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Money loves pe0ple that PRODUCE value. Does money love you?

I have changed so much more than I ever expected this past month.  I found a new niche and, with the help of the challenge, and had people actually tell me that my WORK has impacted them.

I stepped outside of my social anxiety and discovered that I love video, and I’m so aligned with my dream business that I could cry. I understand my worth and my value, and understand that I deserve to make what I dream of making on my terms.

“When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work,
you’re usually just a few millimeters away from making it happen.”
— Tony Robbins



I know you. You’re working hard – hard to produce the success you want – the money, the freedom, the joy of being an entrepreneur.  A business owner.

But “success” seems to be taking a long time.

Money? Where is it?

Freedom? If you could just find time to experience it, you’re sure it would be great.

Welcome to the Master Your Money Code 2.0 Business Breakthrough Challenge – where you’ll discover what it really takes to create your success. You’ll discover the key strategies you’re NOT doing now, how you can quickly learn them and master them, and make them you’re own so that you can master your MONEY CODE.

""I'm not sure if I find enough words that can describe the mind-blowing experience I've had going through Shana's Master Your Money Code challenge... If you struggle to find your message, don't know how to reach your potential clients or feel lost in the overwhelming process of building a profitable business. Shana is a jewel, she not only helps you master your money code but guides you through the process with so much warmth and heart, you're gonna start loving your own genius self!!!" - Andi Rondestvedt



This challenge is NOT about Facebook ads & self promotion . . .




Because let’s be serious – have any of those get rich “I made a million dollars yesterday let me show you my exact formula” schemes worked? Have you ever made the money they promise and in the end, find yourself doing things you would never do otherwise, following THEIR success, and in the end, losing yours?

The Master Your Money Code 2.0 Business Breakthrough Challenge is about mastering YOUR MONEY CODE. That means YOUR code to success.

You see, making money isn’t a random formula. The amount you make, what money and success means to you, what you do with it, and why you want to make it is personal.


We love you and I’m totally digging this challenge! Thank you for putting your time and energy into it . I feel the transformation happening and it feels great! Thanks for doing what you do!
— Past Moneycode Challenge Participant



Yes I said it and you need to know it. MONEY is flat – alone – it’s a useless piece of paper with numbers and colors printed on it. Money without purpose or a reason for having it is nothing.

The Master Your Moneycode 2.0 Business Breakthrough is about 30 days to:

  • Discover your heartfelt purpose - the one that lives in your heart. The one that makes you smile to your self when you think "I wish" and "someday...". It may even be one you haven't discovered yet.

  • Help you understand WHAT and HOW YOU can do the things you need to do make money so that you can take that and use it after the challenge to make the amount you want and

  • Teaching you about the areas you are weak (why you aren’t making what you want now), how to overcome those challenges, and what your personal money code is

And let’s be serious – no one is going to pay you to help you make money. They pay you for the VALUE that you deliver and the value you actually believe yourself to be.


Here's the Truth

Diane 1097 (1).jpg

There is not ONE magic formula to making money and if you aren’t making what you want and what you need now, the things you are doing may actually be causing you to NOT earn money, to NOT feel productive, NOT have the freedom  you want, and NOT feeling like the confident person you are.

The reality is, everything you’ve been told about achieving success may be wrong. Or at least wrong for you.

If you aren’t getting the results you want and you feel like you’re trying to do everything “right”, you may actually be doing everything “wrong”.

When you know how to Master your Money Code, you know what to focus on, how to earn the money you need, and where to spend your time.  Your work should be the most selfish thing that you do – not because you work all of the time but because it’s a part of you – how you earn money, the amount that you make, and the feeling of fulfillment and freedom is your given right. The right to be you, to be proud of the value you are, the value you deliver, and know when all is said and done, that you are enough. 



