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Hi There!

I’m so excited you’re here that I literally feel like those 2 little girls. In fact, I want you to be so excited too because THIS IS YOUR LIFE, YOUR BIG IDEA, AND YOUR HAPPINESS doing what you love! And I have to confess something… this challenge is really going to be a lot about BEING what and who you love.

So you’re probably thinking, how is THAT going to help me get my big idea jump started?

In fact, you’re a big reason why it’s not started yet. Sorry to burst your idea bubble, but part of the reason you are lacking clarity and urgency in getting your idea started, is because you may have lowered your standards on expecting it in your life.

Ouch - I’m sorry if that stung a bit - but a person with HIGH standards and expectations, doesn’t wait for time for what they want to happen. They don’t sit in doubt or self judgement, and they don’t settle for the way things are, simply because they don’t know what to do.

I know, who has time? You have to make money. Maybe next year… but look - if you really wanted to wait or wanted to live with those excuses, why does it sometimes keep you up at night? Why does it come up after a frustrating day of doing what you’re doing? And why - or why were you given this BIG IDEA or idea for something greater if you weren’t meant to do something with it???

Enough excuses. You’re reading this, so if you will just commit to yourself for 21 days. Give yourself 21 days to do something amazing - I promise - PROMISE - something amazing will happen. You’ll have raised your standards for what you want. Clarity will then have space to emerge. And a new confidence and demand for your best life will become the resounding theme song for all that you do.

So if that sounds good to you, join us. I’ll make it painless and fun - at times you may even wonder what you’re doing it for. But hold and and get ready. We’re about to Master Your Money Code!

We hope you downloaded the #mymcjumpstart habit tracker. Today we’re going to fill it out. To show you how, we’ll use us as an example.

This first week is about YOU and creating healthy habits. We know, you probably eat well and have “healthy” habits. GREAT! Let’s get you to log them and actually create new ones if you find an area lagging. We would like for you to focus on 3 areas of you:

  1. Your health - overall well being

  2. Your diet (as in not having one but having a healthy lifestyle eating plan that allows you to function at your best)

  3. Your fitness - did someone say #bodygoals???

  4. Your big idea - HELLO! That’s what the challenge is for ;) You have to do one thing towards making it happen. A good start is scripting it out everyday (describing it when it is completed) - scripting happens EVERY DAY. If you want to build it into a business, you need to know you message, what you sell, who you sell to, etc. Create the daily habit that you need to get your big idea OUT. If you need help, ASK US! DM us on Instagram!

Here are the instructions and the tracker to download if you haven’t already. Print it out and let’s get started! Remember you are in charge of actually holding yourself accountable. We’re not going to do it for you and well, if you aren’t making yourself and your total happiness a priority, no one will do it for you.


You can include any other areas you want but here is an example from me of my habits I am implementing:

Self care: I am always at my best when I get enough sleep. Plus, your body and brain rebuild during REM sleep (money time is between 10 pm - 2 am!) Since part of my motivation is that I am working to cure my health condition and heal my gut, I need to get 7 hours of sleep every night. My daily habit will be going to bed at 11 pm - 6 am or 11:30 - 6:30.

Diet: I already eat super clean and intermittent fast during the day. But as I said, I’m working to heal my gut so I need to increase my healthy fats intake so my diet is more balanced (instead of all vegetables!) I am going to add more healthy fats into my diet in the form of avocados, nuts and seeds, and coconut and olive oil (which is huge as I have a fear of fat).

Fitness: I already workout everyday (and tomorrow you’ll be learning one thing to add to your workout too to bring clarity to your mind. But I used to do spinning and going to the gym which I can no longer do since my hip replacement last year. BUT I do run/walk so I will be adding 10-20 more minutes of high intensity circuit training to increase my endurance so I can get my HOT BOD back!!!

Big Idea: I’m doing it! My goal is to make Master Your Money Code a movement - to change lives with this challenge which has been done 4 x with life changing results every single time. Every day I send out a challenge allows me to update it and create it into my book and soon course!

What are your habits you’ll be adding? Tell me over on Instagram! Take a photo of your completed tracker and post it on your Instagram or Facebook #mymcjumpstart. I want to see your trackers!

Master Your Money Code #mymcjumpstart



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Master Your Money Code #mymcjumpstart

Welcome to Day 1 of the 21 Day Challenge

This is it! I’m excited to share with you some secrets and strategies to help you become the rock solid success that you are. But I’m going to be honest - this challenge requires your commitment. Your ability to cut through the distraction and focus on creating YOUR success, freedom, and confidence is not only a matter of what you know, it's who you are. 

Success - the type of success that allows you the confidence to earn money - is created from the inside out - so if you want to succeed at this challenge and with creating success in your business, you're going need to read all of the emails, read and watch the challenges here, and then report in to the group.

This challenge is going to help you:

  • Finally put your big idea into action

  • Have total clarity and focus on what you’re doing everyday (while you live your current life)!

  • Build confidence and healthy habits to manage your best badass boss life!

  • Get a roadmap and guidance so you stay on track everyday!

  • Be surrounded by a group of supportive positive people on the same track to live their best life!Develop healthy habits in your life and in your business

  • Understand how to create your own accountability system so you always stay on track

  • Develop a rock solid mindset so your confidence is just that - ROCK SOLID


Today is about developing a rock solid YOU. This means developing FOCUS and establishing your FOUNDATION.

With social media, texts, other people, and noise in general - it's so easy to lose yourself, your focus, and your attention that should be focused on your individual purpose - especially if you haven't even found or claimed it yet. Having focus and having a way to consistently remind yourself of who you are at the core, is how you create the solid foundation of you.

This means ROCK SOLID. Unshakable. Able to take criticism, failures, and set backs, in addition to pulling yourself out of ruts.

This first challenge is about TWO things - FOCUS and MEANING.

For the first part - FOCUS - we are going to start MOVING. Yes I'm going to start out of the gates a little ballsy. If you already workout in the morning - and I mean physical movement, heavy breathing - you're good. But if you don't, you're going to have to move.


  • Research shows that exercise can increase your mental sharpness for 4 to 10 hours after your workout (HELLO GENIUS!)

  • Research shows you sleep better (no more yawning and foggy brain)

  • It raises your self confidence by ensuring you start your day feeling great (endorphins) and you eat less.

  • Healthier people earn more money - FACT! Healthier people have a higher self esteem, better focus, and are then better equipped to do the things necessary to earn more and charge more.

So you are going to commit to 10 minutes of physical movement - your Active Focus Meditation™.

Did you know Tony Robbins doesn't meditate? Yes, he doesn't meditate. How does someone so balanced and successful NOT do the one thing everyone is talking about? He does something I call "Active Focus Meditation™". That means during your 10 minutes of physical movement, you are going to focus on your success goals .This is about CLARITY and FOCUS and PASSION.

So great if you meditate already but this is not about clearing your head, this is about engaging your smart brain with your positive, endorphin producing movement. Something powerful happens when your endorphins are engaged with your success goals. It's kind of amazing.

The second part of this challenge is your WHY. Why do you want to make your business successful? What is your purpose for taking this challenge? What is your deep level, ROOT goal?

Now you need to choose a theme song. Something that makes you FEEL - that draws deep emotion within you that makes you think of your why. Play that during your Active Focus Meditation. Keep the song handy. The deeper the emotion you can tie to your business success, the more passionate and committed you and your subconscious will be.


Today I want you to do your 10 minutes of Active Focus Meditation™ - possibly a speed walk and focus on your WHY.  When you're done, report into the group, introduce yourself if you haven't yet, and tell us who you are, what you do in your business, and WHY you want to create your success and your theme song.

Now remember, this is a 30 day challenge. That means THIRTY days of exercising at least 10 minutes a day. So walk, run, jump up and down. As I said in the beginning, this is NOT your standard challenge. We don't get to your business numbers until next week. Remember, this week is about making you bulletproof. :)

Are you in? (your daily participation is MANDATORY)

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Welcome to Day 2 of the 21 Day Challenge

Today we are going to talk about your guiding principles. Your personal value. Your higher meaning.

Guiding principles are the "rules" you live by in your life. As humans, we all have weak areas (I know, I'm human too!) For this reason, we have to set the "laws" we live by. Our guiding principles are what keep us keeping our high standards, pushing past the struggles, and always being solid in our commitment to ourselves.

Your guiding principles take the emotion out of the action. This isn't about "no I don't want to do that now." Success is made one habit after another. That means what needs to be done, gets done. Successful people let their commitment drive their actions, not their emotion.


