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episode #16: Unlearning Your Way To Success - The Stories You Believe

Could UN-learning - unlearning all of the information you've picked up as a business owner - from the "how to" to the "I should's"... what if it wasn't true? 

Or if it was true, but not necessarily true for you and what your path to success is?

Today we discuss the Biology of DISBELIEF - how to empower yourself and your business to its full potential

Discover how the stories you tell impact your business, your life and even your own genetics - and how you can create your own reality with this ONE simple action. Listen on itunes and Soundcloud.

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Episode #15: How To Attract Clients With Your Message

Do you have trouble communicating the value of your expertise and business message? Do you sometimes feel like you're talking to nobody and feel confused with your real niche?  STAND OUT as the strong leader you already are and out today how to be the EXCEPTION to the rule.

For more holistic business strategies, listen to the Marketing Made Meaningful Podcast on Itunes and Soundcloud


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