The Surprising Secret To Raise Your Vibration

By Shana Lynn Yao

The Surprising Secret To Raising Your Vibration

Years ago a little movie called "The Secret" came out and after it was on Oprah, I remember it being the buzz of the moment. Everybody wanted "in" on the secret to attract what they wanted. And while many jumped on the "manifesting" bandwagon, it just seemed like a lot of woo woo to me so I just let it pass.

And it wasn't until I started my business and found a world of spiritual coaches, psychics, and people who talked about "high vibrations" that I realized how big this topic was. And while I'm spiritual and believe in God, I'm not one to jump on any bandwagon. I believe in deliberate and focused action AND belief to get to the the results you want.

That being said, a few months ago when I woke up from what I call "the Facebook black hole" - the place where comparisonitis and distraction live, I had to find something inside of myself to get out of the painful rut I was in.

So I decided to go for what seemed like a very unpractical success goal - I decided to only do, believe, and create ONLY things that would make me happy. I decided to shut off all of the noise that I was already telling my clients to do, and actually just see what would happen if I went for a happy goal.

And low and behold, I actually discovered what "positive vibes" actually are. When you remove all of the woo woo extras, what it really comes down to are three things:

  1. Believing in yourself
  2. Believing in something greater
  3. Doing, believing and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy (which makes you confident and attracts things to you)

Amazing things can happen when you decide to get over yourself and actually decide to make your business FUN (happiness doesn't just happen, it actually has to be CREATED).

Yes, I've been so woo woo I watched a Law of Attraction video yesterday (yes I did!) And seeing myself, my Instagram following, and my LIFE transform before my eyes, I'm now a belieber. (did you know that Justin Bieber found his PURPOSE??)

But I digress. Anyway, that being said, doing this hacked together strategy of what I believe raising your vibration really is, I literally "manifested" 7500+ people on Instagram  in just 60 days by just being MYSELF out loud, happy, and only doing things that made me happy.

I'll be sharing all of my "secret" tips (real life strategies) to help my fellow girlbosses to grow your own Instagram and because of it, literally "manifest" your best business and life soon, but in the mean time make sure we are connected on Instagram so you are "in" on the upcoming challenge I'm having to help you "manifest" your best business and life.