So your challenge today is to decide what your 1-3 guiding principles are for your business and life.  The 1-3 rules that create your rock solid mindset. Mental toughness.

This is not about not being emotional or not letting yourself feel, this is about BEING EMOTIONAL- being emotionally charged to live the life you are CAPABLE of, not just the one that comes at you.  Your guiding principles remind you of the legacy you want to create. The WHY in "why you exist".

Your guiding principles hold you accountable. To yourself.

So decide your guiding principles.  I'll share mine:
Be of service and value to all - Our lives are so precious and we are here to do good for others. I have always followed the principle of showing up in every situation as my best and leaving people with a smile. Whether it’s the barista at the coffee shop or one of my clients in my business, helping others at whatever is of the highest value is what our lives are for. When we empower others with who we are, the world becomes a better place.

Sacred reciprocity - Allow others to be who they are and don’t judge people if their opinions don’t agree with mine. This has been something I have learned in my life, as I always want to help people if I know a solution that works. But in my life I have learned that we can only help people who want to be helped, and do good by being good - being the example for what we want to see in the world. When we do that, good things happen naturally when we do our best in all situations.

Belief in myself and my mission - I am the creator of my life and it is up to me to pursue without fear, the life I know I am here to lead with the confidence that I am being supported and guided by the universe. My thoughts - subconscious and conscious create my reality.


1. Decide your guiding principles
2. Write them in your phone and on your wall. Read them several times a day.
3. Go to the group and report your guiding principles there.

I can't wait to hear what yours are. And if you need help, feel free to bring it up in the group - guarantee - being surrounded by other inspiring entrepreneurs is the best medication to getting your creative juices flowing.

So that's it for Day 2.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Master Your Money Code #mymcjumpstart freedom #selfcare #confidence

Welcome to Day 3 of the 21 Day Challenge

Being an boss of you, managing a family, a life, your work let alone adding in your VISION GOAL can be difficult. By definition, you are doing things that you have never made time for or done before. In order to continue to grow, to move yourself forward, to make more money, you need to be open to change, be able to move past fear, and be a curious explorer.

Most people that has a BIG GOAL actually fail to accomplish it because they get overwhelmed by suddenly having to do things they have never done before - including stepping up to actually becoming your own boss (yes - you’re the boss of you!) This is why New Years resolutions and empty gyms 3 months after January 1, exists. :o Additionally, doing things that you need to do to maintain your life - social media, socializing, eating well - who has time?!?

So if you are feeling “stuck”, in need of growth, or find yourself more in the stress-zone rather than your GENIUS ZONE...
#1 - you are not alone
#2 - we have something that will help!

As I just said, getting your big vision goal done requires you to do things you’ve never done so you have to basically “become” your higher self. And don’t get scared – this higher self is actually who you are deep down. You just may not have given it a description yet.


The number one things that will help you achieve success in business and life, is define who you are. This one thing has the power to change the course of your life, set you up with a solid foundation that will create a path of success.

It is a fact that human beings have an ego, a self-image of who they are in the world. This is our personality. It is also a fact that we are programmed to act consistently with that self-image. That is human nature. All of our actions – what we say and how we act and therefore our life experiences occur because of that self image.

The people that have mastered success in their business and life have a clear understanding of what their self-image is. Highly successful people have solid foundations and build their businesses around that. Everything they do and their power of influence is because of this high self-image.

People that have a high self-image are successful because they structure their world around their strengths. And they surround themselves with people that support their growth and accomplishments. They consistently live up to the standards they set for themselves. No exceptions.

The problem that many people face is that our self-image is not based on who we actually are. It’s based on who we THINK we are. Influenced by the world around us, the people in our lives, and our own life experiences, our self-image has been shaped by external forces. If you grew up in a large family and now don't ever feel heard, you may think you’re shy. Or maybe you had a bad teacher that told you that you were dumb so you think, “I’m not very smart.”

You have the power to change that RIGHT NOW. Because we act consistently with who we think we are, you have the power to create a new self-image. That self-image should be based on who you aspire to be. When you reach higher and model your mentors and people that inspire you, you can set your life up for success.


Here’s the proof: everybody was born with something called a “Reticular Activating System” (RAS). This means our brains are wired to subconsciously seek out things that verify what we believe. For example, if you decided you were a healthy and vibrant person, you would suddenly start noticing organic produce at the market. You’d start to seek out healthy restaurants and see magazines about healthy living. If you believe you are smart, you will seek information that will make you smarter, and attract people who will support you and lead you to greater knowledge. Seek and you shall find.

According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, the human body sends 11 million bits per second to the brain for processing, yet the conscious mind seems to be able to process only 50 bits per second. That means that what your mind focuses on is what you are going to notice. And if you aren’t paying attention and consciously directing your focus, you’ll only notice random and possibly negative things that will end up impacting your life.

Here’s what I know for sure: true happiness and success in life is in direct correlation with who you think you are. Your self-image and knowing who you are and how you want to operate in the world is essential to building a successful business and life. Understanding who you are is a creative blend of who you believe you are (shaped by your past experiences, your upbringing and personal standards), and who you want to be.


It’s as easy as picking 3 words.


(The answers to the following questions can be the same 3-5 words. The different questions will help you define who you currently think you are and how you want to be. These words will become your standards of who you are and how you operate in the world from this day forward).

What 3-5 words describe the way you currently think of yourself?
What 3-5 words would you use to describe your ideal self.
What 3-5 words describe the way you would like others to think of you?


These words define your SUCCESS IDENTITY. They are a reflection of your ideal self.  Post these words everywhere you look at them often – by your computer, on your refrigerator, in your bathroom, and on your phone.  These are the guiding system of YOU. Your words can change as you and your business grows.

Several times a day, ask yourself if you are living these words.  Asking "How am I being_______?" opens your mind to understanding that you actually ARE those words.  For example, "I am RICH" Then asking yourself - how am I rich, even if you don't have money, opens your mind to understanding that you indeed are rich NOW - in spirit, in love, in family, in experiences... see how that works?

So today:


2. Write them in your phone and on your wall. Read them several times a day.

3. Ask yourself - "How am I being __________?"  

3. Go to the group and report your Success Identity words there.

I can't wait to hear what your Success Identity is! And if you need help, feel free to bring it up in the group - guarantee - being surrounded by other inspiring entrepreneurs is the best medication to getting your creative juices flowing.

Also, don't think I have forgotten about your 10 minutes of heart pumping Active Focus Meditation™! Did you do it? Tell us in the group. If you do it right, it will create not only the habit if daily exercise but also TOTAL FOCUS on the most important things in your life... including yourself. 

Are we having fun yet? :)

So that't it for Day 3.  Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Master Your Money Code #mymcjumpstart

Welcome to Day 4 of the 21 Day Challenge

CLARITY.  Everybody seeks it, some find it, but somehow, it seems to always evade you.

The number one thing people ask for when I talk to them is clarity. Clarity on what it is they are meant to do, clarity on how to package their strengths, talents, and life experience into a profitable business and life they love, and clarity on what to focus on so that they can do what they love while making the money they want and need.

You are not alone. You're not alone! As it turns out, clarity is not just found in identifying your message and goals,and it’s not found in a lot of just “doing”. It’s actually find in (wait for it…) your own ability to care for and love yourself.

Did I lose you? I hope not because what I’m about to tell you is real. You’re health is the most valuable thing you have. Your health is actually so much more than the way your body looks and how tired you feel. It’s found in the things that make up YOU. Being tired, not feeling good - those are SIGNS that you are not taking care of yourself and SIGNS that later turn into symptoms and then result in decreased performance, lowered personal value, and in actuality - if not addressed - less money, the inability to make good judgements, lack of focus, and ultimately unfortunately and ultimately disease and a breakdown of your healthy self.

And in fact, it’s not “just” your health. In actuality, it’s your SELF WORTH that collapses too. And unfortunately, the signs of your self worth breaking down aren’t as noticeable as any health issue. When your self worth and self esteem drops, you may notice toxic people start coming into your life. You may find yourself in relationships and having experiences where you are not fully appreciated. And ultimately, you may be lowering your standards for yourself and your life - a few extra pounds start adding up, you aren’t eating well, and maybe even making less money, and the cycle progresses.

But we are making some RADICAL CHANGES. This is about JUMP STARTING your healthy, happy self and being the TYPE OF PERSON that puts your big ideas into action and actually creates success from it.

How do we do that? It starts with what you put INTO your body, your mind, and your surroundings.

