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You've taken the free classes, watched the videos, and maybe even bought a course (or two!), but your Instagram #instagrowth is more like #instaSTAGNATION.

It's frustrating and feeling like a time suck - and truthfully - it feels a little personal. I mean if you're posting your best stuff, following the rules that you know, aren't you supposed to grow? Maybe it "just takes time?"

I mean, how many times can you watch your follower count bounce up a few numbers and then plummet right back down to where you started...



I can totally relate.

Yes, that was me for THREE painstaking years. I had been doing my best, posting quotes and wonderful images, using hashtags and STILL I couldn't get over 2000 followers. It would go up to like 2006 and then the next day 1990. It was like that for months... until I decided to FALL IN LOVE.


I'm no Instagram superstar, but I know when I get mad, I get CREATIVE. And after getting "madly creative", applying what I knew to be true from 25 years as a retail and shopping center marketing director where I was surrounded by high end fashion brands, and I used a few innovative marketing strategies that were so innovative they blew away the algorithms that everybody else was struggling with, and in just 70 days I had attracted over 8000 followers, a world of new clients and opportunities - and best and MOST surprising of all - I discovered MY HAPPINESS.


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I know - crazy pants - what does happiness have to do with anything? 

Well, grasshopper, it's the secret to ATTRACTION. It's how you actually ATTRACT ORGANIC & REAL FOLLOWERS on Instagram - not by changing so much WHAT you are doing (although some of that will need to change) but HOW you are doing it.

Just like when you go to style and outfit you wear, it's not what you're wearing that makes the "look". It's HOW you are wearing it. As they say, don't just wear an outfit - WEAR it (wink wink!)

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I want to share it with the world! I mean when  you discover something as amazing as the secret to manifesting your best life through manifesting followers on Instagram... HELLO - I can't keep my mouth shut!



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Our human brains communicate through words/stories and images. Instagram is a photo app. All humans are attracted to photos we find attractive that relate to us and the image produces a dopamine response in our brain.

Using the "right" images (your branding) in your marketing is important 

Using the "right" images (your branding) in your marketing is important 

That means, your vibe really IS your tribe.
The silent communication of a well planned Instagram page,
the relevance of images to your brand,
and a few innovative strategies, and it can't NOT work.

How our eyes see images it is attracted to

How our eyes see images it is attracted to

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The problem you may be experiencing now is that you are great - you're great! You do great work, have great style and yet, you only know what you know. You could apply a lot of different strategies that you've read about, taken courses on, and watched webinars on - but IT'S STILL YOU.

Again, you're great but you only know what you know. And therein lies the problem.

The problem is all of the bigger brands are selling courses that don't tell YOU what YOU SPECIFICALLY should do. In fact, most of them got to their hundreds of thousands of followers at a time when Instagram was a very different environment and easier to develop a presence.

Now it is oversaturated and things that worked before, just aren't working now.



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>>> Define your brand uniqueness - that stems from the genuine passion inside of you?

>>>Know your target audience and easily attract them without having to try so hard?

>>> Rapidly increase your follower count (with real and authentic people) 🙌

>>> Double the amount of likes and comments you receive on a daily basis 

>>> Confidently reach out to brands for possible sponsorships

>>> Start "selling" your brand/services/products - without feeling salesy?

>>> Effortlessly cultivate a community of loyal fans who are ready and willing to purchase your products and services?


It's all possible and it's just a decision away.

This is a 4 week 1:1 Instagram coaching program.

You and me, developing your:

  • Customized Instagram strategy

  • Your brand story translated into images

  • A page "template" that you can recreate on your own so you know the types of images to post that attracts authentic followers that "get" you

  • The call to action that will inspire people to click

and so much more!

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1 One Hour strategy session

Two 30 minute checkups to refine as you grow

Unlimited direct messaging for 30 days
(I'll be the wizard behind the scenes helping you pull the strings!)


If you're ready to get IMMERSED
and grow your presence as an Instagram influencer
and hero of your own brand..



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