How To Make Money Doing What You Love - Turn Creativity into Productivity

By Shana Lynn Yao

You're a creative genius. You've got a million ideas of what you could do and want to do that you just know that if you could JUST get it out the right way, you would be rich. But...

How often has your creativity actually turned into distraction, frustration, and a soul sucking black hole?

Believe me, I get it. Being creative is harder than it looks. If not disciplined, it leaves you chasing irrelevant tangents, winding up in places far from the result you were originally going for. And for the entrepreneur who wants to make money and create success, creativity can leave you broke, confused, and depressed.

The truth is, in order to turn creativity into PRODUCTIVITY you have to actually give it a sense of order - to transform it from a reckless pursuit into a disciplined practice. And rather than feeling stifled, having a container in which you operate is the most freeing and purposeful way to reign in your random thoughts into productive wizardry. 

Your Brand Ethos

In order to reign in your creative genius, it starts with a SOLID FOUNDATION. A mission statement. A belief that all of your creativity can be segmented under. I call it a MANIFESTO or your Brand Ethos.

Otherwise known as a mission statement, it's a statement of what you do in your business that is NOT your "elevator speech" but more a declaration of your beliefs, your values, and your overall mission and purpose of your business. It's the deeper meaning of why you do what you do - as Simon Sinek would call it - your big WHY.

Knowing what you stand for and putting it into words (the part most people miss) is not only empowering, but it will give you the container in which everything - from your next marketing project, to how you communicate on Instagram and Facebook, to attracting your tribe of clients you love.

The 5 Minute Plan

You're creative - I get it. And doing things that take planning and order as a creative genius can be overwhelming. Luckily, I did the hard work for you. In fact, growing up with a father who was a civil engineer, and working 25 years as a retail and shopping center marketing director where I had to turn my own creative ideas into solid strategic plans for the shopping center owners, corporate giants, and boards of trustees had it it's benefits. While I still sometimes can get distracted in my own genius, having this deeper understanding of the solid workings of business profitability is why I do what I do in my business.

If you're ready to reign in your own creativity and turn it into disciplined success, I've got a plan for you. And it only takes 5 minutes a day. As it turns out, turning your tedious tasks into daily habits and actually scheduling your creativity can transform your heartfelt intentions and genius thoughts into financial profit and personal success.

So without further ado, here's your 5 minute productivity plan.