Today, we’re going to talk about optimizing your brain

Yes, as I told you, this challenge is about optimizing your ability to do the things you need to do - so that includes what you feed that critical mass in your head. It's that thing that generates all of your great ideas, runs your successful life, and, uh... thinks with the clarity you need it to.

So to optimize your brain fully, you need to FEED it WELL.  That means feeding it the foods that fuel it with top grade brain food. So thanks to Dave Asprey, creator of the well known "Bulletproof diet", he created an entire multi-million dollar business made specifically for high achiever entrepreneurs (like you!) Attached is his "Bulletproof Roadmap", an image based one-sheet to show you foods that will optimize your brain and body. (* Please note I am not a nutritionist and you should consult your doctor before following ANY diet advice).  Personally, I strongly believe in his science-based recommendations, but have customized his recommendations to fit me (and recommend you do that as well).   >>>The Bulletproof Roadmap<<<


Now let's get back to the clarity. Clarity is found in your ability to SPEAK YOUR MESSAGE - speak that big idea into reality.

What is a message? Your message is 2-3 sentences that sum up who you are, what you do that is your own unique specialty, who it’s for and why it matters. Otherwise known as your Personal Value Proposition, this is your purpose and your higher calling, packaged up into one unique vision statement.

That means that you actually need to be so clear on the value that you are and that you deliver, that you could speak it in your sleep. Not like some "crafted" message that you have to actually look up every time you speak it so that you can remember it. I mean you have to OWN IT.

Own it because you've lived it. Be so passionate about what you do that you could scream it from the mountain tops. SCREAM IT.

Understand the FEELINGS your target audience is feeling. SPEAK it like it's coming from inside of you, not from a crafted thought in your head. LIVE it because it's what you are meant to do and teach.

Got it? Mastering Your Money Code is about knowing what you do, who you do it for, and how you help them so well that it's not a message. It's your purpose.

Value = the emotional experience that you deliver.

So let's get emotional.


Your assignment today is:

1. Get clear on your message - your personal value proposition - your big idea - the message that stands for your vision. This is what you do and who you do it for, and why they need it, and the product/service that you are going to put out to the world.  For the purposes of this challenge, you need to pick ONE thing that you are deciding to pursue - the thing you are or want to be known for.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: For the purposes of this challenge and actually for the purposes of living true to your authentic self, your message is usually not the thing you have been doing in the past and it’s not usually the thing you think it is. The real message we are going for is your VISION. The one you WANT to be known for but for some reason, believe it won’t work; think it may be too good to be true; it won’t make money - whatever your reason is - for this challenge I need for you to actually choose a message that gets you excited.

Next week we will get down to talking specifics, your target audience, your actual MONEY, and what you need to do. Again, this week is about creating your solid foundation.

As a suggestion, your message, should fit into this sentence:
"I help/work with  ___________ to help them _______________, so that they can ______________.  I help them with ____________(name and describe product/service).

2. Share your your CLEAR MESSAGE with us on Instagram! THIS IS KEY because just saying it in your head is VERY different than claiming it out loud. If you are doing this challenge and only doing it to yourself, chances are you are not really owning it. OWN IT. Make it real.

Today during your 10 minutes of heart pumping Active Focus Meditation, think about what you do and WHY you want to do what you want to do. How will the thing you do change lives? What is the impact you want to have in the lives of others and in the world that you live in? Think about how what you do will help others. Think about a time in your life that maybe you felt the same.

**Keep in mind that from a nutrition point, these are suggestions and I do recommend you consider how and if they work for your life (and please check with your doctor if you have any medical issues).  The purpose of making suggestions is to enable you with information that is currently being researched and taught. You can make your own decisions on if they work for you.

#mymcjumpstart Challenge

Welcome to Day 5 of the 21 Day Challenge

Today is the first day of your "so money" future. We are going to Master Your “Money Code”

Your Money Code is thing you do that is your specialty. This is what your life has led you to do.

As you know, we work with high achieving entrepreneurs - people like you who are multi-talented and super intelligent. And 9 times out of 10, if anyone has a block in tackling a big goal - succeeding in their work - it means you have not discovered your money maker. And while you may be thinking - "No way! This is what I'm meant to do."

And maybe you are right - but if you are only “thinking” your big vision in your head, chances are you're slightly off. Mastering Your Money Code, after all, is about really getting down to the tiny details. Because those tiny details add up to big results. Or NO results.

To really explain this, you need to understand why it may be off. You see, we have 3 brains and these 3 brains - the thinking brain, the emotional brain, and the physical brain - sometimes cause us to get in our own way.

Decisions are made by our emotional brain - the brain with no voice. These are our "gut" reactions - like the reason you really want those Jimmy Choo shoes, or the reason you can't hold yourself back from "liking" a post on Facebook. But it's our "thinking" brain - the supposedly smart one - that gets in the way. It's the one that puts words to the emotions, and talks us out of the heartfelt decisions - this is called "cognitive dissonance". It talks you out of then justifies those heartfelt decisions - like the one that may have been your real message and real purpose. Your Money Maker.


Spend some time answering these questions. Remember "think" with your heart. What do you really want to do?

  • What do you REALLY do? What is the urgent problem you solve? (this is a trick question because the urgent problem is NOT the hard skill you have (you’re an accountant, a designer, a coach) - the urgent problem is the thing your personality solves. The thing behind the thing you do that makes you the ONLY person that can do the hard skill thing you do for your clients. Why you’re different.)

  • What do you know so well you can do it in your sleep?

  • What do you struggle with?

  • What is a problem you have solved in your own life that has been life changing?

  • What do you like doing?

  • What do you not like doing?

  • Who do you get along well with?

  • What did you do before you were an entrepreneur?

  • How does that play into your business/work now or how can it (if it's not already)?

  • What do you REALLY do? What URGENT problem do you solve?

2. Share your Money Code message with us! As a general guide (you can create the message that fits your style best - this is just a suggestion), it could look like this:

Hi, I'm __________. I help people ____________ so that they can ______________.

It may be the same message you posted last week or it may be different. But let's really see what you're REAL MONEY CODE is.

And remember, if you need support or have questions, just ask them in the group. That's what it's for! See you in the group!

#mymcjumpstart habittracker, goals

Welcome to Day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge

Today is the first day of your "so money" future. We are going to Master Your Money Maker.

Your Money Maker is the thing you do in life and get paid for. Whether you’re doing this in a job or you do this in your own business, this one thing is your specialty - that thing that is the combination of your talents, strengths, and life experience.

And while it seems like your money maker would be obvious - “I’m a graphic designer, an accountant, a digital strategist” - but almost any high achieving, multi-talented and super intelligent person I’ve ever met, don’t really know what they really do. I mean, the reason you are taking this challenge in the first place is that you are looking to grow to a different level. And that means there is still something inside of you - your special something - you are trying to uncover to get you to your next level.

Your money maker in fact is your key to your personal power. It’s that thing that makes YOU the only person that does the thing you do the best. Because in fact, you’re not “just a ___________” (fill in whatever you said above you do).

To uncover it, you have to learn to speak it - out loud.

To really explain this, you have to understand why you haven’t been able to uncover and know your money maker until now. Are you ready? Stick with me - this gets a littler nerdy. :)

You see, we have 3 brains and these 3 brains - the thinking brain, the emotional brain, and the physical brain - sometimes cause us to get in our own way.

Decisions are made by our emotional brain - the brain with no voice. These are our "gut" reactions - like the reason you really want those Jimmy Choo shoes, or the reason you can't hold yourself back from "liking" a post on Facebook. But it's what I call “our stupid thinking brain” - the supposedly smart one - gets in the way.  It's the one that puts words to the emotions, and talks us out of the heartfelt decisions - this is called "cognitive dissonance".  It talks you out of then justifies those heartfelt decisions - like the one that may have been your real message. Your Money Maker.

Whether you are a graphic designer, a coach, or some other type of business, we all have had lives and as it turns out, businesses that incorporate that life skill (that's called purpose) into their business, are the ones that can instantly connect with their ideal clients, sell without "selling", and discover what "life purpose" really means.

I often say "Use your life as a lesson", and truly, I mean, use your life as a lesson in your business.


1. Spend some time answering these questions. Remember "think" with your heart.

  • What do you REALLY do? What is the urgent problem you solve? (if you have a job - apply this to your job and the value you really add even if you don’t get paid for that directly).

  • What do you know so well you can teach it in your sleep?

  • What do you struggle with?

  • What is a problem you have solved in your own life that has been life changing?

  • What do you like doing?

  • What do you not like doing?

  • Who do you get along well with?

  • What did you do before you were an entrepreneur?

  • How does that play into your business now or how can it (if it's not already)?

