How To Get Unstuck In Your Business


How To Get Unstuck In Your business
What would this look like if it were easy?

You're stuck in your business - whether it's that your profits are down, your once booming business seems to have slowed, or you're just feeling blocked and you feel stuck. Has that ever happened to you? When you find yourself doing everything - everything EXCEPT working on your business. Suddenly random drawers need cleaning, you have to clean your house, and when was the last time you checked your Instagram and email?

It happens gradually until one day you wake up and what you once called your business has turned into busyness.

If that sounds familiar, have no fear. You're steps away from your next breakthrough and it's as simple as changing your mind. Even if you don’t believe right now, what if you just decided to ask - "what if"? 

Because you're about to find out how a simple shift in your thinking will lead you to the answers you are looking for, and everything from your business to your enjoyment of everything you are doing - will dramatically increase when you do.

And it just takes this one shift.


Oftentimes the cause of our lack of clarity is completely the opposite of what you think it is. While you may think it's external - lack of funding, lack of resources, or lack of time - the truth is, creative blocks are caused by one thing... YOURSELF.

Yes, it's true. While you may want to blame that there are "no customers", competition, or that you don't understand something technical, those are actually just excuses. 

Ouch. I know it may hurt to hear and your first reaction may be, "No, it's just that I really am not a tech person and I can't afford to hire anyone!", in actuality, with enough creativity applied to ANY problem, it would no longer be a problem. But chances are if you are stuck, all you see ARE problems.

So what can you do to break free from this stuck place in your business? What is the shift you have to make to forever get rid of those pesky blocks?

It's called your BELIEF. Blocks in your business and life are caused by a lack of belief in the thing you are trying to achieve. I know, i know, you think - "but I really believe it's possible! I have plan, I've taken classes, done your mindset training, and meditated to total zen."

But the truth is, if you are still feeling blocked, something in your belief system hasn't shifted. Yet. 

Have no fear, that's why you're reading this article. Let's get you to the root of your block and BUST it into oblivion so your real creative and successful genius can flow through.


Blocks are temporary. And while there is no one right way to bust through them, there are research backed methods and questions you can ask yourself to help your own brain solve these temporary blockages.

It doesn't have to be so hard and you can move forward with the success you want. Here are 20 questions to ask when you’re stuck:

  1. What is the end result I really want? If things were perfect and money was not an issue?
  2. What am I assuming is true? Are those things really true? Why?
  3. What is the worst-case scenario if I didn’t follow those rules?
  4. Could I do the opposite?
  5. Who am I creating this for and what would make them excited?
  6. What am I afraid of?
  7. Why am I afraid of that?
  8. Is there an outside expectation holding me back?
  9. What do I really want?
  10. Could I change how I think it has to be done?
  11. What questions do I need to ask myself instead of the ones I keep asking?
  12. How would a 3rd grader approach this problem? 
  13. Am I trying to follow someone else’s path? Is that my path? Why?
  14. Is there someone or something that can help get me there? Who or what?
  15. What would this look like if it were easy?
  16. What if I was starting from a clean slate? No baggage, no past restrictions, completely fresh?
  17. What’s the primary block and why?
  18. What would this look like if I lived in a perfect world and I could make the same profits doing anything?
  19. Why do I want this to work? 
  20. Is there something else I really want to do? What makes me come alive that may be the thing holding me back?

In order to get unstuck and jump start your profit-generating business, you have to:

  • Believe that it is possible
  • Expect that you will find it
  • Become aware - answers are everywhere when you choose to believe

Understand that your brain is like a radio. If you're listening to the hip hop station, you will never hear the classical music you are trying to hear. Tune it into the information, people, positive thoughts that are right in front of you. You may think there is nothing there, but if you're looking for a sign, this is it. 

What you seek is seeking you. Be open and actively looking for things that inspire you - they will lead you to the answers you seek and align you with the right people, things, experiences, and knowledge that will match your skills and talents with your goals so you can grow and succeed.

So I want to hear, what blocks do you have holding you back? How can you bust through those blocks and get back on your path to success? It's probably easier than you think, and once you can identify the problem as the questions above will help you do, you will be able to move forward with speed and total alignment. 

Shana Yao is a Branding & Marketing Strategist, with over 28 years of experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive. She works with high achieving clients to empower them to own their expertise so they can make a bigger impact in the world, with a signature business that reflects their personal style. She is host of the Marketing Made Meaningful podcast on ITunes, dog mom, and lover of life. You can find her at the coolest coffee shops in LA working on her mission, or connect with her on her favorite social media app, Instagram (of course!) @total_genius