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by Shana Lynn Yao
CEO | Business & Personal Success Strategist
Total Genius™

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"Everyone told me it was great. Why is nobody buying???"

If you've ever wondered that, welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. Yes, it's a common recurring dream (or nightmare) every entrepreneur has. You launch your webinar, product or service, promote it everywhere, and even get a lot of great feedback.  You thought it was a success... only to find that you thought wrong.

Surely they wouldn't LIE to you and tell you it was great if it really wasn't.. would they???


People lie. Yes, I’m sorry to break it to you but if you’ve ever been told:

“YES! I want it!”
“Oh not now but I AM going to get it once I get my first client…”
“That was the best webinar! I can’t wait to buy what you have!”

You did great, but hold your horses grasshopper… there is a critical thing you MUST know before you can move forward. 

People are liars. Yes, it’s true. Call it "people pleasing" but it's the unintended back slap that seems to have gone wrong. They don’t do it on purpose - I mean to them - they really want to support you. And they may even want what you sell...AT THAT MOMENT... But truthfully, people not buying despite positive feedback isn't even so much what they are saying and not saying that is causing you to lose the sale.  It’s actually YOU.  

Yes - I'm sorry to tell you, but in order to make turn it around, we need to get serious about this and find out what is REALLY going on and fix it so this never happens again.


See if this scenario sounds familiar. You just did a webinar/teleclass/launch and it seemed like it went great. The positive feedback was AWESOME. And this is what you're thinking and saying...

"You said you wanted it! Here it is!” 
"YES! You really need this. What can I do to make it better?"
"Come on - you know you need it!"
"Hmmmm, let me lower the price. That will work."

Have you ever said or thought those things? Launched something because you thought it was GREAT… only to get little response or worse yet… NO RESPONSE???

I've heard people say "Uh, no. I'm taking a pass on this" or "Yes I want it...just need to get one more client to pay for it." or the defeating pity excsuse "I can't even pay my rent or else I would do it in a heartbeat."

Meanwhile, you see them posting photos on Facebook of the Olympic sized swimming pool they are swimming in on their latest trip to the Bahamas, or flaunting the new couch set they bought for their million dollar house.

:( You sit wondering "What's wrong with me? What did I do wrong???"

My answer to you? NOTHING. You didn't DO anything wrong - but you THOUGHT and SAID something wrong.

It is a sad truth that entrepreneurs are taught to "sell" (have you seen the countless selling schools?" or to chase deals and ask tough questions, to learn the latest "persuasion technique. 

Is that you? 

I get it. We are all wired to chase things we want.

That means that our brains are designed to chase after what we want in order to be fulfilled. Once we want something, then we really go after it.

As I often talk about our 3 brains, our fear brain back in the cave man days wanted things too ... like food. They had to hunt every single day, and it was absolutely essential they knew how to capture dinner so they could survive.

But today, who hunts for food? I don't see any large prey, but your brain is still on the hunt. Chances are if you reading this, you're looking for your next client.

This hunting instinct becomes particularly critical after you do a great webinar and sales pitch. The response seems great! You've gotten great feedback ("Great webinar! Thank you!") and you're SURE this worked.

Awesome! You go back to wasting time on Facebook trying not to look at the clock. In moments you're cash register will be ringing!

Crickets :o

Ok ok… let me just sit this through, you think. "I've got my email sales funnel all set up" you're confident self says.

24 HOURS AFTER THE PITCH: you've sent the appropriate follow-up email thanking your audience for investing time in your webinar. Your email is something like "So glad you could attend! Here's the replay! Watch it again and give me some EXTRA love. ;)

You feel a little "needy" as it's already been one day, but this is probably what "selling" feels like - and you're determined to be the entrepreneur you set out to be. You aren't positioned correctly in your mind and have no idea things have started turning in the wrong direction.

48 HOURS AFTER: you haven't heard back and begin to wonder, what could have gone wrong, and begin playing back the webinar, minute-by-minute, looking for where you went wrong. You re-read the comments - yes they are positive! What's going on?!??! 

The weekend hits. You're funnel has been going but STILL nothing.

3-DAYS AFTER: STILL CRICKETS. Now panic is inside of you. You were expecting a flood of sales and now you feel panicked.

You decide to FOLLOW UP. 

You send another email or if you are brave enough, you even start messaging people..

"Hey Suzy Sale, I wanted to see if you had any questions about my product/service/whatever you sold?"

No response. You feel ignored And a little desperate.

Ok - hmmm - you sit on your hands and after 5 days decide you need to do something INTENSE. You put a lot of time and effort into creating your product/service and you're determined to get at least a few dollars from it.

Inside your mind you're TOTALLY PANICKED. You're fear/hunting brain is looking for your "dinner". Unconscious to you except for the fact it feels like you're heart is beating out of your chest and now all you see on Facebook are posts about people doing their million dollar launches, bragging about all of their clients and looking all confident and painfully HAPPY.

