Episode #9: Your 1000 True Fans - How to Attract Your Loyal Tribe of Clients



How to Attract Your Loyal Tribe of Clients
(from the inside out)


Your 1000 true fans... I know you’re probably thinking what? I want 100,000 true fans not just 1000! But after you read this, you may change your mind.

Whether it's 100 or 1000, "true fans" are the goal of every business. As Kevin Kelly, the CEO of Wired Magazine so famously wrote in a viral blog post many years ago, you don't need a million people to make a million dollars. You need a select few that not just "like" you, but that LOVE you.

Client attraction - in actuality - is so much more than just having an email list and funnel. It's about understanding HOW to be the everything for somebody and NOT just the something for everybody.

When your business aligns with who you are - your internal guidance system - from the thoughts you think, the words you write, the activities you do to create your business success become easier. Instead of fighting yourself, beating yourself up from not knowing enough - you start to understand how what you thought was your disadvantage - being different - is now your client attraction ADVANTAGE.

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