How To Do A Webinar Even If You're Technically Challenged


By Shana Lynn Yao

Webinar Plan.png

You're a creative genius - a million ideas a minute, and give you a creative project and you're on it! But when it comes down to marketing yourself in your business, your eyes cross. It's not even a dictionary term but "not-techy" is literally part of your vocabulary. 

TRUST ME - I've googled it too, so don't be ashamed. I've got your back! As a self-proclaimed creative genius, even though I've won awards for my marketing magic, when the word "webinar" was introduced to me, I ran the other direction. Everyone was talking about the software I needed, the sales funnels I had to program, the sales pages and techy things that take a lot of logical brain power and required me to put my creativeness into a technical box. 

That's what delegating is all about! But if you're just getting started in the webinar world, learning how and why you do one is important.

As a Business Strategist that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their business, doing a webinar in most cases may not be essential to making money, but it can help you jump start your sales and client flow. So despite my own technical challenges, as a strategist, I don't jump into tangled messes, I find ways around them. 

Having a marketing strategy that works is about working SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

Obviously, the easy answer would be to hire someone to do it for you. But you still need to understand the process in order to delegate it to someone and if you're on a budget, it just makes better sense to learn it yourself.

Because the truth is, whether you do a webinar or not to promote your business is a choice, but if you find yourself not having a steady client flow, not making money, it's the easy (yes easy!) and fastest way to start your money flow flowing.

First Steps

To create a plan that works, first we need to understand the basics:


What is your webinar vibe? What is the message you want to deliver?

What’s your webinar's specific purpose? (how do you want the viewers to feel? What is it you want them to do when they watch it? What is your call to action at the end?)

Who is your audience? Who are your people?

What will make your webinar/you stand out?

What will you be selling/inviting them to do at the end?

In actuality, you need a plan to get your non-techy brain into logical thinking order. So if you're ready to COMMIT to your webinar adventure, here is an EASY, STEP BY STEP plan for the non-techy creative babes that are ready to shine.