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How To Create A Simple Productivity Plan That Gets Results

It takes just 45 days to produce results. Results in your own self confidence, results in your business, results in your life, and results in your bank account.

The 45 Day Science of Success Formula is for people who are ready to burn the boats. Take no prisoners, shut out the noise, and finally see progress. This is for impatient, high achievers who are tired of settling for ordinary.

The reality is, as a high achiever, every time you “settle” for less than you know you are capable of, you beat yourself up. It’s a cycle that keeps most people stuck in the endless loop of mediocrity.  And mediocre, you are not.

Why 45 days? Because most goals are set at 90 days - which is great if you need and have more time. But genius, impatient entrepreneurs people rarely are willing to wait. This is about ACTION and FOCUS. So let’s dive in.

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