Why You Need To Start Believing In Yourself

By Shana Lynn Yao

How To Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself - I mean "DUH" you think - "of course you need to believe in yourself". But you know that and then when, as an entrepreneur, you find yourself feeling afraid to do a video, afraid to speak up and say what you think, and questioning whether you are worth the amount you are charging for your products, services, or as a blogger, your social media following.

I mean, I get it. I'm an entrepreneur and human too. And actually, my own self doubt caused me to study psychology, and how our brains actually work. And I'm here to tell you, we are our own worst enemy. Research shows that we have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day, 80% are NEGATIVE and 95% are unconscious and repetitive. 

What??? Wow - that's a lot of unconscious and negative thinking happening behind the scenes - and the reality is, if you aren't conscious of this basic human fact, you may experience a lot of self doubt and actually get in your own way on your path to success.

So what's a girlboss to do when our very own minds are not supporting our path to success?

How To Train Your Brain To Win

The reality is, our minds are designed based on an outdated model. Our human minds are based on a the outdated model of the caveman.

It turns out that our human brains were designed back in a day when people had to fight of saber tooth tigers and predators, and a time when not only did we have to fend for our lives, but we literally depended on being "liked" and "friended" by our tribe.

That means that being successful in anything - whether it's blogging, building your Instagram following or trying to make money - being someone who has to willingly put themselves in situations where we could be rejected everyday.  And because of this, it's the entrepreneurial and human struggle to take proactive action to what goes on between your ears, so that you can proactively take the actions and have the beliefs that will create your success in your day to day life and in your business.

Your actions - those that will create your success - are the result of the thoughts that go on inside of your head.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind is about becoming the type of person you need to be to create your success. This is about becoming your successful self NOW. We live to be congruent with who we think we are. That means that if you tie all these things together and teach your subconscious mind that that’s who you are, that’s what you get – your highest self.

When you do this, your subconscious mind is working for you. It’s literally creating your success from the inside out.

Success then, is not something that’s only achieved on the outside, it’s something that’s generated from the inside. 

But that's not what this article is actually about. You can find out how to reprogram your mind here. What this article is about is WHY.

The Urgency Behind Your Belief

The truth is, NOT taking action towards shifting your own belief in yourself is like shooting yourself in the foot. If you know that your own mind naturally has negative thought patterns, you probably are not achieving the success you want and even when you do, still spend a lot of time n the "grey zone".

Your belief in yourself is not just a quote of the day on Instagram. Research now shows that our thoughts actually our HEALTH. Research shows that our thoughts change our genetics. So if you struggle with an autoimmune condition, you get sick a lot, or even struggle with your weight, understanding that your own thoughts are contributing to that brings a sense of urgency to your belief in yourself.

I get it. I mean a few months ago, I woke up one day and was MISERABLE. I have a history of trying to "do things right", doing the "right" thing, and trying to be holistic, all natural, good to the world, and living up to "standard".

But what I really realized was that doing all of that left me NOT living up to my OWN STANDARDS. My own values of standing in your value, of not following rules but CREATING them. Of actually creating your own path not following someone else's idea of one.

And what I realized was I talked a lot about being your best self but wasn't actually OWNING IT. I had gotten so "dudley do right health-conscious" and preaching about living a good life but I had forgotten that your best life is actually about doing things that YOU like. Not because it's "right" or not because you are following some rules that don't mesh with your own value and values.

For me, that meant getting clear on what I was saying on the outside and actually doing on the inside. For example - I believe STRONGLY in holistic solutions, organic, all natural, and good for you. That looking good is important to feeling good. I talk about it A LOT and teach it to my clients in my business. But when you try to do everything "Right" you end up missing out on a lot of LIFE. And you actually end up NOT believing in your own value. 

Following other people’s rules diminishes your own values and personal value and causes you to doubt your own self worth.

So I to DISRUPT myself and started asking myself what I really wanted and reminding myself who I really was. Who I really was before Facebook And when I was clear, I took MASSIVE ACTION towards changing the game I was unconsciously playing to actually CREATING a new one.

I started to remember why I loved fashion. Why looking good, shopping and showing my style is important. Why it's important to always try to go all natural and organic in the products I use, hello, I'm human and there are a lot of great drugstore brands, and things with sometimes chemicals that are just BETTER. And while the one thing I do not sacrifice is what I put into my body, I'm open to some day possibly eating a cupcake. A good old fashioned one made with WHITE flour and white whipped frosting. :o

Yes, I'm human. I make mistakes. And I sometimes use drugstore makeup and hair products. But even whole foods sells lotion with Dimethicone in it.

The bottom line is if you're trying to be successful in anything in life - whether it's in a business or in your life - you have to define what "success" is to YOU. Not by someone else's standards of success, not by following a standard definition - but to really be the independent thinker you are and DECIDE your own path. 

Decide what makes you special in the world and then BE IT.

So I want to hear, what makes you special in the world? What are you going to DECIDE is your definition of success? Tell me in the comments below and start your vision to you're best life ever.

BE YOU and BE PROUD. Standing in your value means knowing it first, and then OWNING it.