You helped me speak my message, defining who I am,
the urgent problems I solve for people, and putting ME into my business.
— Angela Anderson

You're an independent spirit, a goal getter, a person who loves people. You have big - HUGE - plans on what you want to create. In fact, you have so many creative ideas, you can’t quite spell out what you want to do exactly. And even if you can, how do you decide which one or even WHAT to do first.

Clarity. You can’t find it unless you know what you’re looking for.

When you’re stuck, not knowing where to start, overwhelmed with everything you think you need to do so you just don’t do anything… that’s called THE GAP. The gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Close the Gap.

It’s not you. Promise. It’s something everyone from beginning entrepreneurs to successful CEO’s go through. When you’re ready for your next stage of growth - a change in direction, growing your company - change in ANYTHING is HARD.

You have all of the Answers Inside of You.

When you lack clarity - stop trying to find it. It’s not in any book or on social media. Your answers are actually already inside of you.

It’s Called Your VISION.

It starts with uncovering the vision in your heart and identifying it so you can speak into reality.

When you are able to know for sure and communicate with boldness and conviction, your personal life vision, you are in alignment with your truth. It's complete clarity. And with clarity comes an overflow of answers. They live inside of you. Everything you want and exactly how to get there is the gap that your life vision solves.

I call it your Money Code. Your Personal Brand DNA, specific to you, your life, and your work.

It's not just about money, and in actuality, it's not even about your work. It's actually about you. Money is just an echo of the value you are and the value you recognize inside of you. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial-run successful brand, DEFINING YOUR PURPOSE, GOALS, & VISION is an ongoing process that must be revisited at various stages of growth.

Our approach is simple. Using a step by step process, we are able to uncover your vision, your goals, and your unique money code and build it into a step by step brand strategy and marketing plan that defines your target audience, and builds your influence and profits with an engaged audience,

It's a movement - to feel in control, fueled by what is possible.

IF YOU’RE READY TO USE YOUR GIFTS TO Create an abundance of value with a Personal blueprint that builds confidence, self trust, and of course, money, LET’S TALK

Close the gap between your vision and your bottom line.

Shana Yao, total genius, brand strategy, conscious branding

What makes you come alive?

Life purpose happiness

What is important to  you?

You have all of the answers you need inside of you.

And that's where we come in.


So if you're an entrepreneur, a business owner, a person on a mission who is looking to:

  • Uncover your personal brand DNA.

  • Remove the blocks holding you back so you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible, with more energy and focus.

  • Create a marketing strategy that motivates you so you attract your raving tribe of clients & customers.

  • Create a simple and actionable plan that inspires clarity, action, and results.

  • Express your vision and values so it feels aligned with your purpose, and closes the gap between you and everything you want.

Shana was a major force in helping me define my personal brand and vision after recently launching my own agency. We got to the core of what I want my business and brand to stand for and established the right way to communicate that to my audience. She’s been super dedicated throughout the process, and most importantly, she helped transform blindspots into new revenue streams!
— Ryan Croy, Founder & CEO, PublicHaus Agency