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Shana Lynn Yao
CEO & Brand Story Stylist
(and that's my COO Harlow)

Business alignment, do you have it?

Alignment is something most people don't think about when you're going to build your profit-generating business. But the reality is, it's the key to attracting your ideal clients, choosing your niche, and aligning it with your expertise and life experience so you have the confidence and know how to build and market your business.

The sad part is, most people not only don't do the work to discover what their marketable strengths are, how to create a successful marketing plan based off of those strengths, and where to find your ideal clients, that they fail. They fail to recognize the gifts inside of you and focus more on the eye candy and allure of other people's success and money, and end up spending countless dollars on random courses and coaching, in pursuit of financial gain.


Everlasting brands have one focus when they start - their END goal. Where do you want to be in a year? In 3 years? In 5? What are you inspired and committed to create? Who needs what you sell? What is your marketing plan? Who can help you get there? How can you make money now to get you to your next level of success?

Long lasting, successful brands start with a confident, purposeful leader who knows who they are and what they want, then builds their business from the INSIDE OUT.

Ready to get started? Take the Free Quiz, and discover your POSITIONING to get you aligned wth your greatest strengths, challenges, and future path!




Shana Lynn Yao, CEO & Your marketing Mastermind, http://totalgenius.net


What does it really take to have a successful business so aligned with your true interests and talents so that you're doing what you love, AND making the money you want?

The Business Luminary Positioning Quiz will help you reveal your strengths and weaknesses in your business so you can focus on what you do best and eliminate the rest.

Take the quiz and discover your positioning and entrepreneurial identity so you can show off your personal style, value and depth of your work, and reveal your next steps to your personal freedom and success.

You will uncover:

  • What type of Luminary Leader you are so you can bring more of your genius out to attract your BBF Legacy client

  • Get clear on what is holding you back so you can tackle it head on

  • Reveal the truth in your positioning so you can show off more of who you are

  • Discover your spiritual alignment and business muse that will leave you with a higher vision of the possibilities available to you in your business

  • Discover your branding identity so you can refine your presence online

It totally fits. I really appreciate this because it helps you in getting the inside scoop of who you are. Amazing <3

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