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Shana Lynn Yao, CEO Branding & Marketing Strategist

Shana Lynn Yao is Your Marketing Mastermind® and a Brand Story Curator at Total Genius®.

With over 28 years of experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive, winning awards by the International Council of Shopping Centers for marketing innovation, she now works with creative entrepreneurs to empower them to own their expertise so they can make a bigger impact in the world, with a signature business that reflects their personal style.

She is host of the Marketing Made Meaningful podcast on ITunes, dog mom, and creative visionary.

Driven by purpose, Shana found her calling to help holistic business owners when over the past few years was struck by a severe autoimmune disorder, that left her relentlessly seeking answers to find the cure to her own heath condition. Living a holistic and organic lifestyle, she was determined to dig deeper to find real solutions to this seemingly sudden condition. This caused her to learn about human psychology, emotional and positive intelligence, neurology, the science of flow, how food and our own minds impact not only our health but our overall success in life. 

Now with this empowered knowledge, Shana leads her business with a new determination to help others overcome their business, life and personal challenges that hold them back. In her signature program Own Your Expertise, Shana works with clients that, despite years of expertise and great talent, are unable to empower their business to the success they want. They drown in creative ideas and often lose their focus and high value in an effort to create their success.

Through neurolinguistic programming, solid business strategies, and the science of the mind and biology, Shana helps them discover their E2 Personal Blueprint, where their unique life purpose lives inside their own life stories. Together they create a business based on their greatest strengths, talents and life experience, and a solid strategic business and marketing plan to create the success they desire.

If you're ready to build a business you love on your terms, own your expertise and high value, schedule a free consultation and get on your road to success!