A Targeted and Strategic Approach to Small Business Marketing

by Shana Lynn Yao
CEO | Business & Personal Success Strategist
Total Genius™

Shana Lynn Yao CEO Strategist

You may be familiar with the Facebook "black hole" - where previously focused entrepreneurs go to market their business, connect to their audience, and look for clients - but then get sucked into the black hole, end up NOT getting clients, and losing hours of time.

Well, it's time to dig your way out of the black hole, because now there is a solution that will save you time, expand your targeted reach, and optimize your marketing - all with... (drumroll please)... FACEBOOK!!!

Yes, Facebook LIVE used strategically, can not only optimize your time, grow your reach and targeting capabilities, and have you never looking at marketing your business the same again.


There are multiple ways to market your business and to create your individual success. The most commonly taught way is to try to get in front of as many people as possible, produce enough valuable content, learn how to sell, persuade, and convince people to work with you, and when you prove yourself enough, you will eventually get clients.

If you have a large audience, are naturally outgoing, and have no problem selling, that's great - go with the status quo method. But if you don't have an audience, are limited in time due to family obligations or personal issues - you don't have the time to build up your status over time. Additionally, if you don't like to "sell" and don't want to be on Facebook all day, following the status quo method is not going to work for you. 

This is why many entrepreneurs fail. They don't understand that there is another way, and end up competing with the larger, more visible competitors, and drown out their own success.

Instead, I propose you follow the Strategy of Optimization. The Strategy of Optimization understands that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Due to human distraction amidst a sea of random competitors, if you don't capture their attention with youe video, you may never have a chance to present to them again.

The goal of today's lesson is to show you how to optimize your marketing, narrow down your focus, and reach the people you need to reach - instantly.

People that choose to use this strategy of optimization that you are about to learn, say "No - I'm not going to fall for the status quo."


If you haven't used FB live yet, it may take some getting used to to be on live video. I recommend doing a few Periscope videos to get comfortable with the "live" experience. But let's assume you're ready to go live.

Make sure you have a good topic (especially if this is your first time - you need to give people a reason to want to watch you in the future).


Facebook Live How to

Go to your personal Facebook page on your phone and act like you are writing a post. 

Create your title of your broadcast and hit the round circle (see image >>>) and click "POST".

You will see a countdown (3, 2, 1) and then your LIVE!



How to Share Facebook Live on Your Business Page

Make your videos extra effective by targeting your audience. Facebook now is allowing you to simultaneously go LIVE on your business page and also in your group! Yes, Facebook just got AWESOME!

Just go to your COMPUTER while you are broadcast live from your phone. Go to your computer and find your broadcast, then click "SHARE". You can now share it on your business page or your group so just choose where you want to share it, and you will then be BROADCASTING LIVE ON YOUR PERSONAL PAGE AND YOUR BUSINESS PAGE OR GROUP.

This is exciting because you can now share to an expanded audience (from your business page) OR narrow your audience and niche down by broadcasting live in your group.

Even MORE exciting is that you can broadcast ONLY to your group. To do that, from your phone, go to your group and do the same process of posting the title and then the LIVE icon.


The problem with live video, is that while you reach a wide audience, it's harder to reach the specific targeted audience you want to all of the time. Often, due to shiny object syndrome and other reasons for distraction, people may watch your broadcast but then forget about you when another broadcast comes on or they get busy. And since you can't see who is watching, you can't follow up with them but only hope they will find you again.

But genius entrepreneurs who know that without a strategic plan, you could spend wasted hours doing work that could be optimized and streamlines. 

One way to optimize with Facebook LIVE is to do your broadcast as mentioned above to the PUBLIC - to your friends and on your business page or group, THEN, have a BONUS training or special event that you can INVITE people to that will only happen in your group. 

This does multiple things of goodness for you. It gives you the opportunity to grow your group - and not just with random people - but with people who actually want to hear what you teach! As formerly mentioned, genius entrepreneurs know that success and getting clients is NOT about numbers, but about the RIGHT numbers.  

Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to get your group to get engaged and actually have to turn on their notifications!

Yes, you CAN use Facebook to strategically work for you.


This may be the most exciting part of all - instead of the Facebook black hole,  you can actually create black hole focus for yourself.

One of the biggest issues facing entrepreneurs is lacking time to create content. And while content used to be king, now with the deluge of information available online, it's not just content that is valuable. It's valuable content that is important. (what a concept) :o

Yes, you actually have to be engaging and compelling in your content to get people to pay attention. While many people say people are lacking focus, what actually is more accurate is that people are becoming smarter at what they want and need to consume. Smart people are getting smarter and weeding out good quality with time wasters.

So back to optimizing your time. Make your Facebook LIVE videos the bomb-dot-com. Put thought into the content, and do it so well that it captures the attention of the right people. (I always believe if it's worth doing, make it worthy of you). 

Then OPTIMIZE and REPURPOSE it! YES! Here are 8 (yes, EIGHT!) ways you can repurpose it:

  1. Get it transcribed or write a blog post about it
  2. Download it and then upload it to Youtube
  3. Do a quick video on your phone for instagram telling people about your video on Youtube
  4.  Share it in other groups and any areas on Facebook you missed with the original broadcast
  5. Tweet it on Twitter
  6. At the same time of your live broadcast, RECORD it on Audacity (and awesome audio program) and edit it for a podcast (YES! You know that podcast you are going to do someday? Do it NOW and attract a NEW audience.
  7. Upload the Youtube video on your website
  8. Send to your email list! 


The bottom line is, Facebook doesn't have to be a distraction anymore - and you now have a way to explode your outreach, refocus your attention, and (the best part of all), GET OFF FACEBOOK. 

Yes, you don't have to live on Facebook anymore if you don't want to. You now have purposeful content that can be used to reach people in other places while attracting people to you on Facebook.

Then with your extra time, you can work in the areas of your business you enjoy. I call this Live Out Loud Marketing (that's LOL Marketing). It's what Personal Influence™ is all about.  Changing the lens in which you see yourself and your opportunities, changes the lens in which other people see you. That is positioning for ingenious entrepreneurs.

And now that you have the strategies, it's time to discover how to present on video in a way that captures people's attention and make sure you don't lose them to distraction.  There is a way to present your content so that it captures their attention, engages the viewer, and converts them to take a step closer to you and possibly work with you.

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