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Shana Lynn Yao

Launching and running a business alone can be hard. It's hard to know where to start, what to work on that brings in the money, and what exactly sets you apart

from the herds of other businesses who seem to have it al together. Who are your ideal clients, WHERE are they, and how do you actually have a business you LOVE, make the money you need and want, AND enjoy the freedom and success your soul craves.

And that's why I exist. I spent the last 28 years of my working career as a retail and shopping center marketing director, working with thousands of different types of businesses and high end brands, including Rodeo Drive.

What makes me different than other business coaches and consultants is my process in how I empower you by discovering your genius - your soul's purpose - found in the depth of your expertise and life experience - and positioning it into your solid business foundation that attracts your ideal clients, empowers your confidence and gives you the business you wanted all along.

Using my knowledge of neurolinguistic programming, the science of the mind, positive psychology and all of my business background, we will work together to build your powerful brand.

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