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The Manifesto - A Declaration of Truth, Freedom, And Your Best Life

Otherwise known as a mission statement, it's a statement of what you do in your business that is NOT your "elevator speech" but more a declaration of your beliefs, your values, and your overall mission and purpose of your business. It's the deeper meaning of why you do what you do - as Simon Sinek would call it - your big WHY.

It's called - A MANIFESTO. 

Unfortunately, most business owners aren't taught this when they first start their small business. You're taught to create an "elevator speech", a pitch - which IS necessary, but if you aren't able to communicate and understand your own deeper meaning and purpose in your business, how are you supposed to get other people to be excited about what you do?

What you sell as a business owner is what you sell - but what you REALLY sell and need to communicate with your strategic marketing is your VISION.  DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE MANIFESTO PLANNER.

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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Business - Beginners QA

How do you turn your blog into a business? - is the question of the day, so here are a few of the most asked questions to help you get started. Whether you are just starting out or have a business and want to get serious about blogging, this blogger QA will help you get to your next steps.

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How To Gain Confidence In Business

Self trust. It lives at the root of the way you have lived your life. You probably don't think about it very often, but lack of self trust manifests in life as not speaking up when you want due to fear of judgement from others, not trusting your decisions so always asking people for their opinions, and well, of course, a lot of people pleasing.

And what that results in is (brace yourself) - NOT getting what you want out of life, NOT taking risks that may be essential to getting to your next place in life, and NOT trusting yourself for fear of judgement from others. Find out how to own your confidence, self worth, and in the end, accidentally start living your BEST LIFE.

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Getting Ahead Of The Trends In Business

Have you felt it? I know in talking to so many people - my clients, people I'm meeting online AND people out in the "real world" - people are starting to get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with TOO much content - and it's not that it's bad information. The problem is that it's GOOD. It's research backed oftentimes, value added - and with technology progressing every moment of every day - there is so much to learn. Or rather, so much you could learn.

The truth is, along with this overwhelm, people are also starting to get fed up. Just listening to some of the top business podcasts, reading Forbes (yes - it's not just me that thinks this) - if you're feeling overwhelmed and kind of "over" drowning in too much information, you're not alone.

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What To Do When Summer Sales Slow Down

It happens every year - the weather starts to sizzle, the kids get out of school, and everyone is grilling out. Sounds great, right? Unless you're a business owner that is.

If you've been in business or understand the business selling cycle, most businesses operate on a seasonal basis. You've heard about "black Friday" and holiday shopping right?  It's called a selling cycle - the ups and downs of consumer buying habits during the course of a year. Find out what to do when your sales slow down during the summer months.

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