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What Successful People Have That You Don't (You Actually Have It Too)

You see them everywhere. They are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube - and every time you see them, you wonder "How did they do it?"

The struggle is real - or so you would think. I mean you weren't born looking like Bella Hadid and don't have the 4 million followers on Instagram that Aimee Song has, and don't even have a school like Marie Forleo. So when you launch forward to build your brand, it can be intimidating and cause you to lose your confidence and once high hopes.

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Why You Need To Start Believing In Yourself

Believe in yourself - I mean "DUH" you think - "of course you need to believe in yourself". But you know that and then when, as an entrepreneur, you find yourself feeling afraid to do a video, afraid to speak up and say what you think, and questioning whether you are worth the amount you are charging for your products, services, or as a blogger, your social media following.

I mean, I get it. I'm an entrepreneur and human too. And actually, my own self doubt caused me to study psychology, and how our brains actually work. And I'm here to tell you, we are our own worst enemy. Research shows that we have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day, 80% are NEGATIVE and 95% are unconscious and repetitive. 

What??? Wow - that's a lot of unconscious and negative thinking happening behind the scenes - and the reality is, if you aren't conscious of this basic human fact, you may experience a lot of self doubt and actually get in your own way on your path to success.

So what's a girlboss to do when our very own minds are not supporting our path to success?

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How To Gain Confidence In Business

Self trust. It lives at the root of the way you have lived your life. You probably don't think about it very often, but lack of self trust manifests in life as not speaking up when you want due to fear of judgement from others, not trusting your decisions so always asking people for their opinions, and well, of course, a lot of people pleasing.

And what that results in is (brace yourself) - NOT getting what you want out of life, NOT taking risks that may be essential to getting to your next place in life, and NOT trusting yourself for fear of judgement from others. Find out how to own your confidence, self worth, and in the end, accidentally start living your BEST LIFE.

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