how to get what you want by using everything you have

next steps: empowering your vision into action
By Shana Lynn Yao

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Have you ever been at a place in your business or life when you feel like a change is in order? It feels a little like chaos, discontent, or just a little tug inside of you that feels like a gnawing tug in your heart and soul - something you can’t shake.

If so, you’re alone! That feeling and nudge is actually a sign. A powerful sign that something bigger is inside of you and prompting you to GROW! However scary it may seem, it’s actually an exciting and empowering place to be.

Sometimes the best things, happen when you aren’t looking for them.

conquering indecision

When you don’t know what to do, or what to do next, the best thing to do is STOP. I know - that seems like the OPPOSITE of what would inspire action, but doing nothing is actually how to figure out what you WANT.

WHAT? You know what you want? Well silly - then why aren’t you doing anything about it???

That’s called “indecision”. Indecision is caused by when you either have too many ideas that you don’t know which to do first, or perhaps - just consider this - you haven’t DECIDED what you want.


That seems like a big slap in your dream catching face. But the truth is, if you knew what you wanted, had decided to pursue it, then NOTHING - and I mean NOTHING would hold you back!

As hard as it may be to grasp, you, being the amazing and creative person you are, are stuck. Stuck in a limited thinking or non-thinking pattern called life as you know it. With our chaotic daily lives, social media puling you in with their algorithms, and a human brain programmed with 95% unconscious, repetitive thought, no one can blame your for settling for less than you deserve.

Conquering Indecision means taking control of your own destiny. To break free, you need to take action, but first you need to:

  1. Stop and DECIDE.

  2. Meditate on it.

  3. Go on a walk alone (in nature if possible, and better yet, with your dog).

  4. WRITE DOWN what it is you want to pursue.

The best way to get what you want with what you have, is to KNOW what you want and ACKNOWLEDGE what you have.
— Shana Yao

busting through the blocks

If you’re human - and if you’re reading this, there is a good chance you are! - there is a good possibility that if you give your big vision you just DECIDED on above, enough time, you may be coming up with excuses of why it won’t work.

Yes, I said excuses. Excuses are what are human brains do when we set off to do anything that we’ve never done before, looks unreasonable, and seems so BIG and DREAMY.

And while that seems a little disappointing, it’s ok! You’re human, and if you’ve actually just DECIDED to go after your dreams, it’s going to seem a little/lot scary.

So how do you bust through fear and how do you actually know it’s going to work? Aren’t those excuses legit? What if your big idea results in failure? What if the worst thing imaginable happens?

What if?

Look, I’m going to be honest. Pursuing your dream - whatever it is - it’s going to involve risk. You may not find examples of people that have done that exact thing before. And, well, you may fail.

And while that seems horrible, I actually have a powerful mindset for you. It’s about OWNING YOUR JOURNEY and deciding NOT TO SETTLE. Because the truth is, you’ve failed in the past. A lot. I know - I’m the pot calling the kettle black - I know! I’ve failed too - A LOT! - and look, I’m still here and you are too.

Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of not trying in the first place.
— Marie Forleo

What’s worse than failing? Never trying. That little voice inside of you telling you to do something may be a whisper now. But that is what Oprah calls the knock upside your head, the boulder that falls in your path, or the one that crashes down on you. That voice is your intuition and higher calling trying to get your attention.

Look, life is short. And it’s getting shorter by the second. Either you have to take action or you have to give up. And if the thought of giving up just made you want to throw up, then decide that fear is just success waiting to happen.


FEAR BUSTING EXERCISE: Write down 20 reasons why you can’t do what you want to do, and 20 reasons of why those reasons are LIES. Excuses. And can be busted through.

changing the game you’re playing

You didn’t know you were playing a game? Well call life what you will, but to master it like the genius I know you are, your job isn’t to play along with the status quo, it’s to DEFY it. To change it. To create your own roadmap of success.

If you're an entrepreneur with a vision, it's now your job to think outside of the box. To literally DISRUPT YOURSELF. Disruption forces you to think about where you want your brand to go so that you can decide how to get there today.

