3 Ways Instagram Can Grow Your Business

How Instagram Is Taking Over Social Media

By Shana Lynn Yao

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65% of people are visual learners.

Instagram. It just feels good. Whether you are a blogger or a small business owner, being on Instagram is no longer an option. With over 700 million active users monthly, you can't ignore this rising superstar of social media.

While some say Facebook is the place to be, there is an underground rumbling of dissatisfaction amongst many in the entrepreneurial space. With new algorithms, new competition, and massive distraction, many high value entrepreneurs are starting to get wary of this once darling of social media. And for good reason.

One of your biggest competitors that you may not even be aware of, is yourself. With the rise of distraction, comparisonitis, and the lowered self esteem that manifests from that, entrepreneurs must pay attention to this silent competitor that threatens to steal your productivity and high value.


The Instagram Solution

According to a research study by comScore, internet users in the US spend approximately12 billion minutes on Instagram each month. Compared to Facebook’s 230 billion minutes, on face value it seems like a drop in the bucket - but for niche businesses looking to gain attention from a specific audience, it actually is a huge opportunity.

65% of people are visual learners. Along with your words, all humans interpret everything though stories. The art of storytelling  is done not only through your words, but through your visual interpretation of those words. That means, once you master the art and science of Instagram, you not only increase visibility for you and your business but also have a higher chance of converting your audience into paying clients.

So let's explore more 3 reasons Instagram can grow your business and why you need to get on it to grow your following.


As a Business Strategist, all I hear all day and everyday is how everybody needs more clients. You want to sell more products. Get more customers. I get it - customers and clients are the life blood of every business. Or are they?

We all know we need to diversify our incomes - and there are numerous ways to make money as an entrepreneur. But outside of the typical, tried and true ways, many miss seeing the opportunities that are outside of their niche.

For example, sponsorship. While many online business owners focus on clients and customers, bloggers have a different source of income. They look to BRANDS as their source of income. Fashion and food bloggers have mastered the art of self promotion. Rather than seeing 10K as their goal to grow their following, bloggers aim for hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. Brands seek out those with a following and not only pay them to promote their clothes/food/magazine etc - but also send them tons of free products.

And it works both ways. Bloggers are now starting to get smart and diversifying their income by adding coaching to their repertoire of offerings. And with their massive and loyal followings, they are making bank.

What possible income opportunities are you missing by not looking outside of the box?


Social media users - your audience - loves visual content. Rather than the sometimes spammy and time consuming posts found on Facebook, people want to see more images. According to research, visual content is currently the most important tactic businesses use for optimizing their social media content. It offers easy commenting, and furthering engagement through the power of Instagram stories and messaging.


Hate selling? Great - people hate being sold to. Focusing on trying to figure out how to manipulate people's minds so they will see you and want to buy from you is a very misinterpreted view of the marketing and selling process. When you actually understand what marketing is and how to use it to attract clients, you will understand that marketing is actually not sleazy selling but mastering the art of communication.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself.
— Peter Drucker

Aside from your website, Instagram is one of the best ways to fully express your brand's identity through the power of visual branding. Communicating your personal style is how you communicate the value of your brand.


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So there you go - 3 ways Instagram can grow your business. And in fact, because it's a user friendly and positive platform - rather than the sometimes negative environment of Facebook, when done in a strategic way, Instagram can help lead you to your best badass business and life (more on this to come!)

So I want to ask you - what do you love about Instagram and how can you dominate your niche with this powerful (and fun!) platform? Tell me in the comments below. 

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