Best Instagram Style Trends To Upgrade Your #OOTD


By Shana Lynn Yao

Best Instagram Style Trends To Upgrade Your #ootd #fashionblogger #girlboss
Fashion fades, style is everlasting.
— Yves Saint Laurent

I used to read a lot of fashion magazines to stay on top of the latest fashion trends - and I mean A LOT. From Harper's Bazaar to Vogue to WWD - I was addicted. But now, with Instagram and the millions of fashion blogs at your fingertips, there are so many places to get inspiration.

But the problem is, when you are a business owner on a budget, how do you upgrade your look, stay with the trends, and still look extra enough to stand out? 

Otherwise known as personal branding, your personal style is no longer (haha) personal. In fact, as a business owner, blogger, and even a person with a job, in today's world of social media, establishing yourself, your look, and your personal brand isn't so much about shopping for the latest trends as it is about seeing the trends and making them your own with what you currently have. 

In fact, getting seen and followed on Instagram requires you to show your personal style and unique perspective. So while many of the bigger name fashion bloggers, celebrities, and brands are dressed to the 9's, there is an underlying theme below those fashion trends which is their personal style.

Standing Out On Instagram

#lookgoodfeelgood is a hashtag I stand behind and believe EVERY bossbabe needs to embody. And if you want to establish and define your brand style  you have to decide to give your own look a bit of an upgrade - by literally CLAIMING your brand style through your personal look.

So let's dive into the 3 biggest style trends as seen on Instagram, that you need to steal ASAP.


This is one of my favorite style trends that I've seen all over Instagram. As seen on the biggest fashion bloggers and celebrities, turning your look up a notch STANDS OUT. I can think of no better example of this than Kelsey Simone - a teen YouTube and Instagram self-made star. 

In fact, this torn turtleneck look is actually all over Youtube. I was a bit shocked when I saw this look and wanted to create it myself, and found a treasure chest of DIY videos on Youtube. I mean, who knew you could literally take an old turtleneck (I mean who wears those stodgy suffocating tops anyway...) and just tear off the collar to create an "extra" look???


Just check out Kelsey Simone - with over a million followers on Youtube and over 640,000 on Instagram, she is a self proclaimed thrift store junkie! With this over-the-top vintage pin (oh so bougie) pinned on a DIY sweater from any inexpensive teen store (hello Forever 21) - you can copy the look and make your own statement with an old sweater you have and some super cheap and over the top accessories. 

But the torn turtleneck is not the point. The point is, get CREATIVE. If your goal is to stand out in all of your beautiful "extraness" (see how that works it's way in there?!?) you can create your own unique, super "extra" style trend.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
— Coco Chanel


This is actually my personal favorite - having signature pieces you wear every single day. While it seems very "not trendy", as Yves Saint Laurent said "Fashion fades, style is everlasting" - it's everlasting.

Invest in one piece - a necklace, earrings, colorful glasses, even a certain color lipstick - and do that 90% of the time. 

For me, it's my gold choker (as also seen on megastar fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat.

On Instagram, variety is important but consistency and overall cohesiveness trumps trendy every single time. Our human brains are trained to be attracted to things we see that follow a pattern. It helps us make sense of the world around us.

Without getting too technical, we actually take in all information through pictures and stories. It's one of the reasons Instagram works. It's the worlds largest photo album - and for you, the business owner - it's your own personal magazine to showcase yourself, your brand, and your business or blog.

What is your statement "black dress"?

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.
— Karl Lagerfeld


This is truly the best style trend to steal from Instagram - and the good news is - it's FREE. It's called being yourself out loud.

Yes, while shopping for new clothes is fun and something I love doing, it's really not the key to establishing your presence on Instagram or in life. Being confident in the fullest expression of yourself is the number one style trend that never goes out of style.

#beyou is not just a hashtag. It's your God-given right. You were born beautiful, regardless what flaws you may think you have. And you don't have to be rich or have the latest and greatest new outfit in order to BE the latest and the greatest - first to yourself, and then to world as a whole as an Instagram superstar.

So now that you know the 3 biggest style trends as seen all over Instagram - what style trend are you going to own and start using today? Share your style trend below in the comments, and get busy not just wearing the latest trends, but setting them.

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