The Art of Positioning for Ingenious Entrepreneurs

by Shana Lynn Yao
CEO & Business & Personal Success Strategist

Over 90% of new businesses fail in the first 120 days. 

That's a depressing statement that makes one wonder, WHY? Is it because of the competition? Lack of strategies? Lack of money to invest? Or is it something else?

The hard data shows that the entrepreneurial world has changed. With 7 billion people in the world, more and more people are starting online businesses. Competition is rampant, and standing out, getting people’s attention, and in the end, getting people to trade money for what you sell is getting harder than ever.

Additionally, the understanding of how to make money, have a successful business, and basic foundational business knowledge has been diluted, watered down, and misunderstood. Herd mentality - otherwise known as "group mind" describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, and/or purchase items (popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point) - has led people to unconsciously think that following other people's successes, equating marketing with tactics such as social media, instead of strategies like understanding how people need information in order to buy from you.  This has led to people feeling stuck, not making money, and thinking an invented term like "money blocks" is their problem, and leaving people to chase unrelated thoughts and actions, further derailing their ability to make money.

Even the term "selling" has become misunderstood. The definition of selling has become diluted and the understanding of what it takes to effectively market your business and make money has been distorted. In actuality, selling is the process of presenting something of value to someone and persuading them to buy it. What is often misunderstood is not only that what you are selling is “something of value” but also with the wake of social media and the multitude of new business owners, selling has become a process of using questionable tactics to persuade people to buy what you have, regardless of qualify or fulfillment of a need.

The reality is, selling, if done correctly, is in fact, based on foundational marketing principles. It’s the deep understanding of what your ideal clients need and then presenting it in such a way that they see the true value. It is NOT a marketing tactic (i.e. Facebook ads, emails) but marketing strategies that are able to connect to your ideal clients.

This is why understanding the Art of Positioning for Ingenious Entrepreneurs, is important for people who are innovative and intelligent. It reframes how you see yourself, so that you can position yourself, your products and service, and ultimately your business to establish yourself in the eyes of the purchaser.  It teaches the high level entrepreneur strategies that uncover human behavior - yours and that of your ideal clients. Because at the root of every sale are two human beings, with real emotions, urgent needs, and active lives.


The reality is, if you sell a service - coaching, consulting, healing - it’s HARDER than selling a product. The mind is not wired to be excited about concepts - and services are concepts. You are selling intangibles.

Selling requires building a relationship over time. Yes, you want that but without a list, lack of social proof, you lack the fundamentals of selling.

Personal Influence™ overcomes those challenges - instead of placing the focus on building enough value to convince your ideal clients to buy from you - making your success based in the distant future, it’s positioning yourself to create success NOW - you BECOME the present moment. The compelling factor to get an ultimate decision.

People that learn Personal Influence understand that positioning your product or service, answers the following strategic questions about your market and your products or services:

  • What's your customer really buying from you?

  • How is your product or service different from those of your competitors?

  • What makes your product or service unique?

Understanding these critical factors uncovers the real motivation behind your ideal client’s urgent needs and gives you insight into how you are able to help them.

This is the science behind why the Personal Influence™ works. It engages your audience in an emotional experience. Because marketing with the Art of Personal Influence™ is just that - an ART. It’s the art of understanding your own motivations so that you understand that of your ideal clients. You aren’t selling a product or service,  you are selling a solution to their urgent problems - a solution you know personally about.


If you don’t understand your own and other people’s motivations, and you don’t have the strategies to effectively market your business, you’ll miss out on the key opportunities to maximize your resources and maximize your results. This makes understanding what to sell and marketing your business frustrating, unsuccessful, and overwhelming.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself. ~ Peter F. Drucker

Personal Influence™ is what gives your business the depth it needs to sell itself. It’s asking “What is the total experience I want every customer to have?” instead of just selling what you have.  And since you are able to understand what your ideal clients actually need (their “thing they NEED behind the thing they WANT” your efforts are streamlined so you work SMARTER, not harder.  It’s about creating a brand that highlights your greatest strengths, talents and life experience and uses your personal tragedies and stories to move your ideal clients to their solution, which ultimately is to work with you.

