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The Masterclass is a 5 step system to master your personal money code.
Build your business the way you want it to be

and make money doing what you love.

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You're a high-achieving entrepreneur - a purposeful natural leader who wants a business that fills your heart, mind, AND bank account.  

You've accomplished so much in your life - whether it's from a past corporate life, certifications, educational degrees, or from your own personal discoveries. And now you're ready to use it in your business. To make money. Make a difference. Change lives.

But you find yourself drowning in a sea of sameness, herds of other business owners online, and the OVERWHELM of all of your ideas, not to mention GUILT of your HIGH EXPECTATIONS not being met.

It leaves you frustrated, impatient, and maybe a bit MAD.

Why hasn't your years of expertise, your BIG heart, and authentic mission to help others PAID OFF? Why are some people with even LESS experience making more than you? 


Shana is phenomenal. I didn’t “need” a coach was my story. I am so glad I listened to my intuition and hired her. I have been blocked about a few things that had a huge impact on my present and future. She helped with that and created a vision for my business I that I am so passionate about. She is the real deal.
— Indrani
Indrani Phillips, Transformational Life Coach

Your life's work - your natural talents, strengths, and professional experience are what you do. That hard earned MBA, the years of schooling and training, certifications, and achievements have made you an expert at what you do. And you've been doing it for other people for so many years. Now it's time to do it for YOU.

Entreprenuer business love

Those major life challenges - the ones that forced you to face your greatest truths. A health condition, a childhood trauma, your success, and your failures - they all shape who you are. 

It's your E2 Personal Blueprint (read below) - based on the study of epigenetics and how the outside environment affect not only our health but who you really are - from your beliefs, to your actions, to the identity you believe yourself to be - they can be changed, reprogrammed, and become your successful personal brand.


Your business is the intersection of your expertise and life experience, carefully designed towards your highest lifetime value. 

Your genius is your unique purpose - how you help your ideal clients transform their urgent problem, using your expertise and life experience.


I would never have made it this far this soon without you by my side. I know a lot of coaches but YOU are different. You genuinely care about my success and happiness in the short and long run. Working with you is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
— Danielle Binns, Holistic Health Coach for Moms & Kids,
Danielle Binns, Certified Nutritionist and Parent Coach

This is for you if you're struggling with :

CLARITY: You have so many thoughts in your head - so many genius ideas, things you want to do, but at the end of the day, find yourself feeling stuck, lacking clarity, and losing your self confidence due t the comparison to the others you see online.

TALENT (too much of it!): You're pretty smart (just admit it!) :) and you're good at so many things - it's hard to narrow down how to use all of that in your business, and you don't see how it fits, so you end up doing what seems easier, resulting in feeling undervalued and lacking visibility.

YOUR HEART: Let's face it, you're a deep thinker and a giver. You want to make other people happy and make a difference in the world, and yet when you show up in your business, feeling undervalued and unappreciated, your heart feels broken, which causes you to withdraw and NOT do the things you think you should be doing to make your business work.


Roisin Brady, Empowerment Coach
I feel more inspired and motivated about my business than I have in AGES!!! Because now I’m focusing on what I actually do best not what I “thought” I did, and more accurately what I thought I “should” do best.

I now see who can REALLY benefit from working wth me. Honestly out of all of the money I’ve spent on my business, that was the best investment I have ever made - BY FAR. Raving fan for life,
— Roisin Brady, Self-Empowerment Life Coach

If you're ready to:

ATTRACT AN AUDIENCE THAT VALUES YOU - and that you love, because your message connects to them and they see you, as the answer to their urgent problem. They become your loyal tribe of followers who trust you and want to buy from you.

OWN YOUR EXPERTISE - Discover your brand DNA - your E2 Personal Blueprint - based on the science of epigenetics - and discover your highest and best value in your business so you can show up as the person you already are - because you understand what your highest purpose is and how just being YOU is what your loyal tribe values in you. YOU become the most valuable thing to yourself and others.

MAKE THE MONEY YOU DESERVEunderstand how your own personal story connects and inspires your ideal clients and ensure that your audience is searching for your products and services - because they see YOU as the ONLY answer to their urgent problem.

STOP WASTING MONEY - because once your business is positioned correctly and you know who you speak to and what you need to do to reach your specific niche, you no longer feel like you need to waste money and time on countless coaching programs that haven't worked for your smart brain and specific issues. 

