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How To Transform Your Passion Into Your Profit

Do what you love. You've heard it before and to many, it seems like a dream. Of course you want to do what you love, but - ahem - you have bills to pay, a family to support, and well, a life to live. You're busy, I get it. And yes, you have to be able to make money - super important. But with everyone from Elon Musk to Oprah saying that in fact doing what you love is the secret to success, how could that be wrong?

Everyday (literally everyday) when I meet people I always ask what they do for a living. When they tell me they usually follow up with a "what I REALLY want to do is to _____." 

As a business strategist who helps entrepreneurs build their business based on their expertise, life experience and passion - I can't help but push further. What are you doing to make that dream come true? What are your short and long term goals? How can you make that a reality instead of a dream?

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3 Instagram Hacks To Increase Your Following The Fun Way

nstagram. With over 600 million users, 68% female, and Facebook becoming a crowded and low visibility mess,  Instagram is quickly becoming the go to social media app for entrepreneurs to gain attention and a following for their business.  And while most people think that the old school rules of following and copying people who do similar work to you, creating unique hashtags, and following people will grow your own following, those rules couldn't be more wrong and misinterpreted for the passion-filled business owner.

In fact, looking OUTSIDE of the old school ways and getting ideas from outside of your own category of business could not only grow your Instagram following but also your LIFE.

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