  • What do you REALLY do? What URGENT problem do you solve?

2. Share your Money Maker message.  As a general guide (you can create the message that fits your style best - this is just a suggestion), it could look like this:
Hi, I'm __________. I help people ____________ so that they can ______________.

Let's really see what you're REAL MONEY MAKER is.

And remember, if you need support or have questions, just ask! That's what it's for! And don’t forget to keep tracking your DAILY HABITS!!!

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Welcome to Day 7 of the 21 Day Challenge

Today we are going to Master your Movement! Your movement is made up of whatever it is you are creating and YOUR PEOPLE!!!

I know that may sound weird, but to create the success you want for the thing you are creating, you need your people who it is for. Otherwise known to many entrepreneurs as your “ideal client” - this is your target audience of people who “get” you. The people who make up your movement are not an “ideal person” of who you think they are, but more about who YOU are and how you fit in someone else’s world - of the world of the people who “get” you.

This group of people are your perfect match. This is not an "avatar' or something as generic as an "ideal customer".  Your target audience is filled with your Business Besties - your “BBF”. These people are similar to you, believe in what you believe in and have values similar to yours, and appreciate you for who you are and what you do.

Your target audience that make up your movement have a deeper connection with you and what you do. They not only share the same values but many are struggling with similar issues you have had in the past. They are recognizable to you because, well, you both have been through something significant that has caused these issues… but YOU are a few steps ahead of them in figuring it out in your own life.

There is a marketing phrase "Sell them what they want, give them what they need." And when you can figure out what they need, that is how you know they “get” you.

Here's an example - we'll use you and me.

I work with high achieving entrepreneurs - people like you who are multi-talented, creative and super intelligent and have a higher purpose in life than just business. I know you (yes I know you!) because I am like you and have similar traits as you. I understand how sometimes you get in your own way; how you may not have mastered your money code because you spend a lot of time in that incredible head of yours overthinking, worrying about if you don’t do things “right”, you won’t make money or be successful if you follow your heart. This causes a lot of OVERWHELM that sometimes takes over your smart, logical mind.  I know you because we know you're doing this challenge to help you step up - to learn higher standards and discover consistent strategies.  This challenge was created from my own internal need to establish these strategies in order for me to have a successful business AND a life.

If all you wanted was money, you would not be doing this challenge (I mean, not just anyone would put up with 10 minutes of Active Focus Meditation™ as part of a money challenge - but you're more intelligent than "other" people so I know you get it).

See? You are more than likely my Business Bestie and one of the reasons I do what I do. :)

So now let's discover YOUR Business Besties.


1. Spend some time answering these questions. Remember "think" with your heart.  Remember, the value you deliver in your business is the emotional experience.  That means that your Business Bestie and you have an emotional tie.

  • What is the urgent problem you solve? (remember this is the thing your personality solves for people - it’s your special something that makes you the only person who can do what you do the best)

  • What is the surface problem you client is looking to solve?

  • What do you actually think the real reason is that they haven't found a solution?

  • What type of people do you like working with?

  • What type of people do you NOT like working with?

  • What are you really good at?

  • What are you really bad at?

  • Where do you love to be online? Offline?

  • What activities do you like doing?

  • What do you do when you lose all track of time because you’re in your genius zone? You’re so “into” it that it seems like time stands still? It makes you happy?

  • What moves you?

  • Who moves you?

  • What makes you cry?

2. Share who your Business Bestie is! Decide if your goals and habits are enough to connect you with your business besties. If you are providing the value they need. And if not, what can you do to make sure you are?

Also, how is your Active Focus Meditation™ going? Please don't let that one go. If you do it everyday for this challenge, it will eventually change from "I have to" to "I want to". Or maybe it already is. :)

And remember, if you need support or have questions, just ask them in the group. That's what it's for! 


Welcome to Day 8 of the 21 Day Challenge

Today we are going to Master Your Magic Number. 

What I'm about to tell you may shock you. But I've figured out why many people actually don't make the amount of money they want.

This may shock you, but I need to say it and you need to know it. The reason you haven't Mastered Your Money Code is that you want money and need money, but the truth is, you don’t know how money you actually are!

"Ridiculous.” you think “I know I want money and need it. I know I can get it because other people doing what I do make that and more!”

Exactly. You - with your amazing talent, the unique background you have and the other amazing skills you have that other people don’t have - you’re so much more amazing than you can see! And because of it, if you don’t understand what those skills are and what makes you different than other people in your category, how are you going to position yourself to make the amount of money you want?

You’re different which means you may make money doing things the way you are, but its a fraction of the amount you could and should be making. Does it sometimes feel like you could be undervaluing your true value?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re charging too little? Do you find yourself giving more than you are getting? Does it sometimes feel like what you’re doing now is boring and that you could be doing so much more?

If that sounds familiar it may be that you don’t know your magic number.

Your magic number is the number is the number that would get rid of that little voice in your head, the thoughts, and the things that creep into your head every time you don't make money, don't reach your goals, and don't make an amount of money that feels like you’re being valued.

When you don’t know your magic number you tend to:
#1 - Compromise how much you should and want to make for an amount far lower that you think you can make.
#2 - Let fear get in your way that if you don’t do it the way you “know” will work, instead of the way that feels right, charing the amount of money that feels right - you fear you may not make money at all.

Yes, it's true. Even if you don't actively think about it, our brains are designed to sabotage ourselves. things that push us out of our comfort zones are uncomfortable.  And until you can push past those thoughts, they will continually cause you to sabotage your success.

You see, chances are you’re a do gooder (like me) and talented far beyond normal people. And what you do (your money code) comes so easy to you and you love it so much, you actually don’t focus on money as the indicator of your success. Because of it, you don’t see the true value and think “who would pay me that much for this?” and your mind will come up with a million reasons why no one would pay you for that.

Does that sound familiar?

Let’s banish that possibility and figure out your MAGIC NUMBER.


1. To figure out your Magic Number:

  1. Make a list of all of your estimated monthly expenses

  2. Add how much you need to make it a comfortable number (this is NOT your dream goal - this is a realistic number that will give you what you need for your bills and extra spending money)

  3. Now, think about how much money you actually want to be making. What has been your money goal for the past few years? What is your dream number?

  4. Now, look at how you make money now. Whatever makes you money - the services you sell, what you get hired for (your rate), or the products you sell. How much/many of those do you to sell in order to make your minimum number above?

  5. How much/many do you need to sell to make your dream number per month?

  6. Now go back to #2. That is your MAGIC NUMBER. You see, when you know how much you actually have to make, you take some of the pressure off of you, your business, and your ability to now move forward with building your dream vision. Doing this take “making money” off the table of creating the big vision you dream of - without the pressure of “making money”.

NOW we can go on with the challenge knowing you will be financially ok no matter what :)

2. Write down your magic number so you see it and feel financially secure, even when you take some of the big leaps we are going to take :). Then, get out your checkbook. Write a check TO YOURSELF with the amount of money that is your dream goal.

Sign it, “The Universe” and in the note section, write “For being paid to be myself”

Post that in a place you will see everyday next to the 3-5 words that represent your highest self. Look at it everyday and remind yourself of the value you are and what you are creating.

Tomorrow we are going to figure out your MAGIC FORMULA (I know, my brain is hurting too!) :)

How is everything going so far? I hope you are keeping up. I know this is one extra thing to add to your already busy day and I appreciate your participation. Truly, this challenge is for YOU. I'm committed to helping you hack your success - so stick with it. We're going to make this happen for you!

Please keep up your Active Focus Meditation™ and tracking your daily habits. If you do it everyday for this challenge, it will eventually change from "I have to" to "I want to". Or maybe it already is. :)

If you need support or have questions, just ask them! That's what I’m here for! 

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Welcome to Day 9 of the 21 Day Challenge

Today we are going to Master Your Magic Formula. 

Today is about Mastering what you are going to sell (for the purposes of this challenge you are going to pick ONE thing but in real life, you can sell multiple things to help you reach your income goal). This is your "Signature Product or Service" that when you Master Your Money Code, you will be able to make money and finally make the amount you need to have a successful business.

Your Magic Formula signature program/offer is important because this is what you want to be known for. This incorporates your “vision goal” into what you do in your business - so it is NOT what you are doing now necessarily.  

One of the reasons many people don't make the money they need or want or think they can’t do what they really want in their business is that they don't have a money strategy. That means you have what you sell, but you haven't figured out the math of what you need to sell in order to make what you want.

Basing your income on a random number that isn't a goal to achieve, and not having a strategy to get there leads to failure.

