How To Find Your Voice In Business & Blogging

How To Stand Out Online

By Shana Lynn Yao

How To Find Your Voice In Business & Blogging

It's probably the most asked question when people start their business.

How do you stand out online in the crowded environment?
What do I write about?
I love so many things - how do I pick one?

And yet, if you haven't found it yet and are struggling to get noticed online, it doesn't matter how long you have been blogging or been in business - chances are you are a bit scattered, struggling wth doubt, and going nowhere fast.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Today, we are going to help you find your voice in business and blogging and claim your place in the online world. Here are 3 things you can do to find your voice.

(Warning: Some of these might be surprising to  you of why you haven't found it yet but if you look at your own behavior you may see the connection).


Ok - like I said, this may be one of those surprising things because, uh, you just said you couldn't find it. But the truth is, you actually have it already. In fact, you have used that voice and developed your own perspective on life to create the life you are living. 

That's called "having an opinion" (and I know you do!) So while you may be kicking and screaming trying to understand how to narrow this voice down into a cohesive brand online, it IS already inside of you.

Therein lies the problem you have trying to find it. 

When you lose something, you go looking for it. It's lost, so you go in search of it - OUTSIDE of you. And if you already have your voice INSIDE of you... do you see the problem?

Stop looking for answers outside of you. You actually have to become clearer about who you are and what you want your blog and business to be about. And don't worry if you are multi-passionate. That actually is a GOOD thing! It means you have a personality

When I work with my clients to build their brand, I always ask them what they want to be known for. So today, once you decide to stop looking for your voice and decide to USE your voice, create a manifesto that will shorten it into a clear, concise vision.


Again, probably a surprising truth about claiming your voice in business and blogging - but  being and staying confident is a business rule everyone tells you but few people take time to remember.

Owning your confidence means that once you decide your vision of what you want to create, you take steps to actively go after it. That means to not let the ups and downs of business get in your way. Look - having a business and putting yourself out for judgement from others everyday is HARD. It's never easy to feel rejected, or to take the risks necessary to establish your brand in the crowded online world.

Even worse is the constant reminder of how not good you may be next to whoever you are currently idolizing. They have what you want - the money, the followers, and the confidence you seek. But owning your confidence means appreciating others that may actually be better than you doing what they are doing - but NOBODY is as good as you are and what you do - simply because no one is YOU.

Owning your confidence means developing a daily habit of confidence.  Otherwise known as the habit of success, you can reprogram your mind to a higher level of confidence and self esteem, simply by doing a few things everyday that will, over time, create a bulletproof confident mind.


When you start your business and blog you actually aren't starting a hobby. Even if it is a "side hustle" to earn extra cash, it's actually a JOB.

Yes, having a business is actually a job. It's a job that you can get paid for, one you actually have to report to, be consistent at, and OWN. Otherwise known as being a BOSS or CEO - you are not only the worker but the actual owner of your own company. 

Owners of companies wear a different hat than worker bees. And unfortunately/fortunately, when you start out you are probably doing both.

But bosses see things differently. As a worker bee, you are paid to look at the details. To make sure you're doing the day to day work, posting on social media, writing, etc. But as a boss, you have to see the BIG PICTURE. You get paid (or not) to zoom out. To see the long term vision (what we decided in number one) and to keep the processes in order. It is your job as the boss to keep your employee motivated. To stay on task and make sure things happen even when you don't feel like it. And to build the relationships with other people so you can get your brand out there.

But most of all as a boss, you have to take measurable risks. Bosses don't just sit behind a desk, get lost in distraction, drool over other people's businesses and their success. They stay focused on their OWN success and what makes them different and better than their competitors.

So there are you are! 3 tips to finding - or rather CLAIMING your voice in business and blogging. So I want to hear, what other ways have you found that work for you to claiming your unique voice? Feel free to ask questions and let's get the conversation started so you can grow your business and blog and get seen and heard by the people that need your voice to get out.

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Shana Yao is a Best Life Strategist at Total Genius®. She believes we all have a story that lives inside of us. Your life story when uncovered and developed, becomes a brand story that creates your life purpose, changes lives and is the money code that becomes your life of profit, purpose, and meaning. You can connect with her @total_genius on Instagram and Your Best Life on Facebook.