Creative Business Tips For Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

By Shana Lynn Yao

Instamass - 12 Days Of Business Tips For Entrepreneurs & small business

I feel like a kid in a candy store (gluten free please) but if you are a vlogger fan, you've heard of "vlogmass" - where fashion and beauty vloggers do 24 days of xmas videos throughout December. It's fun, build awareness - wait, did I say FUN!?!?!

The holidays are here and baby, it's not only cold outside but that means that 2018 is just around the corner. And if you're an entrepreneur or small business owner, dealing with the holiday rush doesn't mean improving your potential and bottom line profits can be put off or later.

Awareness is the name of the game - so if you want to get on your path to creating awareness of your brand and your fabulous self, join me for 12 days of INSTAMASS. You'll get daily bursts of business tips, inspiration, motivation and business strategy to use and apply so you can create more positive action in your business.

Get the sleighbells out, Santa Claus and I are coming to your Instagram everyday until Christmas. Oh - and if you have any special requests for me to record about, please let me know!

Whose in? Join me on a sleigh ride where we get out of misfit land and ride shotgun with Santa himself.

***(put your notifications on as times will vary)


Shana Yao is Creative Director and Founder of Total Genius® where your personal style becomes your personal brand. Understanding your own personal style and brand story is the foundation of a solid brand, communicated on your website, social media, and voice. You can connect with her @total_genius on Instagram

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