Yes, sadly, many people don't know that you actually can't just build it and expect people to come. Making money is about having a strategy to make it.

I mean, you're really special, but let's get REAL. To make money you need A PLAN and a GOAL.

So today we are going to figure out your MAGIC FORMULA


1. To figure out your Magic Formula:

Decide what you are going to sell and the price it sells at $___________
Take your Magic Number that you figured out yesterday (your minimum monthly income goal): $____________
Divide your Magic Number with the price of the signature program or item you are going to sell.
That is your MAGIC FORMULA - the minimum amount of that item or service you need to sell a month. So if your signature program is $1000 and your Magic number is $4000, you need to sell 4 of that program
But if your signature program is $10 and your Magic Number is $4000, you need to sell 400 of that item.
Do you see how that works? If you don't have something that will realistically help you achieve your Magic Number...

Now do the same for your "dream" monthly income.  That is the high end (so you know)  but you should focus on your Magic Number above (remember we are working on reinforcing self confidence and banishing worry and stress).

2. Look at the price you are charging for your signature program. Does it feel a little too low? What would happen if you increased how much you charge?

Your price should make you feel GOOD about what you do, pay you what you think your program/product is worth, and maybe even :o scare you a little. Trust me, we all underprice our value and today, I need for you to let that go.

Don't forget your Active Focus Meditation and habit tracker. We're working on consciously creating your unconscious habits and optimizing your life. And again, if you need support or have questions, just ask them! You can also leave a comment below if you want to chat personally with other participants of the challenge.

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Welcome to Day 10 of the 21 Day Challenge

Today we are going to Master your Big Ideas!

Now that you have your Magic Number and Formula, we need to get busy and get back to being the creative visionary that you are. This is about positioning your expertise and understanding where you fit in the big picture of your client’s lives. It’s the intersection of what makes YOU come alive and where you are able to bring your unique vision to the category you are in.

Today, I want you to come up with a list of everything you know around what you do, in the areas you are most passionate in and are an expert at. I want you to come up with a list of 7 things your potential clients need and will seek from you that will provide them with value.

To help you get in your creative flow, start by thinking about your WHY. WHY you want to create your big vision. Why are you so passionate about doing it and how does that make you different than the other people that are doing something similar in that space?

While you are coming up with your big ideas, over the next week, I will be sending you some information on how to present those ideas, market yourself, and position yourself as the expert that you are, and also teach you some tips about how to optimize your content - all while mastering your confidence and presence.

Whether you implement them is up to you, but it’s important to share because for many, the reason your big ideas never seem to make the light of day is that you:
1. Don't have the strategies to reach who you want to reach
2. Don't have the confidence or time to do the things you need to do to reach the people you want to reach

Tony Robbins says that it's not the lack of resources that we don't reach our goals. It's the lack of resourcefulness. 

Yes, I know you're trying - but enough with the excuses.Stop playing small. If you really have a big vision, want to create the success you deserve, and seriously - if you just want to have the LIFE that you should have - you're going to have to STEP UP.

This means push yourself harder. NOT work harder - I said push yourself harder. That means not letting yourself settle for less - not materialistically - I'm talking intrinsically. 

You see, I don't care WHAT story you're telling yourself - it's clearly a story that is not getting you the results you want to get.

When you break it all down, I'm sorry to break the news to you, but we have ONE LIFE. This is it! And if that one life is one that you have decided to start a business in, then STOP LETTING YOURSELF SETTLE FOR LESS.

Ok enough mental toughness. It's the weekend so let's get on with the challenge. I promise -I've been called a bootcamp instructor :) but I have a <3.  I am going to push you harder because I know you. I was once you. And because of that, I know you're worth more than you are letting yourself achieve.


1. Today, come up with at least 7 things you that make you the only one that can do the thing you want to do. 7 things your potential clients need and will seek from you that will provide them with value.

2. Share your big ideas with us! It’s important to get them out of your own head and speak them out loud!

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Welcome to Day 11 of the 21 Day Challenge

Are you an Expert?

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Fake it until you make it.” In fact, I just saw one of my Instagram influencer friends who owns her own agency, say it on her stories.

My reply to her was “No - you OWN it and you will make it.” to which she replied “YES!!!”

The reality is, pretending anything is not the answer to success. It’s impossible to hide a lack of confidence (even online), and honestly, as the experienced person you already are, once you know how to own your own confidence in this new big idea you are launching into, your own natural “confident vibes” (AKA passion for what you do) will become your successful reality!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Being nervous about putting something new out to the world is WAY different than lack of confidence. Confidence is found in owning your own value. Owning and knowing the things that are uniquely yours - those intrinsic qualities and talents that NO ONE can take away. The things like:

  • Your resilience

  • Your joy

  • Your opinions

  • Your life lessons

  • Your belief in yourself

Your own personal story and brand story are everything that make you who you are. Those things make you an expert at WHATEVER you put your all into and decide to pursue.

So that being said, you may be feeling a bit shaky (I get it!) since you may feel like there is a lot at stake. What if you fail? What if you embarrass yourself. What if you can’t make your big idea happen?

Well, today, we need to tell that fear to calm down. Because today, you actually have to "get over yourself". (ouch I know that bandaid hurt a little but let’s step into your amazing reason why you exist - why all of your failures, your life lessons, your purposeful soul exist. It’s to put this big idea into reality - so let’s just DECIDE to feel nervous and do it anyway!!!! (yay!)

One of the best ways to do this is to shut down that overthinking frontal brain. The one that judges you, causes cognitive dissonance (“who do you think you are?”). And the best way to do that is to… speak it out loud - LIVE - on video (Oh. My. God.) Yay!

Have you ever heard of FLOW? Flow was discovered by researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow is a heightened state of consciousness, when your brain and body are fully engaged in the one thing you are doing, and you are at your highest, most optimal state of being. It's when your subconscious mind takes over so your thinking brain can't get in your way.

Surfers and athletes often experience Flow. It's a state where time seems to stand still because you're so into what you are doing. So if you've ever been so engrossed in what you are doing - writing, running, doing something with a single focus that makes you feel spectacular. It’s EXACTLY the feeling you get when you are working in your PASSION.

Well, as it turns out, speaking - that thing that most people would rather DIE than do in front of an audience - engages your subconscious brain and shuts down your (stupid) thinking brain. It allows what you really know at your gut level to come out.

That is if you can get over your fear of speaking in front of an audience.

And this is where our Instagram assignment is going to come in. You see, Instagram LIVE is LIVE TV.  Yes, LIVE. That means that when you do it, you are at a heightened state of consciousness. Additionally, because of the way the app is, you have to look at yourself.  In fact, you have to become so focused on the screen to stay focused on what you are saying and also read any comments people may post - you have little ability to focus on anything else.

And this is where your expertise comes in. By speaking about things you know so well in your business - this new big idea you are putting out into the world - you will have no problem coming up with what to say. Additionally, looking at yourself while you are talking and listening to yourself is really powerful. In fact, it's kind of transformative.

As it turns out, Instagram Live is a great confidence builder and a great way to show your expertise. Even if you don't have followers, I guarantee you will get at least 1 person watching. And I don't want you to focus on that. I want you to focus on your content. I want you to listen to yourself speak - to understand how really smart you are.

So watch the video in the challenge, make sure to decide the 7 things you will teach in your business. Then also, decide a time of day everyday you will scope. (try to make it the same time everyday).


1. Look at the 7 things you will teach someone that you’ve already listed.

3. Watch some lives. I do one once a week on instagram and you can watch whoever you follow. Just to get some different perspectives.

3.Continue with our Active Focus Meditation™ - Focus on your expert status and visualize how powerful you will be when you have mastered your ability to speak all of your knowledge.

5. Hop on over to Instagram and tell me why you are an expert at what you do AND the time everyday you are committing to talk aboutEVERYDAY.

Also, if you haven't done so already, download the Instagram app on your phone. ;) Tomorrow you are going to learn how to optimize it :)

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Welcome to Day 12 of the 21 Day Challenge

op·ti·mize ˈäptəˌmīz/verb
1. To make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource).

If you haven’t gotten the gist of this challenge, the goal is to make everything you do - everything you do for your health, your habits, your productivity and your finances - to make it all into tiny daily habits that make YOU efficient at what you do, the way you best do it, making your life easier, happier, and allowing you more time to ENJOY YOUR LIFE and SUCCESS.

No i don’t mean sitting on a beach sipping a margarita - I mean loving your work and your life so much, feeling so balanced, that being successful is just a way of life.

