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The Power Shoes Every Fashionista Needs Now

in case you haven't noticed, every fashionista and influencer online is wearing KITTEN HEELS and kitten heeled sling backs. And real life, kitten heels are a classic that has never gone out of style. Popularized by Audrey Hepburn back in the 50's, even my fashionista mother was wearing them back in the 70's.

So let's hear it for getting COMFORTABLE at those networking events, looking stylish in your everyday life (they look awesome with jeans!) and actually looking in trend for fall 2017 and onward. 

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How To Dress Like A Fashionista On A Budget

You're a secret fashionista, love trendy styles that you see in the magazines - but when push comes to shove - you find yourself wearing jeans and a comfy tee.

When you're a busy girlboss on a mission, it's hard to prioritize looking like a badass when you've got things to do. But let's be honest - NOT looking like your once amazing self has left you feeling less inspired for your work, looking a bit ragged, and may even have you lowering your standards.

I get it. Find out how do you dress like a fashionista when you're on a budget.

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