BECOME A BRAND AUTHORITY - you own your niche because your business is based on who you already are, the clients you attract are just like YOU. You know exactly what to share with them (your simple marketing solution) and know the easy, results-getting, activities to do so that you aren't drowning in overwhelm, randomness, and over learning.


Thank you so much ! You are a big blessing in my life and I can’t believe the transformation I’ve gone through. From being skeptical, to now believing.
— JJ

Shana Yao, Business & Personal Success Strategist

Hi, I'm Shana. I'm Your Marketing Mastermind® - and have over 28 years of business and marketing experience working with thousands of retail stores, international businesses, and entrepreneurs of all walks of life. I'm a passionate, purpose-driven dog lover who understands the individual pain and deep-seated purpose that drives many high-achievers.

In discovery of my solutions to a severe, chronic health condition, survival of my parent's deaths, and discovering my own truth, I sought solutions and learned powerful information about the human mind, psychology, neuroscience, emotional and positive intelligence, and holistic optimal health.



The world has changed...there is so much opportunity now - with so much information taught by the top professionals,the world is at your fingertips. It's unlimited and constantly changing. And unfortunately, the only thing limited is your time, and your capacity to know what to learn, when, and why.

There is the deluge of the competition - never before in time have so many businesses existed. There are 7 billon people in the world and millions of dollars being made (and lost) everyday. Yet with so much opportunity, more than 90% of new businesses fail in the first 120 days.

A depressing truth is that it's usually the entrepreneurs themselves that causes their own failure.  Following advice from random Facebook groups, trying to build global empire without even understanding your own highest value in your business, WHO your ideal clients are, WHERE they are, and WHAT they need, and in the end, afraid to the take chance on your OWN success. To start something new. To actually bet against yourself

Beverley Anderson, business coach
“It was only after working with you I realised I had lost my voice. The discussions we’re having are very helpful and getting me closer to my positioning which is why I chose to work with YOU.” Beverley Anderson


This deep dive 1:1 program is designed to discover your genius  - which identifies your purpose found in the combination of your expertise and life experience - and create your profitable and passion-based business so that you can do what you love, in a way that feels good for you.

Eliminate your competition with your unique brand authority

5 1:1 Sessions.




What to expect:

  • Uncover your brand story in an intensive 1:1 session
  • Detailed analysis of your E2personal blueprint
  • Map out your brand platform based on your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience
  • Your weaknesses become your strengths when you uncover your blocks and turn them into your success


E2 PERSONAL BLUEPRINT™ - Based on a scientific phenomenon called epigenetics - the study of how outside environmental factors affect the way your genes express themselves - which impacts not only your health, but it actually impacts who you are and think you are.  Research shows that depression, happiness, and even success found in the ways your genes express themselves and that you can actually change the way your genes have been programmed - you actually can change your future.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief and research scientist, "95 percent of the human population arrives on this planet with a perfectly functional set of gene blueprints."

That's incredible.  Then why is there so much disease?  Why is there so much depression?  What they have found out is that most people are born perfect with a perfect genetic makeup.  You were born to succeed, to be healthy, and to win.  But outside factors - your parents, your diet, and your environment have changed that.

How does this play into you?  This is your E2 Personal Blueprint - the discovery of who you really are and who are meant to become reveals your true identity as a business owner and defines your niche.




Solidify your signature program and profit-generating business model. Together we will create your positioning and expert status using key words and ensure it is infused with high level value strategies so you can charge a premium rate.

What to expect:

Create Your Business Vision Guide

1. Your specialty or offering / why people hire you
2. Your dream client / who they are
3. Your point of view & purpose / what you want to be known for
4. Your approach / what people can expect along the way
5. Your personal brand / in your voice & style

Solidify your google-proof keywords aka, magnetize your clients by taking the words right out of their mouths


entrepreneur Friends.png


You are not an avatar and neither are they! You'll discover the heart behind your Best Business Friends (BBF) and develop a connection with your business purpose that will enable you to attract clients that value you for who you are.

What to expect: 

  • Develop your signature voice & style that will be the root of your personalized marketing
  • You'll discover how closely aligned you are to them and how to clearly identify them when you meet them
  • Align your heart with your mission by understanding how your life impacts the lives of your BBF's and develop a new understanding of how to attract them to you.