Because your big idea business is unique to you, and how you define happiness and your love of life is personal, I am not going to tell you how to optimize your days. But I will share with you a few tips on what has worked for me and that are proven methods to bring the most health, happiness, and efficiency in life:


Nothing will optimize your life more than getting quality sleep. You should be getting 7-8 quality hours of sleep every single night. I normally get up at 6 am and with this challenge I have been able to create a daily habit of 7 1/2 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is when your body heal and also when your brain is able to detox (essential to your overall long term brain health). GET SLEEP. This is a priority and non negotiable.


-Wind down an hour before bed by disconnecting from my phone/computer

-Set weekly goals to reaffirm the path I am heading in my life and making sure my habits are in check with those goals on my habt tracker for accountability.

-Always start with a large glass of water with lemon and bulletproof coffee everyday to make sure my brain and body is fully optimized.

-Enjoy all natural sweet treats everyday (they are part of my daily habits so I don’t ever feel deprived).

- Walk daily with Harlow at the end of the day to make sure I spend quality time with the love of my life, and can recalibrate from the day with an open space and nature

- Active focus meditation first thing in the morning to align my focus, my body, my mind and create new neuronal pathways in my brain around my confidence and success goals.

Are you optimizing your success?

#mymcjumpstart - DAY THIRTEEN

Welcome to Day 13 of the 21 Day Challenge

It's THAT DAY (omg)…

Yes, it's that day that you are going to GO LIVE!!! And I mean on Instagram. Instagram LIVE!!!

If you are on it great, and if not, today is your debut!

As I mentioned in when you signed up, Instagram Live is an important part of this challenge because it is going to help you discover your Money Code.

Yes, as it turns out, Instagram Live is more than just a social media outlet. Not only can the content be repurposed, but it solves a very important part of your Money Code.

You see, part of the reason you haven't figured out your Money Code is that you haven't figured out why you are SO MONEY.  Yes, you - YOU - are actually really special. You with your infinite wealth of knowledge, your high-achieving, heartfelt self was meant to have everything you want and more. But you're human (right?) :) and you've gotten in your own way of your success.


I know - I am sure A MILLION excuses came to your mind of how you are not. But I just have to be honest - KNOWING what you want and BEING what you want so you can get what you want, are two very different things.

Being what you want to achieve your goals is actually about your identity. To be the type of person who can get the things you want - your big vision goal. We are all human and there is a piece to everyone that wonders - “who am I?” No one can escape that so it’s not you - it’s your humanness. But that’s ok. Today we are going to combat that. This challenge is about finding out why you ARE ALREADY the type of person who can get everything you want. Why you are so extremely VALUABLE.

Instagram LIVE is in this challenge because now with your commitment - you are going to speak - out loud - to step into this identity of the success you want - that part of you that is inside of you - we need to get it OUT. Authentically. You see, live TV - yes it's LIVE - doesn't let you get in the way. You actually have to speak WHILE you are looking at yourself, and listening to yourself.

And if you came up with a subject and bullet points to speak about, what ends up coming out of your mouth is your REAL KNOWLEDGE. You know that phrase "shoot from the hip?" That's it. Shooting from your sassy hip :)

Aside from that magic, you now can repurpose the content to put content on:

1. YouTube (you can even make them professional by adding music, recording them with a professional mic with your computer at the same time you are scoping on your phone)
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Your Instagram page (take a 15 second clip and post that on Instagram!)
5. Write a blog post about it
6. Email your list
8. Your Instagram and FB stories

*** If for some reason you CAN’T go live, please email me at shana@totalgenius.net so we can figure another option out. This step is VERY important so please try to do this fully.


1. Schedule the time of day you are going to go live everyday. Yes EVERYDAY at around the same time. This is about consistency.

2. Pick one of your 7 topics and write a few bullet points you are going to speak about.

3. Go and announce it. Announce it wherever your audience is (instagram, Facebook, email, etc)

4. Do it!

5. Tag me @total_genius on Instagram so I can tune in and support you!!

#mymcjumptart - 21 day challenge

Welcome to Day 14 of the 21 Day Challenge

Does your life FLOW?

Welcome to Day 14 of the challenge! By now you should be rocking it with your active focus meditations, you know your money maker and money formula and are in sync with what needs to happen next to accomplish your BIG GOAL.

Now it's time to discover flow. Flow was discovered by a scientist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly and more recently discussed by Steven Kotler who wrote the NY Times bestseller: "The Rise and Fall of Superman" and also started the Flow Genome project.

Flow is the optimal state of being - where all time stands still and you are at your best. Typically experienced by athletes - especially surfers - the affects are tremendous. Flow is a time when all time seems to stand still, where work doesn't feel like work, and you are at your happiest and healthiest.

How amazing is that? And the best part is, you can experience it in your business.

Flow is achieved at different levels for different people, doing different things. How you know if you are in it is your brain becomes clearer, you have a heightened state of consciousness, full enjoyment and involvement in the activity, you are at your happiest, and you (wait for it...) :) you STOP JUDGING YOURSELF.

Yes, I know you. With your brilliant mind and somewhat perfectionist self, you hear voices! No - not in the "I'm crazy" sort of way :) but in the "Who am I", "This should be better", "That was stupid" sort of way. Look, we all have negative voices - I often mention that we have 60-80,000 thoughts a day and 80% of them are negative.

It's human nature to judge ourselves but that doesn't make it easier. When we judge ourselves our intelligent, confident, and super good hearted abilities can't shine. We DON'T do that blog post we are supposed to do, we don't get our selves out there, and we don't brag boldly about how great we are so that the right people - are BFF consummate clients can find us.

And flow shuts that voice down.

So what does that have to do with you and this challenge? Well, flow is achieved when:
1. Something grabs your total and focused attention
2. It's novel - doing something at a higher state of consciousness
3. Doing a skill that you will practice over and over again and continually work to improve
4. You lose all track of time because you are so focused on it

Hmmm... let's see... could I be talking about... Instagram LIVE?!?

YES! As I said before, speaking LIVE on camera is a great way to achieve your own state of flow - for your business. ;) As it turns out, having to be on LIVE camera, having to look at yourself, while you are speaking about something you know and love, having live engagement from other people so you can't lose your attention, and having to actually listen to have amazingly smart and passionate you are about your business... that's what I call the best marketing tool ever!

Yes, in your daily Instagram Lives, if you pay attention to yourself and your reactions before, during, and after, I think you will discover something really powerful.
1. You may kind of start to like them
2. You will sit up straighter and get used to seeing your pretty/handsome face
3. You will start to realize what you have a strong belief and be at your highest form of self confidence and persuasion.

As it turns out, any live video could not only give you massive content (daily and used 8 ways), it's an almost effortless, fun, and easy way to promote yourself. Every day. To a new audience. 


1. Be sure to stick to your time of day you are going to do your live everyday. Consistency is essential to not only achieving flow but also to building any sort of following. As always, DON'T focus on number of followers - focus on what you are passionate speaking about. When you discover your genius and are able to speak about it, THAT is when people will "hear" you. ;)

2. Pick one of your 7 topics and write a few bullet points you are going to speak about.

3. Go and announce it. Announce it on Facebook, Instagram or wherever your audience is. Be sure to write a juicy post that will get people to want to tune in!

4.Tag me @total_genius so I can cheer you on!

5 SHARE IT WITH AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE - send it to your business friends, post it in groups, invite people to watch you everyday.  IN FACT, why don't you personalize it and message them. Make FRIENDS. NETWORK.

You now have something great to share - so make some friends and share your goodness. :)

Then get some rest! Sleep and overall health is important to being able to achieve FLOW - so get some sleep. Sweet dreams. You did good today :). Be proud of yourself.

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Welcome to Day 15 of the 21 Day Challenge

Raise Your Standards. 

Today's challenge is about standards (high standards) and about something interesting about people and their behavior.

When many people hear the words "high standards", they think of something luxurious - like Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. And as someone who previously was the Marketing Director of Rodeo Drive, I can truthfully say, yes, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive have something to do with high standards - but not in the way you think.

I discovered this in a moment I call my "Barney's Lightbulb Moment".   I discovered that in this carefully planned and upper class environment, that people "act in such a way that attracts respect". And it has nothing to do with what they are wearing and truthfully, not that much to do with what they earn.

It isn't about money at all actually. It's about the choice they make to hold themselves not only to a higher standard, but to hold themselves accountable.

You see, people that "attract respect" hold themselves accountable to the level and energy they want to attract. They embody their success - not "later", not "when they", not "in the future when they make what they want" - they embody their successful selves NOW. They UNDERSTAND and OWN their value, and then they reflect it out to the outside world.

