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What Successful People Have That You Don't (You Actually Have It Too)

You see them everywhere. They are on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube - and every time you see them, you wonder "How did they do it?"

The struggle is real - or so you would think. I mean you weren't born looking like Bella Hadid and don't have the 4 million followers on Instagram that Aimee Song has, and don't even have a school like Marie Forleo. So when you launch forward to build your brand, it can be intimidating and cause you to lose your confidence and once high hopes.

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Defining Your Niche - Jump Start Slow Sales

While conventional wisdom would advise you to first try a few tried and true methods for jump starting slow sales, I would like to suggest an UNconventional idea that may jump start not only your slow sales but also YOUR LIFE.

You need a business makeover. Yes - I'm not talking just about your visual branding - I'm talking about RE-defining your niche. Because just like me - what I do in my business is BUSINESS - but what I'm about as a person is so much more. 

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