In order to have them do something you have to get people to FEEL something. Move people to action with emotion.

It begins with understanding YOU, and developing PERSONAL INFLUENCE™.

Personal Influence™ is made of of 5 parts:

Discover Your Genius
#biohackingsuccess Strategies
Live Out Loud Marketing
Loving What You Do All of The Time
Building Your Legacy Circle of Influence


Behind every successful business is an empowered business leader - a person of extraordinary courage and strength, highly intelligent, creative, knows what they want, and doesn’t settle for less. Inside a Total Genius is an self-empowered leader with high standards, high intelligence, and high expectations.

Your genius is the sum of your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience, packaged into one incredible business message. Your genius is your unique purpose - using your life's lessons - your struggles and your victories and turning them into your inspired message, which is the fundamental base of your successful business.

This makes your business unique and purposeful, attracting your Legacy Circle of Influence and connecting to them at a deep, emotional level. Your business becomes not just a solution, but THE solution to your ideal clients.

#biohackingsuccess™ STRATEGIES

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself. ~ Peter F. Drucker

As the empowered leader of your business, it is your job to understand your product or service, your customers, your business, and most importantly, yourself.  If you don’t understand your own and other people’s motivations, and you don’t have the strategies to effectively market your business, you’ll miss out on the key opportunities to maximize your resources and maximize your results.

It’s about creating a brand that incorporates your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience  so that it is customized and timeless. The genius discoveries of your life - not just in what you do, but in who you are - solves an urgent problem for someone else. Using your life as a lesson to move someone in need to change, positions your business as the answer to a specific niche audience, and your life turns into the compelling storytelling necessary to reach your ideal client's emotional decision-making brain.

This is done by #biohackingsuccess inside of you. When you uncover your Success Identity™, discover Active Focus Meditation™, and other strategies that help you uncover your true genius, you are able to understand your ideal client at a deep, emotional level - giving you the ability to effectively communicate with them and produce results.

Becoming better at being you becomes not only your job, but the secret to your continued success. You get paid for being who you are.


The key to successful a successful marketing strategy is to get your ideal clients to take an action towards you.

Your marketing is YOU living your Life Out Loud. The reality is that it is a human condition to have to get people to FEEL something in order to actually DO something (pull out their wallet). People are moved into action with emotion.

This means, living your Life Out Loud speaks to your prospect’s emotions. They “get”everything you say, not because it’s some marketing tactic, but because they understand you and you understand them at a deep emotional level - the emotional level where decisions are made.

Selling, in fact, become arbitrary - because you don't need to "convince" someone that you have their answer. Live Out Loud Marketing is rooted in the study of the 3 brains, and how your ideal client prospects take in information. Bypassing the filters of their fight or flight brain and the status judging emotional brain, LOL Marketing shows who you ARE, why you are important to your prospect, and and you become not "a solution", but THE solution for your ideal clients.


In order to make your business work and become successful, instead of your J.O.B. being about trying to make your business successful, ingenious business owners who are positioned correctly, actually get paid to have to become better. It is now your job to LOVE WHO YOU ARE, CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE, DEVELOP AT A DEEP PERSONAL LEVEL, and discover Personal Influence.

When you understand the Art of Positioning, you understand that success is not about doing it ALL. It's about strategically designing your business to do the things that are of the highest value to you and your business growth.

Understanding that things like valuing your time, focusing on your highest values, and learning the ability to say "No", are key to having a business you love - all of the time.


Your legacy is not something you “have to create” - it becomes something that is created by Ingenious Entrepreneurs with Personal Influence™

Personal Influence™ is about making a difference - changing lives by using your life as a lesson, a lesson that helps other people discover how to smile again. You attract what you are and because of it, your “tribe” are people that will create your legacy - your legacy of honesty, integrity, and changing lives - one person at a time.

This is the Art of Positioning - Personal Influence™ for Ingenious Entrepreneurs who want to create success, impact lives, and make a difference.