Article by: Shana Lynn Yao

When you understand more about yourself, your ups and your downs, and the things that make you react, you can then take action to not only make your own life better but you also gain greater insight into the minds of your ideal clients.

“Don’t worry… I’ve got this.”

Have you ever said that? I mean seriously. When was the last time you said that? (I just said it this morning).

And the truth is, I know you do. You’ve got it. You’re highly capable, and a strong willed person (believe me, I totally GET you). But sometimes life just knocks you upside the head — whether it’s a slow period in your business, your inner critic is starting to act up, or the kids are screaming and you can’t get a moment of peace.

It’s in those moments that our highly capable selves start over-compensating. Working harder. Going to bed too late. Getting distracted. And at a certain point you just want to cry.

If that sounds at all familiar, don’t worry. You’re normal.. and I’m actually not here to give you a lecture about it (thank goodness right!?!) But what I did want to share is how you can use this personal knowledge to help your BBF ideal clients, make the love you, and actually build a reputation of trust, more raving fans (say yes to referrals!), and to actually get a whole different perspective on what selling is ➞ CONSCIOUS SELLING <<<(download the free guide) — that is.

When you understand more about yourself, your ups and your downs, the things that make you react, you can then take action to make your  own life better, and gain greater insight into the minds of your ideal clients. It's this deeper understanding of how people think, that helps you establish a deeper connection with others, and in the end, gives you an advantage in business and life.


Even traditional businesses are getting the heads up on how to provide care — DEEP, and PURPOSEFUL care for their best clients.

Recently, I was able to experience this first hand when I was admitted to the hospital for an unplanned hip replacement surgery. What could have been a miserable week long stay in a cold, and unfriendly hospital, ended up being one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

What miracle made the difference? It was a doctor - a recent addition to patient care called a “Hospitalist”.  My Hospitalist, Dr Mark Y. Choi, served as my beloved client advocate . He was hired in this new position to oversee all of the doctors and the overall care for each of his patients. His role was created to organize the medical staff so all of the critical pieces of the generic “system” work for each individual patient.

Having him involved was LIFE CHANGING. It changed the way I viewed the entire week I spent there (which could have been miserable without him) and left me with RAVING REVIEWS of the hospital and the hospital system.

In fact, it's the secret that the best business owners know and practice to ensure their clients' success - and THAT results in their raving fans, client satisfaction, and overall confidence in what they do. The reality is, clients may hire you for the thing you specialize in, but there are multiple pieces that are involved to create their overall success.

As a business owner myself, it's the overall guidance  for my clients - from start to finish and follow up - that instills trust in my clients. 

Is that necessary and do all follow my guidance? Maybe not, but to me, it’s a responsibility of a good business owner to do what you can to ensure client satisfaction and at the same time build confidence and trust with yourself. You stay "on brand" and focused on your overall business success. 

Remember, if you're wondering who your ideal clients are, or get lost trying to gain visibility in the crowded business environment, your goal is to find your niche, something that hasn't been done before and then DIVE DEEP. 

Don’t be just something for everyone, be EVERYTHING for someone.

And now it’s your turn. To use the Conscious Selling method in your own business, it starts with understanding how your BBF ideal clients think, what they hear when you say what you say, and so much more.

And you’re in luck! Your seconds away from the learning the magical truth on simplifying your entire selling process.

Just download the free guide, then hop on over to the community and share how you are going to implement this in your own business.

If you’re ready to get conscious, I’ve got your back.

Shana Lynn Yao, CEO and Your Marketing Mastermind, business luminary

Shana Yao is CEO and Your Marketing Mastermind® of TOTAL GENIUS™, She is the Editor and Chief of The Business Luminary Magazine, and works with high achieving clients to empower them to own their expertise so they can make a bigger impact in the world, with a signature business that reflects their personal style. She is the creator of the 5 Minute Marketing Journal, the #1 way to simplify your business marketing, gain greater focus and accomplish deep work.

Driven by purpose, her mission is to build Luminary Leaders of tomorrow to light up the world with change and innovation. Her focus around the areas of holistic health, personal style, and mental clarity, are based on the belief that true success is found in becoming the person you are meant to be in life and using that to empower your business. For it's the combination of your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience that fulfills your life and creates true, everlasting success. 

She is an award-winning Business & Personal Success Strategist with over 28 years of experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive. 

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