Inside your mind you are thinking, they stole my sale!!! WTF. Now I don't have money, no sales, AND no following… why aren't they answering my emails and messages???

Suddenly you decide - NO - I'm going to make money on this if it KILLS ME. You decide to mark the price down. To maybe start begging. Adding extra bells and whistles, giving more, packing in the value for pennies on the dollar. You feel ripped off and SALESY, but you're desperate, right?



Don't do ANYTHING… YET. First you need to understand what is REALLY going on. Brace yourself…

Your potential client - Suzy Sales - is thinking… NOTHING.

You see - brace yourself again - THEY ARE HUMAN!!! Yes!!! They are human just like you. They have a life, a family, screaming kids, and other things going on. 

The one thing you need to remember is… they attended your webinar which means, they are in need of what you teach and sell. They spent time with you because they have a problem you solve.

So what can you do to salvage the work and actually make the sales?


Here are the EXACT steps you need to take to make money on your product/service

Nothing produces panic - panic in your potential client - more than desperation. YOUR DESPERATION. 

We have 3 brains and are ruled by our fear brains. That means that people will run from you if they think you are desperate, needy, or selling them. Unless you have status in their minds, you fall into the "Is this person trying to kill me, run from me, or mate with me" fear brain reaction. 

Instead of desperation, lowering your prices, following up even more, HOLD YOUR HORSES. If you're business is positioned correctly, you:

  • Have a system that is attracting OTHER potential clients so you can focus on marketing to THEM
  • You sell other things so you aren't relying on one product/service to depend on to pay your bills
  • Your business is setup to seed in your confidence because you know the strong stand you take on what you sell 

So because your business is positioned correctly, you can now...

Suzy Sale may want what you sell but it may not be the right time for her. Your business is positioned right so you have other income from your other programs/products, and you can wait. Suzy sales is now in your "funnel" and will buy when she's ready. You can follow up in 2-3 weeks

And this is the most important rule...

The "scarcity" law is one of the 6 ways to influence people as written in the book "Influence" by Robert Cialdini. It wasn't a business bestseller for NOTHING!!!

Scarcity means instead of looking desperate and lowering your price, increasing your communication, you need to RAISE YOUR PRICE. TAKE THINGS AWAY. LIMIT TIME OF YOUR OFFER.

Yes… now I know FEAR is happening inside your own mind. That's natural. But if you're business is positioned correctly, you are able to confidently move forward. You know how to stand in your value, you're making money, and the system - the email funnel - your marketing - your positioning - will do the selling for you over time.

This is the job of you, the genius entrepreneur. It's what having a business that WORKS is about. Understanding what is going on in the minds of your target audience and designing your business to be positioned to sell, is how you DON'T get caught up in your own overthinking brain. 

A business that is Positioned to Sell means:
√ You sell what your ideal clients need
√ You have an evergreen marketing tool that can be your client attraction magnet
√ You know the exact words your ideal clients need to hear because you're so clear on them you speak their language
√ You are reaching your target audience all around the world because you're not relying on standard marketing tactics
√ You have a personalized marketing and positioning strategy that makes you STAND OUT as THE answer for your ideal clients

Now that you know what works, how are you going to implement this in your business? Have you been afraid to be exclusive and practice the law of scarcity?

Because in business, It’s not about being better than the competition. It's not about trying to be everywhere. And it's not about being on Facebook and trying to get more "likes".

It’s about having a business that is positioned correctly. A business that is based on your expertise and life experience, that supports what you STAND FOR, and ATTRACTS your ideal clients based on a purposeful strategy and system that works.

THAT is how you turn your webinar or launch into a client attraction machine.

This is exactly what I show you how to do inside of the Positioned to Sell FREE CLASS>.

Ready to scale attract your tribe of loyal PAYING CLIENTS and build your business in a smart, strategic and purposeful way using positioning?

Click here to grab your seat at my next FREE Online Class all about the EXACT steps to get your business positioned to sell! 


How to Get Your Programs Sold without being Salesy


Shana Yao is CEO and Founder of TOTAL GENIUS™, where she works with high achieving entrepreneurs to discover your genius - the combination of your greatest strengths, talents, and life experience - to create a profit generating business based on your purpose, that fulfills your life and makes an impact on the world. She is an award-winning Business and Personal Success Strategist with over 28 years of experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive. 

In her signature program Discover Your Genius, Shana helps her clients achieve discover and empower their genius within. Using her knowledge of neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology, emotional and positive intelligence, and high level business strategies, she works to develop her client’s unique vision by uncovering their purpose, their message, building their profit-generating signature program and putting their words into action on their website and in their customized marketing strategy. Schedule a chat to get your business and personal brand positioned to sell. 

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