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Meta Manifestations - alignment to source and purpose

Who am I and why am I here?
What is my passion that drives my success?
What makes me feel alive?
What is my unconscious genius?
What is the voice inside my head saying?
Is what I’m saying to myself and out loud the same thing?
Who has my back?
Do I have unconditional trust that everything is happening for my favor?
What makes me feel stuck and constrained?
What can I let go of that no longer serves me?

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Your work should be the most selfish thing you do
because it's based on YOU.
Your brilliance comes from focused thinking.
It’s unobstructed alignment with clarity and vision.

Cognitive distortion for entrepreneurs

It’s easy to follow the mental models of others.
But the results for creative entrepreneurs is usually disastrous and lackluster.

The goal as an entrepreneur is unobstructed self expression.
The relentless pursuit of purpose.
Expressing the core of who you are in everything you do.


Resonance is the meeting of two vibrations or energies - that match in their frequencies - and together, produce greater emotions and manifestations simply by their sheer alignment to a higher source.
As an entrepreneur, this could be alignment of your spirit and your vision,
alignment of inspiration and a creative idea, and even two or more people with like minded ideas and energies.

Brand Resonance refers to the relationship your target audience has with your product or service,
and how well they relate to it. It’s the communication between your highest mission through your beliefs, you words, your actions, your ideas, and your overall brand alignment.

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Hi there! I’m Shana, a Creative Strategist and 30 year veteran to running the marketing for multi-million dollar brands and businesses. And business - even in this technology filled day and age is still BUSINESS. It hasn’t changed since the beginning of time.

Success as an entrepreneur is based on alignment with you - the leader - and your highest self. Being able to find the brilliance in your creative madness and sometimes dysfunctional habits (we all have them) is what drives creativity when focused .

Instead of being pulled into the external and distracted, your brilliance comes from focused thinking, your presence, and quality of energy.


Your Marketing Mastermind is about innovative ideas, solid business marketing strategies, and optimization and uses psychology, neurology and the science of the mind. This is about having your personal brand story that highlights your expertise, speaks the words your ideal clients needs to hear, and creates your influence and respect.

Positioning your business means that you lead with your strategic story - starting with the end in mind, creating and practicing a LIFETIME relationship with your highest values and with your clients - your legacy circle of influence, and disrupting your competition. You become not A choice, but THE choice for your ideal clients. 

A well positioned brand is one that attracts clients by creating a deep connection to your ideal clients urgent problems. From the words that you speak, the relevant marketing strategies, and innovative ideas that stand out from the status quo, you become the category leader for your industry. You voice is heard because you don't follow the trends, you SET them, and because of it, you attract respect for your expertise and experience.


Your manifesto - business vision strategy

The truth is, if you're following the industry "rules" and are building a standard business, the people that really NEED you and want to pay you, won't be able to HEAR you. 

Everyone is saying "Build a list", "You have to be on Instagram”,
Doing what average people are doing keeps you average.

Well positioned businesses say, "NOPE! We aren't do that."

Because when you have a breakthrough, a disruption,
no one is making the rules but YOU.



Shana, you have started a movement.
— Manavjeet Kaur

If you do what your competition is doing just a little better, you get marginal results. 
But when you do something different -
you change the game and create unlimited potential.

Shana Lynn Yao, CEO & Co-Founder TOTAL GENIUS #biohackingsuccess

Shana Lynn Yao, CEO & Co-Founder
TOTAL GENIUS #biohackingsuccess

You get paid for the value you are and the value you give to others.

Being a successful entrepreneur is about understanding exactly what your highest value is to others, who your greatest connections that need it are, and leveraging it so you do less and get more. It's about discovering your "Genius" - the perfect blend of your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience, then developing a strategy focus that is rooted in the richness of your life. 

Positioning means transforming your words and actions into effective communication that connects to people, so you maximize your time and focus, make more money, get better clients, and have a better business - because it's all about YOU, your strengths, your inspiration, and your genius.