Entrepreneur desk styled


You have 5 seconds to magnetize your ideal client when they land on your website.

Your website creates an experience through story telling and properly positioned value.

What to expect:

  • Define your communication style for your website
  • Craft your story into the words your ideal clients need to read for your home page, sales page, and about page
  • Understand how to communicate your solution through the urgent problems of your ideal clients


Design your business plan and strategy that fits your personality and greatly connects and serves your BBF Legacy Clients at the deep level you want and they need. They are magnetized by the depth of your lifetime of discoveries and most importantly, you now know what you need to do to reach your BBF's and feel confident to do it.

What to expect:

  • Design your authentic client attraction marketing strategy that feels comfortable to you
  • Understand which platforms you need to be on to make sure your message reaches your BBF Legacy Client's eyes and ears
  • Be "everywhere" without actually BEING everywhere



3-2-1 LAUNCH

Create your first webinar or teleclass so you can launch into a business that is attracting clients at the start! You'll get the Positioned to Sell Strategic Marketing System. Everything you need to launch like a pro.

marketing pro

What to expect:

  • Create a strategic marketing selling machine that gets your message out in a way that lights you up and feels easy for you
  • Understand how one strategic selling tool can bring you long term results
  • Create a webinar and sales funnel that attracts your BBF's and converts

Total genius, marketing plan, positioning, marketing strategy, purpose, cause


  • E2 Personal Blueprint™ Vision Guide
  • The BLOCKBUSTER - Bust through your blocks for genius long term success
  • Strategic Planning Mastermind Guide


Unlimited private messaging support
1:1 session recordings of each of the sessions

If you're ready to build your profit generating, passion business,
attract an audience that values you for who you are,
and finally get paid your worth,
let's chat.

Your success is waiting...

In 32 years in the business world, I have NEVER met a coach/consultant/strategist who is so gifted. Shana just gets it and makes it seems effortless - which of course, it isn’t. Her brilliance is the result of a lifetime a learning, her deep expertise in her subject and her huge heart. Her understanding of her clients and their issues, and her instinct for what to do are superlative. If you haven’t worked with Shana, do it. Your business and life deserve her magic - her genius. - Sarah Blick
You are infectious and inspiring. I was completely floored and amazed at how perceptive you are and your ability to see me and my situation in such a short space of time. You gave some really profound and direct insights into my situation which I’m really grateful for.
— Elisabeth
I’m now fully booked with clients.I don’t think I’ve ever said thank you for the amazing work you do with me. You’re fantastic and I’m deeply grateful.
— Anna
Warning: will blow minds...
— Nicolle
You helped me see clearly and by the end of the first session I felt like I knew what to do to help myself IMMEDIATELY. Your ability to really hear what I’m saying and then say the perfect and most wise thing, whether it’s suggesting an action step or offering a new perspective.
— Stephanie
I am so excited and I have SO much gratitude! If any of you are considering this program, snatch it up while you still can . . . it’s the real deal! – Yup! I am about to be busier than EVER due to your genius coaching and my twenty years of healing experience. Thank you! xoxoxoxo
— Meg
If you’re thinking if this program is for you, I say DO IT! Shana has the most amazing gifts. She knows her business and at the same time can bring out the best in her client. Its like she has a second sense about how to handle people.
— Ellen
You’re objective. You look at the big picture. You have a modern perspective. I know how important work is to you. It is the focus of your life. I like working with you because you’re passionate about it. And personally I know you’re on my side and truly want me to succeed.
— Pamela
Shana gave us direction to redirect us and streamline our thoughts, and laid it out for us so we could break it down into actionable items. Before Shana, we had forgotten our reason for starting the business – which was to communicate and share the authenticity of our Japanese lifestyle. She worked with us to give us a new perspective and developed a budget to keep us in line. In addition to writing and developing all of the copy for our website, products and blog, she even introduced us to an herbalist who became a partner in the brand and is working to develop more products for our line. We are so grateful for our experience with Shana and highly recommend her to any entrepreneur or small business looking for a concrete map to lead them to success.
— Mario & Takako
All I can say is, if you haven’t yet - PLEASE DO YOURSELF A MASSIVE FAVOUR and book. After my first session I would say it’s a MUST!
— Roisin