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Is Facebook Stealing Your Clients & Personal Value?

Facebook. Is it stealing from you?

As an online business owner, social media — particularly Facebook — has been programmed into most entrepreneur’s minds, to be the place where you find answers, build a network, gain visibility, and ultimately, get clients. After all, it’s a free platform that allows you to join large groups where free information is readily shared, like-minded people are in abundance, and even advertising can be placed for as little as a dollar a day. What could be better, right?


The truth for many entrepreneurs, unfortunately, is that being on Facebook as a business owner, is very different than just “being on Facebook”. No longer is meeting people “just for fun” and no longer is it ok for you to get sucked into wasting time unconsciously.

When you have a business and your income depends on your efficiency, TIME becomes your most precious commodity.

Research shows that over 90% of all new businesses fail within the first year. That’s alarming when you consider that there are thousands of new, hopeful entrepreneurs who are starting businesses everyday, but even more alarming for the herds of existing business owners who spend their days trying to “get clients’ and “make money”.

Ultimately, creating a successful business is not just about obtaining some “laptop luxury” or “work from anywhere” invisible medal, but it’s about understanding HOW to define what success is to you, what the hidden blocks are, and how to then determine the right path for you. READ MORE →→→

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