How To Get What You Want In 2018 - Goal Achievement Made Simple

By Shana Lynn Yao

The Simple Way To Reach Your Goals

What do you want? I mean really - if you could have anything you wanted in your life, what would it be?

Whether it's a million dollars, losing 20 lbs, or meeting the love of your life - everybody wants something. It's part of being human - we are achievers at our core and born to want a better life, want what we can't have, and just want MORE.

So maybe you are a high achiever - you have always set big goals for yourself and so far, you'v accomplished many of the them. But as we grow older, somehow it seems like the things we want and the things are actually able to do, get lost in the busyness of life.

As a Business Strategist that helps entrepreneurs reach their goals in their business, I hear it all day long. I want to make more money. I want to attract clients, I want less stress, grow my tribe - I want, I want, I want.

But when I dig further, what I find that usually had prevented these good hearted, purposeful and experienced people from accomplishing their goals, is that their goals weren't REAL.

I know what you're thinking - well that's not me. My goals are REAL. But the truth is, are they? 

I'm sure you've heard it before - the SMART goal acronym:
- Simple
- Measurable
- Actionable
- Realistic
- Timely

And what the SMART goal acronym really means and how it applies to you - is what are you actually doing to reach your goals? Did you set a time frame? What is your measuring stick for knowing when you reach them? What are you doing everyday to make sure you're getting closer?

The truth is, the reason most people and possibly you, have a goal that you're not reaching is that you're focused so much on the goal that you've forgotten or haven't COMMITTED to the actual STEPS you need to reach that goal.

Ouch. I know - it sounds harsh but in actuality, it's quite freeing to understand that getting what you want is much simpler than you think. It's just not necessarily easy - or so you would think.

In actuality, the SMART goal planning system does NOT work. It works in theory but not in most people's reality. The words simple, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely - when left to a person who wants something you probably have never had, is kind of ridiculous. If you have never had it, how are you supposed to know how to get it? 

Even if you set forth to look it up on the internet, ask people - it's STILL YOU - you who doesn't know how to get what you want - asking people, trying to find answers - and that leaves you trying to piece together a plan that may go against your values, not be doable for you, work against your own internal inner knowing... it results in "trying" to reach your goals and not actually reaching them.

It's ok - I get it. Because I too was caught in trying to reach my own goals at one point and getting stuck. But as someone who is not willing to settle, I decided to find out WHY and then HOW to actually get what I wanted.

I hacked the system. I discovered why the SMART goal system DOES NOT work for most people and what to do instead.

The Simplified Goal Achievement Plan

In actuality, getting what you want is simple - but as I said not necessarily easy. Because what it requires may be one of the most hard to understand and hard to follow things that you will ever decide to do for yourself. And it's called: 

To reach your goals you must be committed to YOURSELF.

"I'm committed to myself" you probably thought. But are you? 

What I'm talking about is being so committed to yourself that you STOP caring what other people think. That you decide WHY you want to reach your goals and that you COMMIT to not stopping even when it gets hard. It requires learning SELF TRUST.  Not following others. And saying NO to a lot of temptation.

In fact, getting what you want is SIMPLE in theory but without that lack of SELF LOVE and personal commitment to yourself OVER anything else, it doesn't work.

I know for me, that personal commitment that I THOUGHT I had - I mean I am a go getter, a doer, and high achiever. I've won awards and thought that I was committed to myself. But the truth is, when I woke up a few months ago and found myself NOT happy - feeling like I had settled for a business that made me feel stuck on Facebook, my once clear skin completely covered in acne from the stress, my autoimmune condition not getting better and my personal style - which I once loved - no where to be found.

So what did I do? I decided to take action. I truly decided to commit to a goal of growing my Instagram and being happy. That I, since the beginning of my business, have said that you should live up to the person you are on social media  - that doing that one thing will help you live your best life and step up to your highest self everyday - because it holds you accountable - I decided to OWN that as my own daily mantra.

What was my plan? I got serious about Instagram - but NOT in the way that you would think. As I said, in order to get what you want you have to learn SELF TRUST and also do things that fit within your own values, and whats doable for your own skills and personality.

So I learned - I learned and developed some unconventional hacks that most entrepreneurs are NOT doing. And what happened? 

In 30 days - yes 30! I:

And the best part of all, I found my HAPPINESS - which alone is PRICELESS.

So that's just me - and the truth is, it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. But in the end, I lived my days so happy, developed a commitment and love of my own life that I have never known, and did I mention I tripled my Instagram following???

So I want to ask you - what are you committed to achieving? How can you get what you want in your business and life? Tell me in the comments below - and if I can help you get what you want, let's chat. Let's get you started on your road to goal achievement.

Shana Yao is a Branding & Marketing Strategist, with over 28 years of experience managing multimillion dollar retail and shopping center locations, including the famed Rodeo Drive. She works with high achieving clients to empower them to own their expertise so they can make a bigger impact in the world, with a signature business that reflects their personal style. She is host of the Marketing Made Meaningful podcast on ITunes, dog mom, and lover of life. You can find her at the coolest coffee shops in LA working on her mission, or connect with her on her favorite social media app, Instagram (of course!) @total_genius