Understanding your value and owning it requires you to take the steps to ensure you own it everyday.  Yes, success and high standards are a daily practice.  

This means:
1. Show up. - when you make that presence a part of your everyday existence, the easier it will be to show up in your life and business in such a way that attracts respect, attracts people, and attracts customers.
2. Act as if.  Act as if you are already there by making every moment the way it would be if you had accomplished your big vision goal. ACT LIKE THE PERSON THAT IS ALREADY THERE.  How would you be, act, and operate in your life as the person who has achieved your dreams?


The goal of today's challenge is to SHOW UP and SHOW OFF. It's raising your standards by telling your story of WHY and HOW you discovered your solution. Why you have your business. Craft today's Instagram Live* about your story and then give actionable tips to your audience (about whatever you sell - your products or services) that relate to your story. This is an important step to not only understanding and reinforcing your personal value, but to learn how to communicate it effectively to your audience. This is about getting comfortable with owning your value.

So let's begin!

1. Use your time during your Active Focus Meditation to start thinking about stories from your life that apply to your business.  Your story should be about your "lightbulb moment". The day that you discovered you had your talent or gift, the day you decided to take charge of your life so you could create a business and now you help other people do that. Think of times in your life that you have overcome things, powerful lessons you learned - things that relate to your own discovery of what your business sells (product or service).

For example, if you are a coach who helps people with their skin and diet, you could tell a story about how and when you learned that it didn't have to be that way and what you did to change it (i.e. 5 tips to having better skin). And at the end you invite them to check out your free guide to better looking skin.  Or if you are an organizer you could tell a story of how your life was a mess before you started organizing and how you did that.

The goal of step one is to speak about your story and why you are the right one that solves problems for your audience. It's a free marketing tool that allows you to speak your mind to your target audience. Additionally, hearing your story of your own "how" and "why" is pretty powerful and critical to your success.

To you, your story may seem "old" or so known to you that it loses it's importance. The goal of this challenge is to help you understand how valuable your life and stories are. Mastering your money code is about constantly reminding yourself how incredible you and your stories are. You need to not only understand your value but also understand that most people have never heard it. And when you get comfortable telling people - as the copywriting phrase goes - "Tell them, tell them what you told them, then tell them again." Get so good at telling your story that you can tell it a million times and a million different ways.

The more people you tell, the more you expand your reach AND your personal worth.

2. Be sure to stick to your time of day you are going to go live everyday. Consistency!

3. Announce it in the groups and on your page and social media - today you are going to tell the "secret" behind your business - your story with a few tips.

4. Post your live video (don’t forget there are 8 ways to optimize it!)

5. SHARE IT WITH AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE - send it to your business friends, post it in groups, invite people to watch you everyday.

Remember, use your life as lesson. Stories happen ALL DAY and EVERYDAY. Keep your eye on your prize and your mind out for examples you can use in your marketing.

**** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are NOT doing the Instagram Lives, you are missing out on putting your vision into action. That being said, there are other things you can do. If that is you, please email me so we can find an alternative plan. Your success is important to me!

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Welcome to Day 16 of the 21 Day Challenge

Speak and the right people will hear.

I often say that to people because I find that many people get overwhelmed with the amount of perceived competition; with all of the "noise" online, and with trying to get their messages heard - and it eats away at their self confidence and causes them to do the opposite of speaking. 

In fact, many people give up. They get overwhelmed. They think they don't matter.

The goal of this challenge is to help you understand that YOUR VOICE MATTERS.

Yes - your voice matters. Whether you sell a product or service - you have a message, a purpose - a passion burning inside of you that needs to be heard. Not by everyone though. But by the right people.

By now you should be comfortable with the message that you speak. You know who your #BBF audience is. You've been rocking in your new online speaking career :) - and now it's time to make a significant IMPACT.

Over the past week I've been teaching you about mastering your voice, your positioning, your expert status, and your ability to move past fear. It's now time to take your strong message, and to teach it in a bigger way.

Whether you sell a product or service, as a business owner who is developing their marketing skills, you are a TEACHER. BE it a coach, a designer, an entrepreneur - whatever you are - marketing is about getting the attention of others and inspiring them into action.

The best teachers inspire others to want to learn. You want to inspire your audience to TAKE ACTION. To take the actions you want/need them to take so you can thrive doing what you do. You are a teacher of VALUE -  of helping others find the value in what you do.

When you walk in your value, people respond.

The secret to having a lasting impact is to change someone's HABITS. To get them to do something that you teach them, everyday.  So that when they do it, they think of you :)  For example, if you are a money coach, you will have your ideal clients look at their bank account everyday and track expenses. Or if you are a nutritionist, you have your ideal clients do a daily food log.

See how that works? Your goal is to create a transformation in your audiences lives with your MARKETING! It doesn't have to be big. Just know that is the goal. You want them to REMEMBER you and associate you with impacting their lives.

Continue to focus your daily Active Focus Meditation™ on the feeling you want your ideal clients to have after watching or interacting with you!


It's time to get your message out there and create the IMPACT you need to make. This next week is going to be about putting together a marketing plan that will incorporate teaching - BEING what you know. The goal of this challenge is to give you a marketing vehicle that you can not only repurpose - but one that you can invite people to, promote your business, help others understand why they need you, and get the momentum going in your business.

One of the critical things that is missing from your business is movement. You may think  you are doing a lot, but the reason you are doing this challenge is to jump start your ideas into action!

Just like you, your audience need a REASON to want to follow and want to pay attention to you. And energy must be set into motion by, well, YOUR ENERGY. <3

A business that makes money has energy. It has a certain j'ne sais quois - and it inspires others to want to learn... from you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about what the subject should be:

  • What does my ideal client value?

  • What solutions are they looking for?

  • What do I love to talk about? (like love so much that you can't shut up about it)

  • What types of information (specifically) do I like listening and reading?

  • What feels a little risky (like too much information to give away for free) for me to teach?

  • Look at that list and decide what you are going to teach. Remember, you want it to fit into this structure:"Sell them what they WANT; give them what they NEED"

What does your audience WANT? (what you sell) but what do they really NEED (what you really want to tell them).

That’s it! Can’t wait to see your plan of action! Feel free to reach out if you need inspiration or help!

Shana Lynn yao
#mymcjumpstart 21 day challenge, productivity, new years resolutions

Welcome to Day 17 of the 21 Day Challenge

Let's have the BEST WEEK EVER!!!

Alright, this is the last week (give or take a few days) of the Master Your Money Code challenge.  This week we are going to do things a bit differently. I want you to really focus on putting together everything you have uncovered and put into action.

And truly, a congratulations is in order. At this time, you should be well on your way to Mastering your Money Code. To recap these past few weeks, you have learned (OMG this list is HUGE)

  1. What causes stress, overwhelm and feeling trapped

  2. How to get focused with Active Focus Meditation™

  3. How to be consistent and not stress over your business with little daily habits

  4. How to use nutrition to optimize your brain, body, and overall performance

  5. What your "Magic Number" and "Magic Formula" is so that you can make what you need and want

  6. What your urgent problem you solve is and your client-getting message

  7. Who your target audience is and BBF

  8. How to position yourself as the expert you are

  9. How to overcome fear

  10. How to influence others

Now it's time to understand how to become the most productive person with the lowest stress possible. How to unlock your inner genius and unleash it outwardly to the world. It's time to get serious about results.



1. Read this to learn how to have the best week ever >>>Best Week Ever<<<

2. Create your own morning routine. Use the habits you have created over this challenge that have helped you optimize your self care, health, fitness, and productivity. Come over to Instagram to share what you do in your morning after learning all of this that makes you the most productive and happiest person you know. (TEACH others in the group what your magic secret is!)

3. SHARE YOUR BIG IDEA WITH AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE - put it out into the universe! It’s time to “make it real” and start telling people the vision and big idea you have been working on. It’s no longer a secret and to make sure it happens, you are going to have to actually put it into the world!  When you choose who you are sharing it with, do so with the intention of helping them.

REMEMBER - Networking online is what Dale Carnegie wrote that famous book about... "How to Win Friends and Influence People"...  Actively seek the influence and impact you want to create.

That's it! Enjoy a few days break from me! Get busy on your IMPACT event!

Welcome to Day 21 of the 30 Day Challenge

Train the Trainer! 

Today you are going to learn how to put together an engaging training that converts. This training will help you understand how to structure your teleclass, webinar or challenge so that your attendees pay attention, are inspired, and prompted to take a step closer to you.