  • Because you know you are worth more than the amount of money (or lack there of) that you are getting now

  • You want and know you need consistency to produce your success

  • You're tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed

  • Your time is limited and you know chasing false marketing schemes is defeating and misleading

  • Because you recognize you have something amazing to share and know you can have a successful business...if only

  • You lack focus and are distracted by shiny objects and social media

  • You believe in feeling good from the inside out - in your life and in your business

  • You believe in and are ready for personal change and are willing to commit to doing the work



  • Understand how to maximize your own unique gifts towards profit

  • Discover a solid strategy that you can take and work into your business to help you create your success

  • Manage your time, prioritize tasks, and understand opportunity costs

  • Discover Active Focus Meditation™ so you accomplish what you need and don't get distracted

  • Learn how to develop healthy habits that will help you consistently build your overall success

  • Join a private Facebook group of other supportive business friends that will allow you to share ideas, develop your social skills, get constructive feedback, and network with your peers - this is GOLD!!!

ACTIVE FOCUS MEDITATION™ - The process that integrates your endorphins, your 5 senses, and your whole brain, in one 10-20 minute session, bringing you to a state of TOTAL FOCUS around your success identity and individual success goals. Active Focus Meditation™ is the process of engaging your body in some continues, fast-paced motion for a minimum of 10 minutes a day while focused on your success. Done daily, it helps your brain develop new neuropathways that strengthen your confidence and focus on your greatest success.


  • Commit to completing the daily email "challenges" (or you will risk losing your spot - each will require 10-30 minutes a day.


  • Commit to reading all of the emails (this is for you, not me)

  • Commit to checking in to the private Facebook group at least once daily (this is accountability and a non-negotiable)

  • Commit to being and wanting to discover your best self so you can live true to your highest self

  • Commit to doing Live video DAILY for the length of the program (beginning the third week and you can quit after but this is must unless you have a personal reason which must be approved of before the program)

  • Commit to doing the daily Active Focus Meditation™ - the breakthrough secret to achieving your overall success

  • Commit to an attitude of mental toughness - getting over yourself, asking for help when you need it, sharing your goodness, and being true to the value you are

  • Commit to wanting to have a business AND a life - to creating better health in yourself and your business

* Participants MUST have a business and a website already and a product you sell.
** If you are already making the money you want consistently and have the business of your dreams, and already are experiencing success internally, this is not the program for you.
*** This program is to teach you how a consistent strategy can enable you create your business based on your unique identity so that you can earn money in your business. While there is no guarantee that you will make money, if you do the daily emails you will learn strategies that can incorporate into your business to produce your success as well as understanding yourself better, how to best your YOUR mind towards your business and life and developing positive, successful habits.

Amanda Morck

"I feel more inspired and motivated about my business than I have in AGES!!!  Because now I'm focusing on what I ACTUALLY do best, not what I 'thought" I did, or more accurately, what I thought I 'should" do best." - Roisin Brady,


"I can FEEL how much you really do care about the people you are serving through your business.  I can FEEL the impact of your belief in all of us in the money code group and that is priceless.  You are so genuine in that AND you have the knowledge and killer strategies to back it all up.  It's inspiring to see everyone in the group getting clearer and showing up to bring about our BUSINESS SUCCESS.  THAK YOU!!!


"Biggest love to Shana who is just ahh-mazing.  My transformation during this challenge is just unbelievable, and we haven't finished the 30 days yet.  This challenge is keeping us on our toes in the best way!"  - Fawni Ruhf,



"Thank you Shana, for this challenge. I am not exaggerating when I say you're the best, most brilliant, most caring business STRATEGIST in the online entrepreneur industry right now. You have an incredibly unique way of looking at other people and their businesses, and a way of finding solutions so different that they get results. Your no fluff, no lies personality makes you not afraid to stand in your truth, even when it means pioneering and not following the business crowd. I'm honored to know you, and honored to have worked with you during this challenge." - Sierra Elmore,




"Shana, I really want to thank you for all of your help here. You have been intensely guiding us for the past 4 weeks and your comments, emails and insight have truly been valuable to me. I've stopped going a mile a minute in varying directions and focused on what I want to create and offer my audience…I've focused on the contribution I want to make in the world. So thank you thank you for imparting all of your wisdom on the group here…I'm so glad I made it to the end!" - Amanda Morck




"I can not thank you enough. I am already seeing increased sales, and excitement amongst my clients. I am excited about my business again and have overcome many of the stresses, anxieties, and overwhelms of building a business. I would recommend you and your services to anyone looking to dig deep and improve their business by looking inside themselves. Inside is where you have shown me that my own value and success were waiting just to be uncovered.

