Leaving A Legacy Of Wisdom

By Shana Yao

To leave a legacy of wisdom...

I heard that this morning and it chilled me to the bone. How beautiful it is to think your one life can be purposefully lived so that you are remembered for your wisdom. That your life impacted the lives of others - you with all of your life challenges and struggles - weren't all for not.

Use your life as a lesson - a lesson in the greatness that you are. Through all of your life challenges, failures, and successes.

I know for me, it's a daily practice. As an entrepreneur who has to do new things consistently, to get paid for the work that we put out (and only for the good work we put out) - staying on purpose and not giving into self doubt is a conscious practice. 

The problem for many people is that they get stuck following what other people are doing - forgetting their own personal values and VALUE, and slowly but surely, eventually forget who they really are and what they originally wanted. Gone are the dreams they originally had and many start wanting the success others have created for themselves.

In an alarming podcast episode, Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show talked about how just being around an environment of people (ie.Facebook) - you unconsciously not only are impacted by their energy, but you yourself actually leave an imprint of unseen energy in the places you show up. It was a a bit unsettling to think that just being online everyday, you are literally changing the environmental elements around you AND others are impacting the elements INSIDE of you. :o

Knowing this, it's even more important to understand your own life priorities and long term goals - so that they don't get lost in the shuffle of our busy online lives.

I know for me, I found my own answers in consciously deciding that I was worth it. That with every life I touch with my own personal journey - and helping others to find their clear path - I know the ripples of energy that will be created from one single connection.

If out of 7 billion people, you were only born as you. To me, that is a blessing all in it's own. Own your magic - I promise - if you decide to believe in yourself and focus on the legacy you are leaving and not the self confidence issue that seems more prevalent - you will almost by accident - build a life of significance and meaning.

Choose to leave the world a better place because you're in it. Leave a legacy of wisdom. You're so worth it and have the power inside of you. 

Shana Lynn Yao @total_genius