No longer is it acceptable or attention worthy to follow the tried and true. In fact, following what you and others have always done is a good way to fall into over-learning, doubting yourself and learning outdated and overused practices that are so common place that potential clients and followers on Instagram have turned a cold shoulder.

While everyone is trying to learn and read up on the latest social media trends, thinking outside of the box allows your creative side to take over. To disrupt the ordinary with extraordinary.

Disruptive strategy shifts the conversation to what is new and different It catches the attention of others who share similar opinions because you appeal to the human condition, NOT to the marketing tactics being practiced.

Instead of fighting the competition, disruptive marketing allows you to change what is expected into a more natural flow and ease of using your unique skills and personality. At it's core, disruption is about eliminating the outdated and limiting boxes old school tactics and strategies often preach, and redirecting the conversation to something NEW, FRESH, and UNIQUE to your category of interest.

Instead of “playing by the rules” you eliminate the rules and make your own.

At this point you are now either totally excited or scared out of your mind. "WHAT?" you're thinking "I have to be a rebel???" 

Uh... yes, and I know inside of you there lives a strong spirit and the thought of shaking things up is secretly exciting..right??? And if that doesn't give you goose bumps, maybe theses 4 reasons why you need to disrupt your industry and yourself, will.

four mindsets to empower you to your best life


You know you do! We all do - it lives in your past, and in your life story - you've endured some life changing experience. Everything from child abuse, death of a family member, rejection from others, surviving cancer... you are a true story of a miracle and emerged a different person.

So in fact is disruption - it tells a story that others can understand. It leads and becomes the narrative in people's lives and creates an impact simply by engaging people into the greater purpose and mission, and not in questioning the validity of something so conceptual.


Getting out of your own way is actually just about changing the way you are thinking about a perceived problem. The blocks we create as humans are formed because they are based on past, outdated thinking, past experiences, and past failures. It’s the fear brain we discussed earlier that is trying to keep you “safe”. But in fact, it’s a very caged in, stuck place to be.

Instead, disrupting the current way you think about things is about empowering your CREATIVE SELF. Yay! Doesn’t that just sound FUN? Your job is to use your creativity, love of life, and passion to entertain NEW ideas and break old patterns.

How can you translate your vision into the new story you want to create, using images, words, sounds? What NEW ideas can you bring to this vision that feels FUN, DIFFERENT, and so you that it makes your heart sing?

How can you empower your own genius brand?


You're so good even YOU can't stand it. You know in your mind you're so much better than what other people see.

Why is that? Why are you trying to fit your BIG IDEAS and BIG MISSION into a tiny cookie cutter box? TRUE GENIUS requires creativity, guts, and leadership - to literally create a NEW IDEA around your big idea. When you do it your way and with your unique story, no one can copy you. No one can even come close.

Talk about being an independent leader... you're the ONLY one. Doesn’t that sound spectacular?


And this is the best one of all. You thought you had to sell yourself and your idea to others. You hate selling and hate telling others you're great.

AWESOME. You're great and need to own it - but the MOVEMENT you are leading is greater.

Disruptive thinking doesn't try to get people to “join your team” or recruit people to your big idea. It understands that whatever it is you want to create, it’s for the purpose of helping others - others who have real lives and real problems.

What is the human condition that your movement empowers people to be better people? To live better lives? How can you get over yourself and know that if you decide that YES, you have the power to make an impact in the world. To leave a legacy of truth, wisdom, and true purpose?

I know you can. So I want to ask you, what is the movement you are leading? How can you DISRUPT your industry and lead with your powerful personal brand? 

Tell me below in the comments. And please like this article and share it wth others. Together let's make this world a better place. For you, your family, and the lives of those that need you.


Shana Lynn Yao, best life business strategist

Shana Yao is a Business & Best Life Strategist at Total Genius®. She believes we all have a story that lives inside of us. Your life story when uncovered and developed, becomes a brand story that creates your life purpose, changes lives and is the money code that becomes your life of profit, purpose, and meaning. You can connect with her @total_genius on Instagram .