Episode #13: 10 Truths About Building A Profitable Business


episode #13

10 Truths About Building a Profitable Business
Make Your Money Goals Every Month

Are you making your money goals in your business - every month?

Often people say
"I can't find my clients - that's why I'm not making money." 
"I don't have enough time."
"My list isn't big enough."
"I'm not visible enough."

Those are just SOME of the reasons I've heard. But (this is just my view so just bypass this if it doesn't apply to you) is what I feel are the real problems.
I wanted to share this because I hope it will bring some clarity to those who are struggling to stay afloat in their business. It may be hard to read and some of you won't agree - but I have to share because I see so many beating themselves up in their heads and suffering in doubt and shame.

You are not alone and there ARE answers. They may not be easy to face but here is my take. Today we will be discussing this and 9 other truths.

1. You may don't have a business but YOU HAVE A JOB. Yes- it's called WORK for a reason. YES you can do what you love. Yes, you SHOULD love what you do. But don't disregard that it is like a JOB and you will be successful when you create your own HABITS OF SUCCESS - a healthy and productive morning routine, a work schedule that includes DEEP WORK (where you produce value for your tribe and work in your creative genius zone) and take care of YOUR LIFE - that means your health, your body, and your family.

There is no ONE answer. Find out the other 9 truths and discover the action steps you need to take to build your profitable business that makes money EVERY MONTH and supports your confidence, your lifestyle and your family.

Whether I know you or not - you are SO much better than you know. 
Your money and your financial freedom is NOT something you can learn from a course or on Facebook. It's a personal responsibility.

Master Your Money Code and you will find your clients.
If you want to lose weight -RARELY does focusing on the lbs you want to go away going to make them go away.

Do the work. Know your personal value and VALUES.
If you are struggling, get PERSONALIZED help. Your answers are already inside of you. 

And the right person will be able to dig them out, help you develop a system that works, and help you find the answers to master and complete your money generating business strategy.

Your business, your life, your own HAPPINESS will be a result of deliberate and focused attention and work. You were meant to be happy. You are meant to be successful.

Love yourself and your family enough to recognize that. 

If you're seeking answers, listen to the free masterclass - The Five Figure Formula