Week In Review

By Shana Lynn Yao

Can you change your life in just 30 days? 

However you answered that question is an indication most likely of where you are today in your life. Either you are completely happy - happy in your home life, your business life, and your SELF - or you are struggling with doubt, fear, and lack of confidence. 

Whichever place you are at, I'm here to congratulate you! Because being aware and acknowledging where you are and knowing that YOU are the solution to EVERY problem you have, is LIFE CHANGING. It's freeing. And it's actually possible.

I'll be sharing more of how you can do that in the upcoming weeks - part of the "Live Your Best Badass Business & Life" series, but today, I want you to spend some time getting clear with where you are, what you want, and what you didn't even think was possible but dream of having/doing/being.

Do the exercise in this video and I PROMISE you - things will start happening with a few of the secrets I'll be sharing in the upcoming weeks.

What is possible? That depends on what you want, but for me, in the last 30 days I:

  • Got new clients
  • Grew my Instagram following about 4500 followers
  • Cut my first watermelon EVER
  • Ate an Avacado (OMG you have no idea how big that is for me)
  • Got asked out on a date - for the first time in FIFTEEN YEARS (embarrassing but true)
  • Started THE DAILY which has amplified my visibility
  • and so much more

What is possible for you? Trust me - way more than you know - because when I started these 30 days my goal was to just build my business OFF of Facebook - and wow - the results are BEYOND.

So get busy my friend. You deserve and are so much more than you think you do. Love you so much. Reach out if I can help in any way.