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How To Own Your Self Worth As An Entrepreneur

Owning your self respect and personal value is the ONE measurement of success that is consistent. It has nothing to do with the amount of money you want to make, the houses you want to buy, and the number of followers and likes you have.

Owning your self worth, however, CAN mean that you can have all of that - if that's what you really want. Read more >>>

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The Ultimate Guide To Claiming Your Personal Brand Authority

Getting paid for who you are. It sounds great, but it's not like someone is going to hand you a wad of cash just for being the amazing person you are... or is it?

Whether you have a business or even if you have a job, getting paid for who you are means you have the opportunity to show up as yourself - all of those strong opinions, personal flaws, occasional F-bombs... getting paid for who you are means people - your ideal clients - pay you not only for what you do, but who you are. READ MORE

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You know those time you feel "blocked"? Like you know what you should do but something inside of you stops you?

It's in those moments that you can find clarity if you know where to look. Because it's when you understand more about yourself, your ups and your downs, the things that make you react, you can then take action to make your  own life better, and gain greater insight into the minds of your ideal clients. It's this deeper understanding of how people think, that helps you establish a deeper connection with others, and in the end, gives you an advantage in business and life.  READ MORE >>>

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