Keep in mind that the goal of any training, teleclass, webinar, challenge, or anything related to marketing is to provide value. The level of the value you deliver and the impact it has on your ideal clients will show in their commitment to you and eventually, increase your chances of turning a prospect into a client.

I am now leaving your Active Focus Meditation™ and Periscoping journeys to you. It's been 21 days of daily practice and at some point, you are going to have to DECIDE what you need to do to move your business and your life forward. While I am still here, I want you to lead yourself to your own success. I want you to OWN IT.

So without further delay, here is the training. If you have any questions be sure to check into the group and ask them there. Have fun!



1. Listen to the training  >>>How To Create A Teleclass that Converts<<<

***(Please note that this was created in my former business, YMM, but the content is still relevant and useful)

2. Today, do your Periscope and TRAIN your viewers. Train/lead them in a particular area in whatever it is you do. Help them understand not only more of what you do and how you can help them but also help them realize change is possible.

3. SHARE YOUR SCOPE WITH AT LEAST 3 PEOPLE - send it to your business friends, post it in groups, invite people to watch you everyday. In fact, have CONVERSATIONS with people. Be HUMAN. Leave people with a reason to remember you. ;)

4. Go to the group  if you have any questions and also to share your #flowscope.  Remember, your teleclass/webinar/challenge IS DUE TO THE GROUP MARCH 14.

Welcome to Day 22 of the 30 Day Challenge

As promised, I want for you these next couple of days to focus on your content. This is about creating your training that will position you as the expert you are and communicate your value to your consummate clients. By now, you know what you do, what your core focus needs to be in your communication, and have an understanding of clarity of your voice.

So today, I want to go back to before the challenge. Do you remember when we did the "How to Fascinate" test in the group before the challenge started?

Yes - this is how the outside world sees you. While it's easy to get caught up writing and creating things from your perspective, it's more powerful if you know what your strengths (and perceived strengths) are. When you know what makes you shine in the eyes of other people, you know how to connect to them. You understand how you move them and inspire them. And you understand how to market to them.

In case you missed the test in the beginning, I will repost the link (if you took it before you won't be able to take it again unless you enter a different email).

** This link is courtesy of Lewis Howse and Sally Hogshead (I must give credit where credit is due!



1. Look at your results of the How to Fascinate test. If you haven't taken it already, you can find the link here:
password: schoolofgreatness

2. Ask yourself powerful questions:

* Which archetype are you?
* What are your core strengths?  (Where you should focus your marketing efforts and teaching style)
* Where in your past life have you had success using these core strengths? (for example, I'm Avante-Garde and my two strengths are Prestige and Innovation. I have always been known for in my 25 year career as a retail and shopping center marketing director to do innovative, game changing promotions and events like a VIP blogger party I did for Fashion's Night Out for Rodeo Drive that increased their social media following 250% overnight, etc.)
* What is your non-dominant advantage? (what you should NOT be doing for your marketing)
* Who do you know now that would resonate with this type of style?
* What can you do now in your business now that you know those are your external strengths and weaknesses?
* What is the most effective way of reaching your ideal clients no that you know this?

3. How can you use this knowledge of your Primary and Secondary Advantages to the training you are creating?
Remember, strategy is like a Venn Diagram - where you have 2 or more circles and where they overlap is the genius strategy

4. Go to the group  if you have any questions and also to share your #flowscope.  Remember, your teleclass/webinar/challenge IS DUE TO THE GROUP MARCH 14.

Welcome to Day 23 of the 30 Day Challenge

WOO HOO! You rock! We have 7 days left of the Master Your Money Code challenge. As I said in the email, you've come so far. You've learned about how to position yourself as the expert you are, how to generate content and understand the REAL problems your consummate clients are having. You've learned how to master your fear and handle overwhelm. And I hope you've learned what clean eating, exercise, and focus have to do with maximizing your genius brain.

So today... are you ready??? I want you to do NOTHING!!!  Yes - oh - well actually not true. I want you to work on your training. To ROCK it out and make it talk to your ideal client directly, speak to where they are challenged, and widen the gap between where they are and where you can take them.

Yes, you see, you DO have everything you need already inside of you. Now you just need to GET IT OUT.

This challenge has been a journey of discovering your genius, and discovering how to master the art of biohacking your success. SPEAK, and the right people will hear. They WILL.

I will be checking on you over the next few days, but I really want you to focus. And just to clarify - the goal is not to have to DO your training by the end of the challenge - it's just to get it done. Next week will be about helping you understand how to use the content you have just created and reach your ideal clients, maximize your hard work, and MASTER YOUR MONEY CODE.



1. Stay committed to your daily #flowscopes. Just because you are in "working" mode doesn't mean you get to disappear in your head. That is exactly what we want to avoid.

2. Keep networking and connecting with people. Be sure to share your scopes and other marketing collateral you may have with at least 3 NEW people a day.  Send it to your business friends, post it in groups, and ABI (Always be Inviting!) When you choose who you are sharing it with, do so with the intention of helping them.

3. If you want the solution to creating webinars and your email sales funnel that CONVERT, check out TOTAL GENIE it's based on neuroscience and human psychology. Discover what it really takes to GET YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS SALIVATING to work with you!

3. Go to the group  if you have any questions and also to share your #flowscope.  Remember, your teleclass/webinar/challenge IS DUE TO THE GROUP MARCH 14.


I am committed to your success and as I mentioned in the beginning, you still have the option of hiring me and/or Angela at a discounted rate through the end of the challenge. If you need help planning writing or strategizing your training, or if you have not figured out your message, just click this link here >>>HELP ME MASTER MY MONEY CODE<<<.

That's it! Have a great relaxing break from me :)  Good luck and see you Monday!

Welcome to Day 28 of the 30 Day Challenge

How did it go? I can't believe these last 28 days FLEW by.

So by now you should have finished creating your training. I'm positive you've rocked it so now it's time to promote it.

First of all, I want to tell you how proud I am of you. I'm so proud you are such a leader in your business and a GO GETTER. By making it all the way through this challenge, you've done what most people have not and can't - which is complete a training towards growing your genius brain and business. That's amazing. And I'm honored to have gotten to spend the last few weeks getting to know you.

As a dedicated participant, I think we can pretty safely say you've:

Mastered creating consistent, productive habits (you know, your incremental laundry) ;)

Mastered creating your Expert status

Mastered your positioning in your marketing

Mastered the art of Periscoping! (I hope you will continue so you can continue to grow your exposure, your voice, and your audience!)

Mastered your creative genius - understood your highest value so you can use it in your business

and a few of you also said you learned:

It's OK to be vulnerable and share who I really am

How to communicate with my ideal client so they understand me and want what I have to offer

Kick fear to the curb and just go out there and promote myself

My thinking matters even more than I thought it did - mindset is everything.

WHY I do what I do

Selling in an extroverted way is something that is doable and not as scary as I first thought it would be

Clear on who my ideal client is and how I help them

Recognized my value and expertise

Periscope isn't all that scary

Listening to what lights me up and what I like to talk about clears it up even more

My guiding principles and success identity are really important to me and keep me on track

Exactly how much I need to sell (and it isn't near as many as I thought I would need)

It's imperative to know my value and stand in that

So now it's time to master the art of promoting your training. Whether this is the first training you've marketed or not, this one (if you followed what I told you) should be pretty impactful and help people understand transformational change. So it's a pretty important one to convert your audience into ideal clients.

So let's get started on the final project to MASTER YOUR MONEY CODE.



1. Post your training in the feed in the group . Tell us what it is, who it is for. (if you don't have it done yet, just post what you are creating and if you don't know yet, just post who it would be for and when you are going to create it and launch it.

2. Set a date that is at least 10 days out from when you are going to release it.

3. Tell us how you are going to promote it. Some ideas include:

  • Create an "event" on Facebook
  • Facebook ads
  • Post in Facebook groups
  • Email
  • Blog posts
  • Social media
  • Periscope
  • and whatever else you want to add!

Remember, BE ANNOYING! (yes, REALLY!) You can't over promote it and research shows it usually takes 8 - 12 times for people to notice something. (for real)!

5. On your daily Periscopes, do a scope related to what you teach in your training. And at the end ABI!!! Always Be Inviting. Invite your audience to sign up. Do that everyday for the next 10 days (when you launch is). Create your own unique hashtag and use that in your social media posts about your training.

6. Keep networking and connecting with people. Invite them! ABI ABI ABI!!

7. If you didn't watch my scope yesterday, you should - I spoke about how to convert clients

That's it! Looking forward to seeing your final projects!