Mia -The Strong Leader


Your Luminary Business Muse is Mia - The Blossom. You are working hard at building your business, and determined to reach your goals. You're a fighter, truth-seeker, and purposeful to the core. You have a clear vision of the freedom, success, and happiness, and you know with all of your knowledge and talents, you know that if you can just get it out there the right way, the money, freedom, and raving fans are on the other side.

Your personal style is simple, practical, and a touch of subtle style details that transform your look. You love pretty things but practical is just easy, and there are so many other things you want to focus on. Plus, you have a eye for key pieces like a bright scarf, a cool jacket, or great pair of earrings that just MAKE your look WORK.

You're an introvert at heart, but put you in a room of your friends, and watch you go! It's just those inner insecurities that sometimes keep you stuck and playing small. But you recognize it and know EVERYTHING lives on the other side of your self belief.

Inspired and smart - you're working hard at learning all you can, absorbing your environment online, and putting yourself around people who look like they have it all figured out. You love the interaction with your friends on Facebook - yes - sometimes it's a drag but you know it's a great and FREE way to get clients and learn.

Pay your dues...it's something you have practiced all of your life. Getting the "good" job, doing the "right" thing, and being a "good" person. It's part of your DNA - show up, do the work, smile, and eventually it will pay off - right?

Sometimes, (you know this is true!), you get a little mad. "Doing the work" is uh... WORK - and your inner rebel gets frustrated and impatient. If you're doing everything right, why isn't it working?

Just as a blossom, you're positioned to grow and thrive. Your years of experience, your natural talents, and good heart are what is going to set you apart from the rest and launch you into success.

Your answers ARE there and your growth is in your own hands. Make smart decisions and be sure to surround yourself with people who "get" you. It is only when you get TOO many random opinions, and TOO involved in other people's business, that sets you back. You need to gain your inner positioning in order to get to your next level.

Trust yourself. Deep inside you know the answers. They are all there. Waiting for you.

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Sometimes we overestimate the element that we are least endowed with, sensing it as a lack within ourselves, but more often we neglect or ignore it. The qualities described below will be reiterated and explained in more detail in the following pages.

As Mia, you value order and security in your life and prefer dealing with known quantities and following clearly defined guidelines in order to achieve your aims. You are ruled by reason rather than emotion and as The Blossom, you think in clear, practical, no-nonsense terms. You are uncomfortable with ambiguity, emotional impulsiveness or extremism, and things that cannot be explained in rational terms. Even spiritual or mystical realms - if at all of interest to you - must have either some scientific basis or be palpable to you through your own experience.

Farrow thoroughly thinks a situation through before deciding upon a course of action, assessing and analyzing the matter carefully, and you can be relied upon to reach a fair, reasonable, and sensible solution to whatever you are facing.

You are able to handle practical matters very efficiently, using both deductive reasoning and manual skills. However, it is easy for you to become overly "adult" and to loose touch with her spontaneous, playful, vibrant, and childish side. As Mia, you have the tendency to become too organized and controlled, and avoid giving your emotions or creative, playful impulses full expression, thereby creating a certain sense of emptiness. What you need is to learn to appreciate a certain degree of "creative chaos".

Ultimately, you have trouble dealing with emotions - both your own and those of others. You find yourself often ignoring or discounting your feelings and the emotional reality of a situation, and sometimes can seem insensitive or uncaring to others. You need to develop the capacity to experience deep emotional ties, empathy, compassion and sensitivity to the feelings of others; 

Though you may appear emotionally self-sufficient or above it all, your tendency to repress your feelings could have physical ramifications; and because of it, you need to learn to acknowledge and express all of your emotions.

Your signs are air and water - air (social and intellectual qualities), and water (emotional needs and feelings). arrow Because of that, you need high grade structured water (lots of it!) in order to achieve maximum balance. 


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