Bulletproof body and mind for entrepreneurs

Week One


Your genius message is the unique urgent problem you solve for your ideal clients. Commonly referred to as your brand story, it is essential to defining your positioning in the marketplace with the promise you hold for your clients based.

You will develop an understanding of what makes you stand out from your competition, and gain a deeper connection with your highest values. You'll align your genius message with your greatest purpose, bringing you greater focus, consistent motivation, and a high level of clarity.

Legacy Circle of Influence with Personal Influence™

Week Two


Your ideal clients are an extension of you. You'll develop a greater understanding of your internal motivations and that of your ideal clients, so you can connect to them in a deep and meaningful way.

You'll learn how perception of yourself impacts how you are seen by others and how to present yourself in your highest value in your marketing.

Week Three



You have less than 5 seconds to magnetize your ideal client with your written and spoken words. Your communication needs to attract, motivate, and get people to FEEL.

Emotion is the side effective of change - and in order to get people to DO something (pull out their wallet), you have to get them to FEEL something. Your positioning is created by the experience you deliver through effective story telling and properly positioned value.

You will learn how to effectively craft your story into the words your ideal clients need to read and hear.

Week Four


Discover the genius "no selling" sales pitch that positions your business with your greatest strengths, talents, life experience and highest values, so you become the value your ideal clients are enraptured by. 

You will learn what your highest value is to your ideal clients and what progressive marketing you need to do to get them to take actions towards you. We will dive into how to connect to them in a deep emotional level - the emotional level where decisions are made and the psychological method for capturing their attention and closing the deal.

When you Prize your genius and put yourself in a position to connect, you become not "a solution", but THE solution for your ideal clients.



Learn the insider secrets to growing your business with social media.

Most businesses get caught up competing and using generic social media strategies to get seen and heard. Mastermind business owners understand how to empower their social media game and use emotional intelligence to connect to your tribe of raving fans in unique and personalized ways.

You’ll develop your own social media system to uplevel your game.


  • Private community with other high level entrepreneurs to share, grow, collaborate, and gain support





Looking for more in depth work on your business?

Warning: will blow minds💣💣
— Nicolle
You are infectious and inspiring. I was completely floored and amazed at how perceptive you are and your ability to see me and my situation in such a short space of time. You gave some really profound and direct insights into my situation which I’m really grateful for.
— Elisabeth
I’m now fully booked with clients.I don’t think I’ve ever said thank you for the amazing work you do with me. You’re fantastic and I’m deeply grateful.
— Anna
You helped me see clearly and by the end of the first session I felt like I knew what to do to help myself IMMEDIATELY. Your ability to really hear what I’m saying and then say the perfect and most wise thing, whether it’s suggesting an action step or offering a new perspective.
— Stephanie
I am so excited and I have SO much gratitude! If any of you are considering this program, snatch it up while you still can . . . it’s the real deal! – Yup! I am about to be busier than EVER due to your genius coaching and my twenty years of healing experience. Thank you! xoxoxoxo
— Meg
If you’re thinking if this program is for you, I say DO IT! Shana has the most amazing gifts. She knows her business and at the same time can bring out the best in her client. Its like she has a second sense about how to handle people.
— Ellen
You’re objective. You look at the big picture. You have a modern perspective. I know how important work is to you. It is the focus of your life. I like working with you because you’re passionate about it. And personally I know you’re on my side and truly want me to succeed.
— Pamela
Shana gave us direction to redirect us and streamline our thoughts, and laid it out for us so we could break it down into actionable items. Before Shana, we had forgotten our reason for starting the business – which was to communicate and share the authenticity of our Japanese lifestyle. She worked with us to give us a new perspective and developed a budget to keep us in line. In addition to writing and developing all of the copy for our website, products and blog, she even introduced us to an herbalist who became a partner in the brand and is working to develop more products for our line. We are so grateful for our experience with Shana and highly recommend her to any entrepreneur or small business looking for a concrete map to lead them to success.
— Mario & Takako
All I can say is, if you haven’t yet - PLEASE DO YOURSELF A MASSIVE FAVOUR and book. After my first session I would say it’s a MUST!
— Roisin