Thank you for all that you do, I know I don't speak alone when I say; you really are amazing, and I am so happy to have found you. - Brandy Baker



You are infectious and inspiring. I was completely floored and amazed at how perceptive you are and your ability to see me and my situation in such a short space of time. You gave some really profound and direct insights into my situation which I’m really grateful for.
— Elisabeth
I’m now fully booked with clients.I don’t think I’ve ever said thank you for the amazing work you do with me. You’re fantastic and I’m deeply grateful.
— Anna
You helped me see clearly and by the end of the first session I felt like I knew what to do to help myself IMMEDIATELY. Your ability to really hear what I’m saying and then say the perfect and most wise thing, whether it’s suggesting an action step or offering a new perspective.
— Stephanie
I am so excited and I have SO much gratitude! If any of you are considering this program, snatch it up while you still can . . . it’s the real deal! – Yup! I am about to be busier than EVER due to your genius coaching and my twenty years of healing experience. Thank you! xoxoxoxo
— Meg
If you’re thinking if this program is for you, I say DO IT! Shana has the most amazing gifts. She knows her business and at the same time can bring out the best in her client. Its like she has a second sense about how to handle people.
— Ellen
You’re objective. You look at the big picture. You have a modern perspective. I know how important work is to you. It is the focus of your life. I like working with you because you’re passionate about it. And personally I know you’re on my side and truly want me to succeed.
— Pamela
Angela cares, but she’ll tell you how it is. That is why I decided to work with her. Working with Angela has brought positive changes to my life - more money, more health, an incredible business and opportunities to be the best I can be.
— Zoe
I’m so grateful I could cry. You have helped me change my life and my business.
— Lauren
Shana is phenomenal. I didn’t “need” a coach was my story. I am so glad I listened to my intuition and hired her. I have been blocked about a few things that had a huge impact on my present and future. She helped with that and created a vision for my business I that I am so passionate about. She is the real deal.
— Indrani
I got new ideas from a different perspective – things I would have never thought of on my own. And I gained clarity on how to improve my business. You have helped me acknowledge my greatness and encouraged me to use tools and assets that I was hiding for years. With your help, I was able to step out of my shell and do more more video and create a monthly live Q&A series that I would have never thought to do before.
— Jen
You are true to her brand. I haven’t been this excited about working my business in a long time. You pinpointed my strengths and passion and I do believe you have the answer to helping me reach my dream and goals. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what’s possible and for reminding me of why I do what I do in the first place.
— Lisa
Shana gave us direction to redirect us and streamline our thoughts, and laid it out for us so we could break it down into actionable items. Before Shana, we had forgotten our reason for starting the business – which was to communicate and share the authenticity of our Japanese lifestyle. She worked with us to give us a new perspective and developed a budget to keep us in line. In addition to writing and developing all of the copy for our website, products and blog, she even introduced us to an herbalist who became a partner in the brand and is working to develop more products for our line. We are so grateful for our experience with Shana and highly recommend her to any entrepreneur or small business looking for a concrete map to lead them to success.
— Mario & Takako
Thank you so much ! You are a big blessing in my life and I can’t believe the transformation I’ve gone through. From being skeptical, to now believing.
— JJ
All I can say is, if you haven’t yet - PLEASE DO YOURSELF A MASSIVE FAVOUR and book. After my first session I would say it’s a MUST!
— Roisin


Your work should be the most selfish thing that you do - not because you work all of the time but because it's a part of you - how you earn money, the amount that you make, and the feeling of fulfillment and freedom is your given right. The right to be you, to be proud of the value you are, the value you deliver, and know when all is said and done, that you are enough. .


  • NOT a get rich quick scheme - this is about making sure you have a plan to consistently reach your money goals

  • NOT for people who don’t want to work, to transform the way they think about business, and NOT for people who don’t want to live up to their highest potential

  • NOT for people that would rather hop on a "yes" train on Facebook (you know the ones that say "Say yes if want to make $100k"???

  • NOT for people that can’t do the work


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