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Why You Don't Have To Pick A Niche As A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

You've heard it a million times - "pick a niche". It's probably the most heart wrenching question most multi-passionate entrepreneurs and bloggers struggle with.

Pick a niche when you have so many different interests? How do you put your passions into one restricted box? Yet when it seems as though everybody is saying you have to choose just one, most people set off and follow what the "best practices" and status quo are preaching. 

You're a health coach, a blogger, a person who loves your life and when someone tells you to "niche down" it makes your heart crumble. How do you put your multiple interests and talents into a small niched-down box?

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Defining Your Niche - Jump Start Slow Sales

While conventional wisdom would advise you to first try a few tried and true methods for jump starting slow sales, I would like to suggest an UNconventional idea that may jump start not only your slow sales but also YOUR LIFE.

You need a business makeover. Yes - I'm not talking just about your visual branding - I'm talking about RE-defining your niche. Because just like me - what I do in my business is BUSINESS - but what I'm about as a person is so much more. 

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