Shana Yao Business strategist Total Genius, raving fans

We rise by lifting others.

Danielle Binns,
Ryan Croy, Founder & CEO, PublicHaus Agency

In 32 years in the business world, I have NEVER met a coach/consultant/strategist who is so gifted. Shana just gets it and makes it seems effortless - which of course, it isn’t. Her brilliance is the result of a lifetime a learning, her deep expertise in her subject and her huge heart. Her understanding of her clients and their issues, and her instinct for what to do are superlative. If you haven’t worked with Shana, do it. Your business and life deserve her magic - her genius." - Sarah Blick

"I know a lot of coaches but YOU are different. You genuinely care about my success and happiness in the short and long run. Working with you is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I've ever made." - Danielle Binns


"Shana was a major force in helping me define my personal brand and vision after recently launching my own agency. We got to the core of what I want my business and brand to stand for and established the right way to communicate that to my audience. She's been super dedicated throughout the process, and most importantly, she helped transform blindspots into new revenue streams! - Ryan Croy, Founder & CEO, PublicHaus Agency

Erial Wheeler, I Her Brand
"Truly, Shana thank you for your every day commitment to your purpose, passion and speaking your truth because you have inspired and led those who are ready to take on the world and seriously impact the lives of others. Thank your showing me the way to be truly free of living nothing but an extraordinary life, the way it is intended. sees, and a way of finding solutions so different that they get results." 
Dr. Meg Haworth, Psychologist, Certified Nutritionist and celebrity chef

"You seriously you up-leveled the perception to who I really am. Your hard work solved the problem of how to put all of my work together that took over a decade to create!!! Thank you!!!"
— Dr. Meg Haworth, Holistic Psychologist & Nutritional Strategist

Reena Dahl Singh, Zama Care Center

"You live and speak your truth and that's why it's seems effortless for you to guide us to the 'light' of finding our true value. I am so happy we found each other! This whole morning I have thinking about just that and how grateful I am to you for reminding me of my value." -  Reena Dailai Singh

Sierra Elmore, 13 Elm Streets


"You have the biggest impact on pretty much everybody you know. I'm lucky to know you."  - Sierra Elmore, 13 Elm Streets, Master Your Money Code Student





WOW. Super Awesome (so singing that right now). I booked my first high paying client and drawing up the contract/outline today. Super excited
I’m so grateful to be making a difference for these people! Thank you again and again, key holder, for unlocking what was inside!!!
— Sarah Blick
Shana helped me connect two very important things I am passionate about, in a way that is meaningful and life changing for people.
She helped me find the missing pieces for my business and it was right in front of me all along - it was like talking to someone who totally understands me and “gets” me at the core.
— Brandy Baker
I would recommend you and your services to anyone looking to dig deep and improve their business by looking inside themselves. Inside is where you have shown me that my own value and success were waiting just to be uncovered..
Thank you for all that you do, I know I don’t speak alone when I say; you really are amazing, and I am so happy to have found you.
— Brandy Baker
I’ve already grown so much!! I have to say there is something special about this challenge, you both and the work we are doing, can’t tell you how many challenges I’ve signed up for and bailed on!
— Elizabeth Nostvick Groom,
You have started a movement! I also want to go on record that I was offered $5,000 toward my business as a result of the videos I have put out thanks to Shana Lynn Yao!
— Manavjeet Kaur
You started a movement! Yet as you treat every person you interact with as special and individual (whether they are a client or not), you never noticed how many of us you touched. Until now - yes we are with many, and there will be more and more people who can rejoice in your knowledge and giving energy.
— Sandra Rios Vital-ten Hoope
I just want you to know how much you have impacted me and how many women have come to me today to say how inspired they were by my video. Crying tears of holy shitballs yassss.
— Val Cripps
Just wanted to genuinely say THANK YOU for everything you do Shana, You’ve helped me tremendously!! I really appreciate you.
— Andi Rondestvedt
“You have changed my life... and this is only towards the beginning of the journey!
— Amy Derr
You truly transformed my life Shana Lynn Yao. It truly gave me the power to start to fly. You have no idea how it changed my life..
— Nicolle Lim Shuyan