Rowdy Rescuers mission @goodkarmacommunity

We are a community of inspired leaders and animal lovers
who believe in the power of Good Karma and Do Ongoing Good (D.O.G.) to save animals lives and help our planet thrive.
Inspired by the love of our dogs,
we found our purpose and passion to transform lives, impact positive change, and make this world a better place.


Join the @goodkarmacommunity if:

  • You believe in good karma!

  • You want to be a part of putting out positive energy in the world

  • Share in our mission to save animals lives and help the planet

  • Help our mission to create a legacy of positive change

From our adopted dogs Bingo and Petey, we’ve learned how to go with the flow and take on adversity in stride.
— Jennifer Matsyk, Dog mom to Bingo and Petey

Because of Samson, I’ve delved into the online dog community and made some wonderful friends. He brings out a confidence in me that makes me fearless of judgment and criticism. Because of him, I’ve been doing more of what makes me happy, and worrying less about what others think. He’s reminded me to take time to enjoy the little things, even when powering through challenging times. Samson is a light to anyone who meets him.
— Jill Hamilton, Dog mom to Samson the Shitzu

We love how Jax & Bones cares for the environment as much as they care about animals. It’s hard not to support a company whose products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and made here in the USA (which also helps our economy!) We especiaily love the company’s involvement in charity work to ensure the welfare of animals everywhere and awareness of issues such as overpopulation.
— Micki Lee, Dog mom to Mochi & Taro

Make a difference. Change Lives.

Jax & Bones