day tomorrow AND a 60 minute audio training to wrap up this entire challenge, give you the ACTUAL STEPS pulled together all nice and neat and wrapped with a pretty white satin bow, and I'm going to show you the ONE thing that will SUPERCHARGE your business into a client attracting machine.

So look for the link tomorrow to the training and share your genius!


Your productivity - what does it have to do with your positioning?

As it turns out, A LOT. Research shows that those entrepreneurs that have successful daily habits - that literally create the "habit of success" - not only have a strategic plan they follow, but they know how to optimize their time and productivity. By getting more done in less time - that's called efficiency - they are able to do more, accomplish more, and EARN MORE.

You may be familiar with the Facebook "black hole" - where previously focused entrepreneurs go to market their business, connect to their audience, and look for clients - but then get sucked into the black hole, end up NOT getting clients, and losing hours of time.

Well, it's time to dig your way out of the black hole, because now there is a solution that will save you time, expand your targeted reach, and optimize your marketing - all with... (drumroll please)... FACEBOOK!!!

Yes, Facebook LIVE used strategically, can not only optimize your time, grow your reach and targeting capabilities, and have you never looking at marketing your business the same again.


There are multiple ways to market your business and to create your individual success. The most commonly taught way is to try to get in front of as many people as possible, produce enough valuable content, learn how to sell, persuade, and convince people to work with you, and when you prove yourself enough, you will eventually get clients.

If you have a large audience, are naturally outgoing, and have no problem selling, that's great - go with the status quo method. But if you don't have an audience, are limited in time due to family obligations or personal issues - you don't have the time to build up your status over time. Additionally, if you don't like to "sell" and don't want to be on Facebook all day, following the status quo method is not going to work for you. 

This is why many entrepreneurs fail. They don't understand that there is another way, and end up competing with the larger, more visible competitors, and drown out their own success.

Instead, I propose you follow the Strategy of Optimization. The Strategy of Optimization understands that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Due to human distraction amidst a sea of random competitors, if you don't capture their attention with your video, you may never have a chance to present to them again.

The goal of today's lesson is to show you how to optimize your marketing, narrow down your focus, and reach the people you need to reach - instantly.

People that choose to use this strategy of optimization that you are about to learn, say "No - I'm not going to fall for the status quo."


Go to your personal Facebook page on your phone and act like you are writing a post. 

Create your title of your broadcast and hit the round circle (see image >>>) and click "POST".

You will see a countdown (3, 2, 1) and then your LIVE!




Make your videos extra effective by targeting your audience. Facebook now is allowing you to simultaneously go LIVE on your business page and also in your group! Yes, Facebook just got AWESOME!

Just go to your COMPUTER while you are broadcast live from your phone. Go to your computer and find your broadcast, then click "SHARE". You can now share it on your business page or your group so just choose where you want to share it, and you will then be BROADCASTING LIVE ON YOUR PERSONAL PAGE AND YOUR BUSINESS PAGE OR GROUP.

This is exciting because you can now share to an expanded audience (from your business page) OR narrow your audience and niche down by broadcasting live in your group.

Even MORE exciting is that you can broadcast ONLY to your group. To do that, from your phone, go to your group and do the same process of posting the title and then the LIVE icon.



The problem with live video, is that while you reach a wide audience, it's harder to reach the specific targeted audience you want to all of the time. Often, due to shiny object syndrome and other reasons for distraction, people may watch your broadcast but then forget about you when another broadcast comes on or they get busy. And since you can't see who is watching, you can't follow up with them but only hope they will find you again.

But genius entrepreneurs who know that without a strategic plan, you could spend wasted hours doing work that could be optimized and streamlines. 

One way to optimize with Facebook LIVE is to do your broadcast as mentioned above to the PUBLIC - to your friends and on your business page or group, THEN, have a BONUS training or special event that you can INVITE people to that will only happen in your group. 

This does multiple things of goodness for you. It gives you the opportunity to grow your group - and not just with random people - but with people who actually want to hear what you teach! As formerly mentioned, genius entrepreneurs know that success and getting clients is NOT about numbers, but about the RIGHT numbers.  

Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to get your group to get engaged and actually have to turn on their notifications!

Yes, you CAN use Facebook to strategically work for you.


This may be the most exciting part of all - instead of the Facebook black hole,  you can actually create black hole focus for yourself.

One of the biggest issues facing entrepreneurs is lacking time to create content. And while content used to be king, now with the deluge of information available online, it's not just content that is valuable. It's valuable content that is important. (what a concept) :o

Yes, you actually have to be engaging and compelling in your content to get people to pay attention. While many people say people are lacking focus, what actually is more accurate is that people are becoming smarter at what they want and need to consume. Smart people are getting smarter and weeding out good quality with time wasters.

So back to optimizing your time. Make your Facebook LIVE videos the bomb-dot-com. Put thought into the content, and do it so well that it captures the attention of the right people. (I always believe if it's worth doing, make it worthy of you). 

Then OPTIMIZE and REPURPOSE it! YES! Here are 8 (yes, EIGHT!) ways you can repurpose it:

  1. Get it transcribed or write a blog post about it
  2. Download it and then upload it to Youtube
  3. Do a quick video on your phone for instagram telling people about your video on Youtube
  4.  Share it in other groups and any areas on Facebook you missed with the original broadcast
  5. Tweet it on Twitter
  6. At the same time of your live broadcast, RECORD it on Audacity (and awesome audio program) and edit it for a podcast (YES! You know that podcast you are going to do someday? Do it NOW and attract a NEW audience.
  7. Upload the Youtube video on your website
  8. Send to your email list! 


1. Watch this video on Optimizing your Marketing with Facebook LIVE


2. Schedule the days this week you will be doing your Facebook LIVE video (yes, you actually need to schedule them so you can ensure they happen

3. Record your video! 

4. Post the link in the group and be sure to post it on your Facebook page! Be sure to tag me in your post so I can see you go live! @shanayao on Facebook!

5. Also post how many ways you are going to repurpose it. It's OPTIMIZATION NATION!



You're going to get the step-by-step formula for your genius positioning, AND
discover the ONE secret to ensure you attract clients like CRAZY.

It's time to fill your pipeline with clients that VALUE you and WANT to pay you!!!


Success is an INSIDE job. How did you do with the 7-day Positioning challenge? Because if you did the work, really stuck with it, and committed to your OWN success - I know you have achieved results. 

CLAIMING and OWNING your expertise, your life experience, and what you actually do in your business is ESSENTIAL to achieving success in your business. Without that ownership, you cannot position yourself in the minds of your clients.

Use the clarity and confidence you gained in this challenge to move you forward or take it to the next level (that's UP!)

And if you enjoyed this challenge, please complete this short QA will help me create more amazing content, articles, and workshops just for you!


As a reminder, your keys to achieving your genius positioning in your business are:

  1. Active Focus Meditation™

  2. Your Guiding Principles

  3. Defining your success identity

  4. Your Unique Transformation You Provide

  5. Defining your Legacy Client - Your Legacy Circle of Influence that is made up of your BBF

  6. Owning your Expert Status

  7. Optimizing your Marketing and speaking your message

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