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How To Make Money Doing What You Love (Tough Love For Entrepreneurs)

Doing what you love and making money from it. In concept it seems so great but whether you have a business and are trying to do that or you have thought about it and just haven't done it, the time is NOW.

Never has it been easier to make money - period. With the power of the internet and social media, if you're not making money doing what you love, WHY NOT?

And if you have a soul sucking business already, maybe it's time to rethink the way you think about having a business and turning it into one that you love.

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Best Natural Skincare Products For Glowing Skin

If you were blessed with great skin from birth, lucky you. I'm sure I had baby soft skin when I was born, but time, too much sun, a colorectal health issue and well, STRESS in the last year started to take it's toll...on my face. A few months ago, my face filled with cystic acne I haven't h since I was a teenager and the wrinkles that are a part of being FIFTY this year were scarring my face and my self esteem.

An while that may sound vein, great. I'm vein! I'm a girl and #lookgoodfeelgood is not just a hashtag that gets a ton of followers on Instagram, it affects your confidence, your self esteem and THAT affects your HEALTH.

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