How To Gain Confidence In Business

By Shana Lynn Yao

Do you trust yourself?

Go ahead and answer. I'll wait here.

Ok - so do you trust yourself? Chances are if you really took time to answer that question, you either gave a resolute "YES" or you paused and said "Yes - EXCEPT ____" and then named some area you feel you are lacking in.

Self trust. It lives at the root of the way you have lived your life. You probably don't think about it very often, but lack of self trust manifests in life as not speaking up when you want due to fear of judgement from others, not trusting your decisions so always asking people for their opinions, and well, of course, a lot of people pleasing.

And what that results in is (brace yourself) - NOT getting what you want out of life, NOT taking risks that may be essential to getting to your next place in life, and NOT trusting yourself for fear of judgement from others. And as an entrepreneur who should be on fire, if you care what other people, lack self trust, you may be find yourself in a lot of doubt of your own personal value and self worth, compromising your vision of what you really wanted from your business, and not able to live up to your full potential, speak your mind, and well, make money.

At the root of it all is that you care. And caring is great - caring for people who love you, caring to make a difference in the world - but caring what other people think - people that don't even matter in the greater context of your own success and happiness. 

The definition of an entrepreneur is that you create things. You create things to solve problems - and to create a life you love. So if you find yourself drowning in questions:

"Is it ok to say this?"
"What should I price this at? Is that too high?"
"I don't want to look salesy." 
"What if it doesn't sell?"
"I don't know what to do" (but you're drowning in information)

At the root of those questions is fear of judgement. Doubt. Lack of self trust. The complete opposite of the freedom based life you are seeking to create with your own business.

Go make some decisions TODAY.

If someone doesn't "like" you, that's OK - you don't like everyone, why should everyone like you?

You feel salesy? HELLO - you have a business and sell things. If someone thinks you are salesy, they probably weren't your customer in the first place.

Take back control of your LIFE. If your business is positioned correctly, you solve an urgent problem for someone. You won't look salesy if you truly follow your heart, speak your mind, and have the courage to be yourself.

The number one thing people are seeking is CONFIDENCE and permission to be themselves. And the only way to truly help others, to live your best life, and to actually make money in your business is to give yourself permission to BE YOURSELF.

That is the freedom you're seeking. That's how you stop caring about what other people think. You just stop caring what they think and start caring what YOU think. Confidence isn't a light switch; it takes conscious effort in the small decisions you make. All the big changes in life start with the little things you do every day. It's an exercise in self-trust. If you don't trust the one person you live with your entire life, how the hell do you expect to be happy?

That's your homework for this week. And for the rest of your life.